Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Movado Ambassador Tom Brady and Ebel's Gisele Bundchen serve up Thanksgiving good cheer.

Celebrity couple Tom Brady, Movado Ambassador and Patriots quarterback, and Gisele Bundchen, Ebel Ambassador and Brazilian model, surprised Goodwill's headquarter in Roxbury MA on Wednesday to serve up some Thanksgiving dinner. 400 participants at Goodwill's job training and career services were treated to tender turkey graciously served by Giselle and Tom. Tom Brady recovering from a season-ending knee injury ,which required surgery, was briskly put on pumpkin pie duty. Tom Brady seem to be walking easily and without a limp while making his way through the crowd. He was in good spirits. In regard to his recover, Tom Brady said "I am doing well,"

Brady had torn the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in his knee on Sept. 7 in the team’s opening game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The injury occurred when he was hit by Kansas City safety Bernard Pollard.

Last month, Brady suffered a post-operative staph infection after surgery in California after a patella tendon graft was inserted to replace his torn ACL during a surgery performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Oct. 6. A number of surgical procedures were required to clean out the wound.
Earlier this month, Tom Brady began rehabilitation at the Patriots training facility at Gillette Stadium.

The NFL has become synonymous with Thanksgiving since the Akron Pros defeated the Canton Bulldogs 7-0 in 1920. The Lions have played every year on Thanksgiving since 1945, and were joined by the Dallas Cowboys, who began playing on Thanksgiving in 1966. This year the New Engand Patriots will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday November 30th, 2008 at Gillette Stadium.

Although Tom Brady is not able to partake in the NFL Thanksgiving tradition, he has spread good will by serving pumpkin pie.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't miss the Doorbuster Specials at The Watchery.Com

I just got off the phone and I have a little tidbit of information I think you will be very interested in knowing. I just heard that The Watchery may be selling Genuine Movado's for only $99, and my gut tells me to check it out. So when is this going to happen? Thursday night - midnight! When the clock strikes 12:01 am.

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Well for one thing we are taking a loss to bring you these out of this world low prices on all our major watch brands. This is the season of giving and THE WATCHERY wants our customers to be on the receiving end of our generosity.
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I still cannot believe that I can actually buy a Movado for $99. I love Movados. I love the lone dot at the top of the dial. The dot gives me a point of departure in a world of eternal time. A home base if you will, and that Watch with the Dot on the Top can be yours for a price that will shock even the hardiest of shoppers.
So as the clock strikes midnight ,after Thanksgiving, get ready to grab your mouse and get yourself a Movado for only $99. And when your friend comes to you with a knock off, you can show her your genuine article that you bought for less.

In addition THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of genuine high class luxury watches for rock bottom prices. This is the only website where there are so many super deals on so many styles. Now in this atmosphere of giving it is only right that you share this great deal with your family.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In the mood for something completely different? Bvlgari Ipno

At first glance the actual function of this streamlined wristwatch may slip you by: An ipod or a time capsule; a futuristic pod of some kind or a James Bond gadget that emits high frequency glass shattering sound waves.

The Bvlgari Ipno is a watch - a cutting edge digital watch that combines old world craftsmanship and new world materials and technology. This watch is definitely a luxury watch that embraces technology rather than shuns it.

This luxury Bvlgari Ipno is crafted from high-tech ceramic (black portion) and stainless steel making this watch extremely durable. The black strap is a sensual satin which takes to the wrist like cream.

Hours, minutes and seconds are indicated digitally giving class to a familiar comfortable time display. The Bvlgari Ipno is also available with diamonds.

If I had a crystal ball I could foresee this very watch being the epitome of our technological era , embracing technology while steeped in the tradition of watch making.

This watch looks great with winter wear, it will give you, the wearer a bold stylish look.

Bvlgari is emblazoned clearly above and below the time display , and everyone knows the name Bvlgari. If you would like to learn more about the incredible history of Bvlgari click here.

The Bvlgari Ipno is a wonderful holiday gift. This luxurious timepiece is an excellent addition to a trendy woman's wardrobe. The in an unprecedented move, has lowered its prices on all Bvlgari watches as much as 65% so the futuristic Ipno Luxury Wristwatch is well within your reach.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mind Blowing low low prices at The Watchery.Com. Your best source of luxury watches on the web.

Our prices are dropping like the outside temperature, we are freezing our competition and warming our customers. Don't take my word for it. Visit The Watchery.Com and see what I mean.

So how do we get our prices so low? Is there a catch?

There is absolutely no catch. We don't do fine print. The prices you see are the prices you get! So how do we get prices so unbelievably low?

For one thing we are so sure of our 100% customer satisfaction that you, our customer, are our best salesperson. We know word of mouth and first hand positive experience is the best advertising and so we have cut down on our advertising and passed all the savings on to you.

Take for example the Audemars Piguet Millenary white gold man's watch - see insert. The manufacturers price is $35,900 and our mind-blowing price is $11,488.00. Now I have got your attention.
Yes! This watch is a genuine brand new Audemars Piguet Millenary 100% authentic with serial numbers. A sophisticated watch that breathes class and precision. This watch is part of the Millenary collection which was first introduced, in 1996,by Audemars Piguet one of the most respected watch companies in Switzerland. Its unique oval dial was inspired from the Roman Coliseum. We have reduced this watch by 68%.

Okay! Not convinced yet. Another thing... Thanks to you, 2008 has been a smashing year for The Watchery and as a result of incredible sales and amazing customer response we can afford to offer all our new and returning customers our lowest prices ever.

The Watchery. Com are proud and patriotic Americans and it is our privilege and duty to stimulate the economy. We want you to have the watch on your list. Do not settle for less just pay less and get what you have been saving for. Do not let the economy deter you, we have lowered our prices to meet your budget.

In addition we are offering an EXTENDED HOLIDAY RETURN POLICY. Purchase your gift between November 1st 2008 and December 25th, 2008 and you can return it for either an exchange or a store credit until January 15th, 2009. You store credit will be valid until July 1st, 2009. (Any gift purchased between November 1st, 2008 and December 25th, 2008 and returned after January 15th, 2009 will be returned to sender)

If an item is exchanged for something of a lesser value, we will issue a store credit for the difference.
Returns for refund must be received withing 30 business days from the date of purchase.
For more information regarding the Return Policy please check out our website at
Time is ticking and the Holidays are drawing closer. If your loved one has always wanted a Movado with a Museum Dial this would be the time to get one. Our selection of Movado's like this Movado Sports Edition SE is 80% off. 80% is a savings of $820.00. You get this watch for only $275. The list price is over $1000. This is the difference between "I can't afford that and Yes I Can!

And if your desired Watch is an Ebel Beluga you can purchase one for 81% off. 81% off a Brand New Ebel Beluga.
We have just added a new dimension to your Holiday Shopping.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Important Tips on Caring for your Luxury Watch.

This gorgeous Art Deco Concord La Scala shimmering with diamonds makes a marvelous piece of jewelry; however unlike jewelry which needs an occasional shine and tender care, your luxury watch needs some serious maintenance. In this aspect a luxury watch with all its intricate workings You will increase your Luxury Watches longevity and maintain its condition providing you with a new watch, every day.

A Watch is comprised of many different parts that need to be cared for in different ways. The part of the watch that bares most of the brunt of everyday wear and tear is the Watch Crystal (the transparent cover on your watch face) and requires care. The Sapphire Crystal is an extremely hard material - 9 on the Moh Scale and is scratch resistant to most materials. Click here to learn more about Sapphire crystal.

Caring for your Watch Crystal
1. Wrap your Luxury watch in a soft cloth before placing it on a hard surface such as your granite kitchen counter.

2. Whenever possible, store your Luxury Watch in its original box.

3. Do not store your Luxury Watch with your other jewelry. Diamonds are harder than Sapphire Crystal and can scratch the surface.

4. Avoid wearing your Watch during high risk activity such as moving heavy equipment or Sports such as Rock Climbing. (Some Sports Watches are crafted for this type of activity. Make sure your Watch is designed for those activities.)

5. Avoid wearing other jewelry on the same wrist as the constant rubbing may cause abrasions to your Watch.

6. Avoid inadvertently scraping you watch against corridor walls or on furniture. Some man made materials used to make simulated stone surfaces for furniture and walls comprise of incorporated silicon carbide which is a very hard material and can scratch most Watch Crystals.

Although your watch is Sapphire Crystal, thereby making it Scratch Resistance, it is not Scratch Proof. (Read my post entitled "What makes my Watch Scratch Resistant?" to completely understand the concept.)

Caring for your Watch Bracelet:

Whether your Watch Bracelet is stainless steel, gold, gold-plated, platinum, titanium, Tungsten Carbide or a combination, the same precautions must be taken as Caring for your Watch Crystal. (above) .

Caring for your Leather Watch Bands:

1. Do not expose your Leather Strap to water. Water causes the leather to become brittle, crack, and eventually break.

2. Do not expose your Watch strap to perfumes and other chemicals; this may degrade the leather.

The length of your watches lifespan is determined by your care, personal wearing habits, and the climate in which you live.

Caring for your Quartz Watch and battery.

1. Do not pull out the stem/crown of your Watch in order to save your Watch battery. You will be harming your watch by exposing its movement to dust and moisture which may cause the Watch movement to malfunction. In addition, pulling out the Watch stem/crown will not save your battery life, it merely disengages the hands from the movement. The movement still runs depleting the battery power.

2.Your Watch Battery is probably a 1.55 volt silver oxide battery. It will probably last 2-5 years depending on the brand, type of watch and movement. Do not attempt to change your watch battery yourself, especially if your Watch is water resistant. Opening the back of the Watch by an unauthorized individual may void the warranty of your watch. This task must be performed by an Authorized Service Center for your Watch Brand or an accomplished watchmaker who will change the battery by performing a detailed process of 27 intricate steps. Listed below are the main steps involved:

  • Measurement of the lower working voltage

  • Timing test on quartz timer

  • Replacement of gaskets and crown if worn down, thereby hampering the watches water resistance.

  • Checking proper fit of case back and gasket seat

  • Testing the water-resistant models to ensure seal has been reestablished

  • Finally cleaning the case and metal bracelet
Quartz watches are powered by the battery and therefore do not need to be wound.

Caring for the movements of your Watch.

1. A loose, chipped or cracked crystal must be replaced immediately to prevent dust from entering the watch movement. Dust is a Watches nightmare. Even a tiny speck of dust can stop your Watch.

2. In the event a watch is only worn on rare occasions, store your Watch in its original box in a dry area to protect it from dust.

3. Regular maintenance is the key for the longevity of your watch. A mechanical movement needs to be serviced every 3-5 years, and a quartz movement at every battery change. Water resistance seals and gaskets can become worn resulting in small open spaces which will allow air, dust and moisture to enter.

Caring for Water Resistancy of your Watch.

1. Do not submerge your Watch in Water even though it states it is water resistant. Watches that are Water Resistance to 30 meters can only withstand minor splashes. No Watch is Water Proof. Some Watches like the Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S. (shown) are Water Resistant to 200 meters; however, although it can used for extreme Water Sports, it is cannot be used for diving.

2. Service your Watch once every 2-3 years to ensure that your watch remains water resistance. Seals and Gaskets may crack and need to be replaced. Water Resistance is not permanent.

3. Do not shower, bathe or swim while wearing your watch. Other agents such as chlorine, steam, soap, mildew, salt water and perfume, may enter the watch. If not cleaned immediately, these agents will over time corrode the gaskets and the seals thereby effecting the watches water resistance as well as allowing dust to enter, damaging the movements of your watch.

There is no substitute for good watch habits. Take care of your Watch and it will keep on ticking.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the mood for some luxury watch fun and joy?

Do you need to brighten your life with relaxing luxury watches? Do you feel the stress of it all getting to you? I mean the Dow dropping below 8000 points and winter approaching and all that... I do not need to tell you the stressors of life. You need to break the cycle of stress and invest in a watch that has a calming happy effect. You need a watch that exudes a sense of control over time. Stress and anxiety is bad for the health. So I have scoured the vast array of high quality watches at The Watchery and I have hand picked my favourite "feel good" watches.

It will be quite a challenge to be gloomy with this Raymond Weil W1 Chronograph on your wrist. The lime green dial exudes warmth and well being.

A watch collection with the named "Happy" definitely appeals to the emotions of the wearer. This watch from Chopard has all the right key words and aesthetic appeal to bring forth images of fun and happiness. Happy + Sports + Beach and besides there are tiny little glittery fishies suspended happily above a sea of blue. (I am thinking vacation, warm sun, endless beaches and happy happy fish)

Blancpain's Villeret ladies 18 K White Gold Blue Mother of Pearl Dial emulates a mid afternoon summer sky with gently cirrus clouds wafting overhead.

This Corum Pyrimid Ladies Watch broadcasts fun, fun, fun. Sugar Cube's dial is tiny , a mere 16 mm across and 11 mm high. Its bright colors and "cotton candy pink" band with vivacious numerals on the dial pulsate with joy.

What better way to bring a smile to your face than Gerald Genta's Fantasy Watch. Yep! Thats Mickey and I am sure you have plenty happy childhood memories associated with that cute little mouse and besides Mickey has such a happy expression on his face as he points the time while balancing on one foot. Gerald Genta is a genius in Watch Design and his Fantasy Collections are my favorite.

There is also another good reason to smile or dance or wave your hands in the air with pure uncontrolable happiness - THE WATCHERY has lowered its prices just in time for the Holidays. Mind-Blowing Discounts. Check it out. You will not believe your eyes,some timepieces are 80% the List Price. Amazing. The Watchery has lowered its prices to make you happy for the Holiday Season. And I can assure you once you see the low low prices - Happy you will be!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Zenith Defy Xtreme Luxury Sport Watches.

The Zenith Defy Xtreme is a Sporty Watch to the extreme. Zenith cuts no corners in giving you the power on your wrist. This Watch resembles the ultimate in extreme sports. Wear a watch like the Zenith Defy Xtreme and your daring hot image will be complete. Even in a business suit, this watch will portray the real you, your inner core and your choice of activities on the weekend. Don't be surprised if your associate , late Friday, looks at your watch and says,

"See you on Monday ... and be careful."

There will be a hint of jealousy in his voice. Oh Yes! Because with your Zenith Defy Xtreme you have some real cool plans for the weekend.

Let us examine this adrenaline guzzling, heart stopping, jaw breaking time piece and then ... you will decide if you can handle a Zenith Defy Xtreme.

Diameter: An impressive 46.55 mm for the El Primero Chronograph or 43 mm for the Elite Series.

The Zenith Defy Xtreme is not the watch that shyly peeks out from under a gold cuff link - the Defy Xtreme is meant to get noticed and get noticed it will with its decorative screw heads in the rotating bezel to its innovative and technologically advanced materials. These materials have been used both in the movement and the case body. Materials developed to withstand tough conditions like high temperatures and pressure. Three years of intense research and development formulated this specialized material. The research and development on the physical and chemical properties of the material was done exclusively by Zenith and the result - Zenithium. An ultraviolet, ultra resistant alloy from which bridges of the movement is made.

The Zenith Defy Xtreme cannot be seen; it must be felt on the wrist, breaking the sound barrier, riding the waves and roaring down straight desert highways. The Zenith Defy Xtreme is water resistant up to 1000 m, the case is entirely black titanium with a satin finished bezel and case band with polished screw heads. The Zenith Defy Xtreme does not stop there, it is equipped with a slightly raised helium escape valve located on the edge of the case at the 10 o'clock position which allows for decompression under extreme conditions. Zenith does not leave anything to chance, Zenith strives for uniqueness in every way possible - the push-buttons have carbon fibre inserts, multi layered dials combining honeycomb aluminium, shock resistant Hesalite and carbon fibre. The bracelet is a blend of brushed stainless steel and composite materials reinforced by Kevlar.

The Defy Xtreme is available with a Tourbillon, Defy Xtreme Open, Defy Xtreme Chronograph and the Defy Xtreme Power Reserve.

Got your weekend planned yet? Let your Zenith Defy Xtreme plan it for you. However getting you Zenith is not an Xtreme Sport, it is available for up to 46% off the list price. You do not have be Xtreme to own a Zenith, The Watchery has many Zenith Styles for much reduce styles.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ballon Bleu De Cartier Flying Tourbillon

There are Luxury Watches and there are Luxury Watches ... and there are Luxury Watches bearing the Geneva Seal Hallmark.
Cartier has created its first Luxury Watch which met the criteria of excellence required to receive the Geneva Seal. Cartier has entered another distinct realm of watchmaking where the excellence is impeccable.
Click here to learn more the Geneva Seal .

The Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon is exquisitely crafted - a new creation that embodies the spirit of centuries of watchmaking. The 18 carat pink gold bezel frames the slate-coloured guilloche dial. The case back is transparent with sapphire crystal displaying the perfect mechanisms of the watch.
Cartier signature sapphire cabochon crystal is set in a fluted crown.
Click here to learn more about the Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch Collections

One of the most rewarding features of this Luxury Timepiece is the Flying Tourbillon. A Tourbillon is a watchmaking wonder invented in 1795 by French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. It is postulated that a tourbillon counters the effects of gravity by placing the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage, supposedly in order to negate the effect of gravity. This watch houses a Flying Tourbillon ,a variation of the original tourbillon, created by Alfred Helwig, an instructor at the German School of Watchmaking. The Flying Tourbillon is neither supported by a bridge or cock, at both the top and bottom, rather it is cantilevered, being only supported by one side.

The placement of the Cartier's Flying Tourbillon is designed to display the aesthetic appeal of this luxurious timepiece. The flying tourbillon with its C-shaped cage indicates the seconds.

Mechanical Movement with manual winding, 9452 MC calibre, with the Geneva Seal. The Ballon Bleu De Cartier Flying Tourbillon beats at a rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

I could not imagine a more perfect watch. It has class, distinction, aesthetic appeal and pulsating wonder. Carter knows its watches. Click here to learn more about the History of Cartier,

At the Watchery, Cartier watches are available at incredibly reduced prices. Take advantage of the savings.

Watch Fringe? This Piaget Frunge Ladies 18k Gold Watch is SEXY

Style Fringe

Model # GOA30062

Gender/Size Women's

Case 18K white gold

Bracelet/Strap Black

Bezel Set with diamonds

Dial Color Diamond set

Hand Indicators Silver tone

Crystal Scratch resistant sapphire

Movement Preceise Swiss quartz

Buy the Fringe Watch Today.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Watchery is looking out for you this Holiday Season!

The holidays are leaping forward. Before you know it December comes around, and your "gifts to give" list is as long as the Mississippi River. Don't you fret! We can help you out with our up to 82% blow-out sale. You have never seen prices quite like this. Never ever, and just in time for the Holiday season. This year you can amaze your loved ones with Luxury Watches from Ebel, Cartier, Corum, Concord, Breitling, Chopard, Girard-Perregaux and many more of your Favourite Luxury Brands.

Check out this gorgeous Ebel Beluga Mini Ladies' Watch 18K Yellow Gold with Diamond Dial and Bezel. The List Price is $53,600. Our "before sale price" was: $19,995.

Our Super Sale Price is a just $9,995.00


You don't need to be a mathematician to see the difference.

This means you save $43, 605. A whopping 81% of the List Price and that is not all you can cross the next "gift to give" off your list because you get a second watch for 80% off.

Imagine what your loved one will say as she cradles the delicate gold and diamond luxury watch:

"But wasn't this expensive dear?

and you will say,

"You are worth every penny, my buttercup,"

You know you got the Gold and Diamond Luxury watch for an amazing 81% off the List Price, but she won't, and we won't tell. It will be our secret.

So ... time is running out and your "Gift to give" list will not shop for itself, so visit the Watchery and with a few easy clicks, your "Gift to give" list will shrink.

Check out the amazing reduced prices on....

Concord - up to 80% off

Corum - up to 76% off

Ebel - up to 78% off

Tag Heuer - up to 38% off

Cartier - up to 50% off

Girard-Perregaux - up to 70% off

Chopard - up to 65% off

Jaeger-LeCoultre - up to 62% off

Movado - up to 79% off

Raymond Weil - up to 67% off

Rado - up to 65% off

Omega - up to 39% off

These Mind-blowing prices are to low to ignore. We sell timepieces, but we cannot slow time down ... so Hurry and take advantage of our crazy low prices. You cannot afford to miss this Blow-out sale.

All our watches are 100% authentic with serial numbers. Give the gift you want for the price you deserve.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Romain Jerome's new luxury watches. See what they are made of this time!

With what material is Romian Jerome's new luxury watches crafted.

Is it...

a) Fragments of the Apollo XI spacecraft
b) Fragments of the Soyuz spacecraft
c) Dials with mineral structure containing Moon dust
d) Fibers from the International Space Station Space Suit
e) All of the above.

You are quite correct if you guessed (e) all of the above, because last night Romaine Jerome in Geneva, Switzerland launched the next in its "DNA of famous legends." series.

You must remember the huge publicity Romaine Jerome received for its first Legend watches crafted from steel and coal dust from the sunken Ocean Liner R.M.S. Titanic.

CEO Yvan Harpa announced the next in the Legend Series during a press conference and gala evening at the Kempinski Hotel. The series is called Moon Dust -DNA. The series will be in Limited Editions of 1969. To commemerate the year man first landed on the moon - 1969.

I have no doubt this series will produce as much publicity as the first, but then again Romain Jerome loves the spotlight.

The Five Watches in the Moon Dust Series are:

1) Moon Rider
2) Gold Mood
3) Dark Side of the Moon
4) Steel Mood
5) Dark side of the Moon Tourbillon

The names of the watches sound more like Sci Fi movies or books and add a sense mystery to the timepiece.

Romain Jerome guarantees that the origin of each and every unique material used in crafting the watches is cerified by a legal document authenticated in Switzerland. In addition, every remarkable Moon Dust timepiece will be accompanied by a certificate from the Association of Space Explorers.

The Moon Dust Series is a giant leap in watch making.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sophisticated Luxury Watch. The Breitling for Bentley Flying B.

Breitling for Bentley symbolizes a union striving for absolute perfection while embracing the infinity of time.

As I look outside at the parking lot, a row of cars stand shimmering on the asphalt, 3rd from the left, between a Mercedes and a Range Rover, is a Bentley. I catch my breath, I have a weakness for beautiful things. I walk towards it as if drawn by some unknown pull. The Bentley is all there commanding its space. I run my hands along its sleek body, gently feeling the exquisite craftsmanship that created such a masterpiece. Oh! The elegance, the sophistication and the undulating beauty from its warm coffee interior to its elegantly molded grill. As I stand transfixed by the Bentley, I realize I get the same wonder of craftsmanship and precision when looking at a Luxury Watch. In this day and age when computerized machines spit out the most cost effective borderline products - it is thrilling to see a masterpiece that has been given infinite attention and care to detail like the Bentley the Breitling.

Breitling and Bentley share the same endeavor for the utmost perfection, the same high standards for reliability and precision, class and performance. Both Breitling and Bentley use cutting edge technologies to enhance the tradition. The Breitling for Bentley Collection derives from a intense passion for fine mechanisms and aesthetic representation.

has had a long stead relationship with aeronautics, commercial aviation, and military air travel; however. with this new partnership,which begun five years ago, Breitling gets a feel for the road. In addition to Breitling's Bentley round watches featuring chronographs and characteristics taken from high end luxury automobiles such as the color palette and wood, Breitling has dedicated a Breitling for Bentley with the "winged B". The "winged B" is has served the most sophisticated and prestigious British automobile, the Bentley, for many years Bentley. The Collection is quite aptly named the Flying B.

The Flying B Collection is unique and luxurious for many reasons -

a) This is the first time Breitling has presented a watch that is not round.
b) The Watch case is rectangular and exquisitely cambered to mirror the streamlined shape of a convertible resulting in a sophisticated and elegant design.
c)The display mode of the Breitling Bentley Flying B captured my attention instantaneously out of a huge selection of watches as it has such a unique display mode. The jumping hours at the 12 'o'clock position, a feature I adore on any watches, minutes displayed around the dial, and a deliciously off centered sub dial underneath the 6 'o clock position displays the seconds. Pure brilliance in design.
d) Incredible attention to detail -
  • Knurled motif inspired by Bentley instrumentation
  • Hour markers sculptured from mother-of-pearl.
  • Many variations of color combinations in dial, sub dials, band and molding.
  • The delicately cambered dial profile required remarkable skill and ingenuity.
  • The curving shape of the beveled sapphire crystal is scratch resistant and has been glare proofed on both sides to provide the wearer with utmost performance satisfaction.
e) COSC Chronometer-certified, the movement of the Flying B - Breitling Calibre 28B has undergone rigorous testing. The Flying B is Mechanical self-winding.

The Flying B is available in steel, in a warm red gold version, and in a Series of white gold exuding the image of refined. Engraved on the caseback is the legendary Bentley “Flying B”.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Audemar Piguet Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore

Audemars Piguet's
three main virtues that fuel the company forward, "tradition, daring and excellence" and a whole lot of creativity. Instead of baffling the watch enthusiasts with a zillion different collections, Audemars Piguet sticks to the ones that work such as the Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore. Audemars reinvents the hugely successful Royal Oak collection and Royal Oak Offshore time after time and often times produces watches with names of celebrities and sport heroes or sporting events. Audemars Piguet watches exude a sense of careful abandonment where the watch is pulling at the far reaches of design while still deeply embedded in tradition, and unlike most watch manufacturers today that have been overpowered by large watch groups, Audemars Piguet still stands alone as a Watch Manufacturer. Audemars Piguet is still, after 130 years, in the capable and innovative hands of the founding family. Audemars Piguet embraces the passage of time and marks time's relentless running with its Luxury Watches.

The Royal Oak was unveiled at Basel World 1972 as a high-end steel sports watch with the Octagon shape and became an immediate success. Designed by Gerald Genta, the flexibility of this case design is endless whether in movements (either quartz or mechanical), complications, colors or materials. Riding high on the success of the Royal Oak, Audemars Piguet released an extreme sports version, in 1992, called the Royal Oak offshore. Audemars Piguet has experimented with cutting edge materials such as applying forging technology to machining carbon which resulted in forged carbon.
One watch to use the high tech forged carbon technology is the Royal Oak Offshore Singapore Grand Prix Chronograph. commemorating Formula One's first night race, the timepiece commissioned by Singapore Grand Prix. Self-winding, forged carbon with steel bezel, case back engraved with the inscription Royal Oak offshore Limited edition- Singapore GP 2008. Water resistant to 100 m. This pretty in pink watch may give the impression of cotton candy but this Ladycat self-winding chronograph watch commorates one of the meanest extreme sports out there: Yacht racing. A sport that requires stamina, agility, precision and coordination — all qualities brilliantly demonstrated by women. Audemars Piguet is partnering with first-class yachtswoman Dona Bertarelli Sp√Ąth, the person who put together the all-women Ladycat crew. To commemorate this partnership Audemars Piguet released the Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat, a limited series of 150 watches, combining diamonds and rubber. The Ladycat comes in a 37mm stainless steel case, black dial with pink applied hour markers, a fuchsia rubber strap, and the back is engraved with the inscription ‘Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat’. This watch also sends the message about the cardiovascular disease in woman which has highly prevalence in women with little public awareness.

Of course there is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon - click here if you would like to learn more about this watch.

The Royal Oak and Royal Oak offshore has a 8 distinctive edges which emits power and a sense of energetic passion that spurs life on. To own this watch is to own a spark of energy that is Audemars Piguet. Every timepiece is crafted with attention to detail and quality. You can own an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or Royal Oak Offshore for reduced prices at The Watchery.