Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's time to start thinking about Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up on June 21st, and its time to start thinking about a gift. A luxury watch is the best possible gift to give father this father's day.

Some men wear necklaces, some wear cuff links, some wear rings and some men wear tie clips, but all men wear watches. If they do not, they simple do not have one or have not found the watch they like. Get your father a luxury watch and you can be assured the watch will be worn.

Many men are of the useful sort, and although a power drill will be greatly appreciated, its use is limited. On the other hand, the usefulness of a watch never fades, as times keeps galloping by and to keep track of it is very useful indeed.

Now that I have stated quite a good case for the purchase of a luxury watch for father on Father's Day, I will tell you some of my favorites. At the top of the blog is my all time favorite the Concord Delirium. It is a watch fit for a man of class, distinction and style. The slim watch case lays flat on the wrist looking excellent beneath a well starched cuff. I have chosen just a single watch to display, this one quite dashing with its 18K yellow gold watch case, silver dial and black leather watch strap. The movement is a precise Swiss quartz; however, if you know your father prefers the traditional mechanical watch entrenched in the history of horology since the 1600, then THE WATCHERY has a wide selection.

If father has a certain pizazz and charm making him the center of attention (quite alright), then maybe a watch with a little more roar will befit him.

Concord Delirium Mens' Watch Manual Wind 18K White Gold Diamond Dial on Black Leather Strap 0308970

The Concord Delirium above is a magnificent specimen of raw power. It is almost sold out being a highly unique luxury timepiece with the appeal of a collectors item. The Concord Delirium luxury watch is reduced by 75% to a rock bottom price of $4,567.00 compare that with the List Price of $18,270.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bell and Ross gets the Midas touch.

As the legend has it, King Midus was granted his wish that everything he touched turned to gold. Bell and Ross seems to have gotten a bit of the Midas touch and has crafted a timepiece made out of 18k rose gold. The Bell & Ross BR01-92 Gold Ingot. The remarkable nature of this timepiece is that not only the 46mm wide case is made from gold, but the hour markers, hands and dial are made from gold too. The effect would have been quite bland , to much of a good thing; however, Bell and Ross has incorporated lovely pyramid texturing within the circle on the dial.
Typically the Bell and Ross screws are steel; however, on this model ,gold is the order of the day, and the 18k rose gold screws look wonderful.
The watch keeps perfect time with the aid of a Swiss ETA 2892A2 automatic mechanical movement. A gentle swing of ones hand will wind the watch.
I suppose it would have been a bit over the top to attach an 18k rose gold bracelet to the case, kind of like eating a whole box of chocolates at one sitting, and so I think the shiny black alligator strap works perfectly to enhance the watch cases bold gold look.
I am not sure where this Bell and Ross watch would look better, on my wrist or hung ,like a medal, around my neck.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tag Heuer adds diamonds to its Meridiist

Not quite a luxury watch, but it is truly a vision. I have blogged a couple times about the Tag Heuer Meridiist. The Meridiist mobile phone seemed to have caused quite a stir among phone and watch enthusiasts alike, especially since the Meridiist was the first phone made exclusively by a watch company. Ulysee Nardin followed suit with its intriguing cellphone.
Tag Heuer has now embedded diamonds in the Meridiist's sharp edges bringing chic to an entirely new level. This Meridiist Diamant will probably cost somewhere in the range of $15,000 to $30,000. The phone will be available in two glittering styles: The Meridiist Diamant adorned with 208 diamonds or a dazzling 1232 diamonds.

Placing glittering diamonds on modern technology is an interesting concept based on the sudden whims of those who have a few extra thousands to spare and who are not purchasing the phone as an investment. The Meridiist Diamant does make quite a spectacular gift from a gentleman to his lady friend.

The Meridiist Diamant is a fashion statement as cellphones are the latest part of our wardrobe. On the other hand I would much rather spend my money on a luxury watch and hang on to my Blackberry.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Corum Romvlvs crafted like a legend.

The Corum Romvlvs always reminds me of an ancient artifact uncovered in Rome. The watch gives much life to its namesake Romulus. It is said in Roman Methology, Romulus and Remus were twins born in 771 BC and founded Rome. Romulus served as Rome's first king. He slew his brother so that he could be the one to name Rome and rule the land. Romulus was a mighty king who added much territory to Rome.
The Corum Romvlvs is a luxury watch and one cannot help but notice the the power exuded by its stately countenance.
However, the absence of the hour markers on the dial happened quite by accident.
The year: 1958.
The place: The Basel Fair.
Corum's Objective: To demonstrate Corum's incredible quality, craftsmanship and unique creativity.
The atmosphere at Corum was tense, the dial hour markers ,that were supposed to be delivered earlier, had not yet arrived. A potential disaster was imminent, and Corum came up with a creative solution. If the dials had not arrived, the new models would have no dial hour markers. Instead the watches were fitted with plain gold dials.
In 1966, Corum left the dial blank, but engraved the hour markers on the bezel, a first in the world of horology, and the Corum Romvlvs was born.

At the Basel Fair of 1958, Corum demonstrated a quick thinking resilience and a disaster turned into a blessing in disguise. The Romvlvs was jolted into being by the frenzied quick thinking of Corum's creative minds.
Corum is a company with an exciting array of watch styles, many of which are available at the WATCHERY for unbeatable prices. Corum watch brand is an exceptional company holding the key to creativity.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Ultimate Summer Watch!

Michele CSX Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel Diamond Lugs on Pink Leather Strap MWW03F000018

Look at this watch! Now think of a city. I did, and Miami flashed into my mind. It must be the bright color of the strap and the iridescent blue of the numbers, which brings to mind an expansive blue sky, a still ocean and brightly colored facades of buildings.

The CSX is flashy and summery, a stylish must have to ones summer wardrobe. The CSX is Michele's first designer luxury watch. I simply adore the colors adorning Michele's watches. The colors simple jump out at me in profusion of pinks, purples, oranges and blues like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers.

Michele designed CSX as a watch with diamonds that can be worn everyday. No special occasion, one night a week, kind of watch. This watch is a wear everyday and impress even the most fashion weary souls. The bright blue markings on the dial are a vivid blue complimenting the shocking pink straps. The 3, 9 and 12 numbers are full of fun and seem to be partying beneath the Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal.
THE WATCHERY is offering the Michele CSX for 59% off the list price, marking this watch down to a Super Sale Price of $607.00.

Michele MW2 Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Turquoise Leather Strap MWW07B000023

I want this watch!! Anyone offering? I must have it. The turquoise of the strap reminds me of the sun rays gently floating in a Caribbean pool. Imagine a vacation on ones wrist. I love the art deco watch case and the friendly Roman Numerals that distinctly remind me of chromosomes. The diamonds on the bezel are paved in a way that softens the look, gently reminding the wearer and the admirer that this watch is a watch of extreme style and distinction.

Michele Coquette Retro Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel White Diamond Bezel on White Leather Strap MWW08C000001

When I was a child I used to frequent the little fairs that passed through town every once in a while. Their was usually a faded green tent near the edge of the fair with a little flap for an entrance. Inside the tent was a row of mirrors set up on the dusty ground. I loved the mirrors as I was tall and slim in one and quite wide in another. When I first saw this watch the dial reminded me of my reflection in one of the mirrors standing beneath the faded green tent at the edge of the fair. Like my reflection in the mirror this watch seems to defy perception in its quivering numbers and bezel.
Michele has succeeded yet again to carve a unique character into every one of its timepieces, making one instantly feel the need to own a Michel timepiece. Luckily this Michele Coquette Retro Ladies' Watch is only $1,039 , 55% off the List Price.

Friday, May 15, 2009


As stated in the Top 500 Guide The Watchery is the Jewerly Category leader for web sales growth in 2008.

"The most dramatic year-to-year change in any retail category was jewelry. In the 2008 edition of the Top 500 Guide, the combined sales of online jewelry retailers increased about 36% in 2007 from web sales of $772.4 million in 2006. The category leader in 2008 was TheWatchery.com (No. 278), with 57% growth from $19.4 million in 2007 to $30.5 million last year. "

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Ebel 1911 Men's XL Watch Stainless Steel Silver Dial Date 9187251/16567

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As the saying goes "TIME IS MONEY" and at the THE WATCHERY we save your time and save your money.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Is Azimuth taking a gamble?

Azimuth is taking a gamble in the form of a roulette table complete with a roulette wheel and table and placing it as the dial of a modified ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical luxury watch. The Azimuth Roulette Watch is another brilliant concept watch that really works. The dice winding crown serves two purposes, one to set the watch and another to activate the spinning ball. Simply depress and release the winding crown and the white ball spins around the roulette wheel halting at any random slot. The entire miniature roulette wheel is enclosed in sapphire crystal.
The watch is large at 45mm x 34mm, produced from CNC cut 316L stainless steel; however, Azimuth's ergonomically design featuring a curved case back makes for comfortable wearing. y be (at 45mm x 34mm), this block of CNC cut 316L stainless steel case is ergonomically design to ensure a snug fit.
As one can see in the image of the case back the words, “BEAT THE CASINO!” are engraved adding some fun and adventure to the watch design.
Azimuth's founders, Christopher Long and Alvyn Lye, has succeeded again in crafting a timepiece that has the horological world buzzing.
The Roulette (as its so aptly named) is to be released in time for the opening of Singapore’s first and Asia’s grandest Casino towards end of 2009 where 5000 pieces will be available. I do not know about pricing yet, but I have a hunch one may need to hit the jackpot before one makes the purchase.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Watch Maintenance 101

Summer is on the horizon, and hot and humid weather is on the way, and differing conditions for watches. A watch can be made by the most prestigious watch company in all the world, but if not taken care of, can run into ruin.

  • I would like to begin discussing the watch crystal. The dial of the watch ,and in some watches the back of the watch, is protected by Sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is an extremely hard substance, a 9 on the Mohs Scale - silver being 2.5 and a diamond being 10. Thus Sapphire Crystal is scratch resistant but not Scratch Proof. To avoid any type of scratches to your watch follow these guidelines:

a) Wrap your watch in a soft cloth before placing it on a hard surface.

b)When not wearing place your watch in its original box. Do not place your watch in a jewelry box with your other jewelry. Keep in mind diamonds have a Moh of 10, harder than sapphire crystal and thus can scratch the watch.

c) Do not wear your watch with other jewelry on the same hand. For the same reasons listed above.

d) Avoid wearing the watch during high risk activities like rock climbing or bob sledding unless of course you own a watch specifically designed for these type of activities.

e)Avoid scraping your watch against corridor walls or on furniture. Some new man made materials used to make simulated stone surfaces contain incorporated silicon carbide, an extremely hard material that can cause damage to your sapphire crystal.

  • Now we move on to the watch case and bracelet.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Chronograph Men's Automatic Watch 18k Rose Gold Black Dial on Black Rubber Strap Q1862740 or 186.27.40

a) Metal bracelets should be washed with care in water. If the bracelet is really grimy use a soft new toothbrush dunked in mild soapy water and gently brush away the dirt. Rinse with water (if your watch is not water resistance be careful to use only the very minimum amount of water and do not get water on the case), dry carefully with a soft cloth. Cases should be wiped gently with a slightly moistened soft cloth and then carefully dried.

b) In hot weather, leather straps should be slightly loosened when they may absorb perspiration. There are two reasons for this: Firstly a tight strap prevents the passage of air flow on the underside of the strap and secondly a tight strap may cause a perspiration rash on the wrist. When your watch becomes wet with perspiration, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

c) Finally when taking off your watch leave it in a well ventilated area. Never place it in a sealed air toght container when the watch is still damp with perspiration. Never leave your watch in direct sunlight this may cause your watch strap to fade.

Now we can move onto the movement - the beating heart of the watch.

Automatic mechanical watch do not need to be wound manually but need to be worn everyday. In these watches the watch is powered by the natural swinging motion of the hand. The watch does not need to be shaken vigorously like a cocktail. Avoid undue shocks like dropping the watch on hard surfaces like your granite kitchen counter. Avoid wearing a mechanical watch while playing golf or tennis as arm speeds in excess of 70mph can damage the movement of the watch. Vigorous jagged motions can damage the movement. Many watches have undergone stringent testing and are Certified Chronometers, but still proper care is still necessary.

  1. If you have not worn the watch in a couple of days and have not kept it on a Watch Winder, your watch may have stopped. If this occurs wind up the crown and run it again. It is best to wear a Mechanical Watch everyday or try to wind it once every three days. All the wheels need to be in motion on a regular basis as when the movement is in motion the movement is be oiled.
  2. A Mechanical Watch needs to be serviced just like your automobile. Although mechanical watches are designed to provide a lifetime of accurate and reliable service, a mechanical watch requires to be serviced every three or four years to ensure maximum efficiency and to prevent permanent damage. Each manufacturer has their own specific servicing recommendations for your watch. As a result of the complexity of the mechanisms within the mechanical watch, it is preferable if the watch is serviced by an agent authorized by the watch manufacturer. During servicing your watch will be inspected for any worn parts that may need to be replaced; check to see if the watch requires lubrication, and check if perspiration, dust or water has seeped into the watch. Dust is the most damaging as is water and these elements need to be removed from the watch.
  3. During servicing your watch is opened and the movement is removed. If required the movement is taken apart to the very last screw. Each individual part is inspected for wear or tear. Old worn parts are replaced with identical parts. Every part is cleaned, reassembled and lubricated. Then the movement is regulated, so the watch will run with precision. If the watch is water resistant, water tightness is checked and worn cracked gaskets are replaced. The final step is polishing the case and the bracelet. After these steps the watch will be good as new.

Servicing is crucial as the oil that keeps the watch running breaks down over time. Parts of the watch that are no longer lubricated will cause friction. The problem will be confounded if the friction creates microscopic fine dust that will act as a damaging abrasive to the movement. In addition, the watch case expands in response to periods of hot and cold. This expansion allows dust to enter the case to microscopic fine cracks. Dust is the most detrimental element to the movement of a watch.

I know what you thinking. This seems like an awful lot of instructions for a watch; however, most of it you are probably doing anyway. Please bare in mond if you treat your watch with respect it will be your great grand children's heirloom.

If you have any other tips or personel experiences. Please feel free to comment. I love feedback.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Who made Mother's Day?

"A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment!"
Anne Jarvis - the creator of Mother's Day. (depicted in image)

On May 14th 1907, Anne Jarvis held a memorial for her mother who had died two years earlier. She then embarked on a mission to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday which occurred in 1914 ,thanks to Woodrow Wilson who signed the bill. She did not like the commercialization of the holiday and spent her entire inheritance fighting against it. She did not like the cheap cards and empty trinkets associated with the holiday. She wanted the holiday to be full of meaning, depth and gratitude.
It is quite difficult to purchase a gift for ones Mother that will show ones infinite appreciation.
Luckily there is just the gift and you have found the place. THE WATCHERY
Show your appreciation for her timeless and unconditional love by purchasing a Luxury Watch. I know! I know! You think it is too late. Mothers Day is Sunday and you missed the boat. Well that's where you are wrong - Mothers Day is everyday and it won't matter if you give her a watch a day or two later or even a week or month, she will treasure it forever.
THE WATCHERY has a large selection of Chopard Happy Watches where diamonds float between two layers of Sapphire Crystal, Concord La Scala's in vibrant blue's and pinks, shimmering with diamonds, Iconic Cartier Tanks with a distinctive shape that never loses its style to time, Rado watches bearing eternal gleams, Movado's with a single dot against a black backdrop and delicate lovely Ebel. I am sure THE WATCHERY has a luxury watch your mother will love.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does the number of Watch Jewels make a difference?

In the 1950's The Waltham Watch Company of Waltham, Mass introduced a 100 jewel watch. Only 17 of the jewels were functional meaning those 17 jewel were placed between the gears of the watch to reduce friction, hold lubricant longer , reduce the amount of lubricant needed, increase temperature stability and reduce corrosion. (All reasons jewels are used in movements today) There were two cap jewels, two pivot jewels, an impulse jewel for the balance wheel, two pivot jewels, two pallet jewels for the pallet fork, and two pivot jewels each for the escape, fourth, third and center wheels. The remaining 83 jewels were simply placed at the edge of the automatic rotor (seen above). These jewels had absolutely no function and so created the watch with the most amount of non-functional jewels. Although there is a space for a 101th jewel on the automatic rotor, the space is vacant as 101 jewels does not sound as marketable as 100 jewels.
The Walthman Watch Company closed its doors in 1957 as a result of financial stress and less than perfect craftsmanship, it seems the 100 Jewel Watch was its last desperate attempt to make a sale. The company relied on the fact that many people believed the more jewels the more precise the watch movement. People may have believed the jewels were actually worth something.

In fact most jewels are synthetic costing very little and the jewels themselves are worth very little.

In the 1940's and 1950's many companies were upping there non-functional jewel count without increasing the complications. Between 1902 and 1965 it was "anything goes" in regard to the amount of jewels in a watch movement. In addition the amount of jewels were stated on the dial as a marketing ploy. Then in October 1965, the Swiss organization NIHS - Normes de I'industrie Horlogre Suisse, whose function was to develop the standards for the Swiss Watch Industry, published a standard (NIHS 94-10) in order to control the way in which the number of jewels in a movement are used in advertising and any sales related to horology and timekeepers. In 1974, the NIHS and ISO 1112 which was recently updated in ISO 1112:2009 specifies the technical definitions of functional and non-functional horological movement jewels. In addition it describes the different types of jewels used, and how this is to be marked on a timekeeping instrument or used in advertising. In this way the type of jewels used, the amount of jewels used and the way in which the jewels can be used to increase the jewel count of the watch is outlined.

Today the more jewels indicate more complications as there are more moving parts. The more jewels used, the less the wear and tear on the watch parts. Many watch companies use 21 jewels and some ETA movements use 25 jewels. The jewels themselves are valued at very little since most are synthetic; however, it is the well placed functionality in conjunction with superior craftsmanship of the watch part that attract watch enthusiasts and horology admirers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The largest Ruby in the world!

The 125West Ruby is one of the world's largest known ruby crystal weighing in at 8.2lbs and amounting to 18,696 Carats. The Ruby crystal is semi-translucent to opaque and contains rutile. If cut en cabochon, this may create a six ray star. When exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light, the ruby displays a strong red fluorescence. It measures 122.4mm x 112.3mm x 133.9mm.

If you have doubts this gem is certified by the Gemology Institute of America Report 15171991 dated May 24th, 2006. If carved this Ruby would be the largest ruby curvature in the world. If cut en cabochon, the 125West Ruby would be the largest cut and polished ruby gemstone in the world.
Rubies have a long history as part of the mechanics of a watch. In 1702, Nicolas Fatio (Facio) de Duillier, a Swiss mathematician who was born in Basel, Switzerland, and Pierre and Jacob Debaufre introduced Jewel Bearings in watches to reduce friction. The jewels were not widely used until the middle of the 19th century. Until the 20th Century these jewels were ground from tiny pieces of natural gems. The watches had garnet and quartz, but it was the luxury top quality watches that used sapphire, ruby and even diamonds.

In 1902, a process to grow artificial sapphire crystals was invented, thereby making the jewels cheaper. In most modern watches, synthetic rubies (left image) are used between the moving parts, especially in the escapement and have a major effect on the timekeeping accuracy. It was discovered the harder the material used as bearings, the lessor the friction. Thus the ultra hard slick surface has a lower coefficient of friction with metal. In addition Rubies increase the life of the bearings. Rubies is the second hardest material after diamond and seven times harder than topaz. The Ruby belongs to the Coronado group of minerals, its name stemming from the red color (Latin: Rubeus). Red corundum is always called by the name Ruby whereas any other colors of corundum are known as Sapphires. The only difference between synthetic sapphire and ruby is as a result of the different impurities that have been added to change the color. There is absolutely no difference in their properties as bearings. Rubies can be opaque, translucent or transparent.
The very best watches have a 21 jewel movement; some have slightly more and some less. Some ETA movements use a 25 jewel movement which is a question of style rather than functionality.
The question regarding the number of jewels in a watch is a interesting one, and I will blog about it in due course.
As always let me know what you think about any points I bring up in the blogs. I love to hear feedback.

Huge Selection of EBEL Women's watches at THE WATCHERY

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Ebel 1911 Ladies' Watch Two Tone Pink Leather Strap Mother-Of-Pearl Diamond Dial 1090211/19835130

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Ebel Satya Ladies' Mini Watch 18K Yellow Gold Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial 8057B11/9985

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The Ebel Satya accentuates class, style and distinction with a unique touch. It is a watch, bold enough to speak for itself, yet subdued enough to compliment your mothers elegant style.

Show your appreciation and give the gift of time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day at THE WATCHERY

Corum Sugar Cube Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Light Pink Dial Diamond Bezel 137-427-47-E050EB34

Mother's Day in May 10th! Order your mother a watch today.Order before Wednesday May 6th at 3pm from the Watchery.com THE WATCHERY will guarantee delivery by Mother’s Day within the U.S. (free for orders above $300).

The watchery has a complete GIFT GUIDE for this Mother's Day. You owe it to your mother remember the time you tramped through the house leaving a trail of mud and she said nothing or when you felt sick in school and your mother picked you up and bought you vanilla ice cream or the time she sprayed your room with invisible "monster spray" that she personally conjured and that really worked.

I am sure some of these images jog a memory or too. Now its your turn and show your appreciation with a luxury watch. Your mother will probably gasp at the dazzling gold timepiece and she will probably say, "You shouldn't have," but you know the truth, you know you should have and you can see the appreciation in her eyes. You can see it very well.
Movado Kara Ladies' Watch Two Tone Black Dial 0605248

A watch will not wilt and fade like a fresh bouquet of exotic flowers. A watch will not rest on a mantelpiece at first in front and then behind a multitude of family pictures and cards. A watch will be worn day in and day out, and when your mother will look at the time, she will remember you.
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