Thursday, December 31, 2009


At the stroke of midnight the world embraces a new year and a new decade.
2010 will be an exciting year for the watch world commencing with The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie or SIHH, which kicks off January 18, 2010. Highly regarded name brands comprising of A. Lange & Sohne, Alfred Dunhill, Audemars Piguet, Baume & Mercier, Cartier, JeanRichard, Girard Perregaux, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre, Montblanc, Panerai, Parmigiani, Piaget, Ralph Lauren, Roger Dubuis, Vacheron Constantin,Van Cleef & Arpels and for the first time Greubel Forsey and Richard Mille. SIHH is bigger and better than ever looking to the future.

2009 was fraught with recession worries. Luxury watch companies saw, among other things, shares plummet, workers laid off and production reduced. Still watch companies enthralled us with remarkable timepieces pushing the limits of our imagination. These creations kept the horological tradition alive.

THE WATCHERY wishes all its customers a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten Dazzling Timepieces of 2009!

Smothered with diamonds, accentuated with rubies, dripping with emeralds, purring with complications, roaring with cutting edge materials: the ostentatious, the superb, the grandeur, you gotto love a luxury timepiece. So now as the year draws to a close let us capture the finest of the finest and listen to our heart beat quicken in delight.1) My personal favorite, Hublot's Black Cavier Bang. The Black Cavier won the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve prize for jewelery watch of the year 2009. A mosaic of over 500 rare black diamonds, the Hublot Black Cavier Bang took over 2000 hours to create. Everything about the watch is unique from its rhodium plated diamond polished skeleton hands, diamond encrusted power reserve indicator marking a 120 hour power reserve, eye catching tourbillon, manually wound HUB Solo T Tourbillon and sapphire crystal treated with interior anti-reflection treatment. The most unique aspect of this watch ,aside for its one million dollar price tag, is the fact that it is one of its kind. No other Black Cavier Bang will be produced.2) How would you like a diamond wrap. Piaget loves to go all out when it comes to haute joaillerie. After all when one wants to create a masterpiece, one wants to create something magnificent, something that will cause a stir among the people. This horological bedazzlement is part of Piaget's Limelight watch collection for 2009. After hours of craftsmanship involving diamond cutting and setting, working the 18k white gold to achieve the swirling effect, and assembling the watch, the effect is mesmerizing. The watch dial is hidden behind the diamond curls when the watch is not being read, thus increasing the jewelry effect. All in all 40 carats adorn the luxury timepiece meant to dizzy the senses with extravagance.
3) Got $300,000 to spare, well if you do the Sarcar Carrousel is quite an option. What caught my eye was the blatant "in your face" diamond exposure. This watch is a creation of Sarcar, a Swiss watch company founded in 1948 by Carlo Sarzano. The 12 half carat diamonds set in gold float freely against the mother of pearl backdrop. More diamonds pave the bezel and the area beneath the watch hands of the 40mm watch case. The watch boasts a total of 399 diamonds. A black alligator strap renders a comfortable fit and closed with a gold folding clasp.4) Where the diamonds? You may ask. Well their are no diamonds on this extraordinarily unique Tag Heuer Monaco V4 timepiece, but it is a gem of a watch none the less and we have been waiting awfully long for its appearance. At a point I had my doubts that we would ever see the final product. But 2009 is the year. The watch is fashioned from no less than 170 grams of platinum, but it is its movement that really raises eyebrows. I am told this watch is fashioned after a car engine, since I know little about car engines and would much rather tinker with a watch movement.
Click here to read the similarities between the Monaco V4 movement and a car engine5)This latest men's masterpiece from Dior is pure eye candy. The crimson mineral glass baths the underlying manually wound tourbillon movement in red light. Diamonds dotted with rubies smother the bezel in a lavish display. Diamonds and rubies parade along the stunning bracelet. The hands are simple so as not to mask the beauty that lays beneath. The 42mm case is crafted from white gold. The skeletonization of the dial displays the fine gears and exceptional craftsmanship.
So how much does a beauty like this cost? Well you will have to dig deep into your pockets. At 1.3 million Swiss Francs this watch is quite costly, but if acquired you do get the bragging rights that this exceptional timepiece has been nominated in the awards for the 2009 Geneva Grand Prix d'Horlogerie.

6) And what of complications? Zenith provides as always with a spectacular Full Set Lady Moonphase Watch. The vertical diamond paved bezel gives this chronograph timepiece a sense of adventure. The shape of the 37.5, 18K white gold watch case is a diamond encrusted port hole displaying a magnificent mother-of-pearl dial baring a moon phase, chronograph, date and hours, minutes, seconds and day indicators. As always we must have a diamond total, and Zenith doesn't disappoint. Approximately 4.88 carat comprise of 533 round diamonds The Full Set Lady Moonphase Watch is powered by a Zenith’s El Primero 410 automatic movement with 50-hour power reserve. This watch is deliciously infused with serious watch craftsmanship and elegance.7) The Golden Bridge Lady by Corum is the height of elegance. One almost doesn't know where to look first. Corum has taken a new position in regard to its iconic Golden Bridge collection by placing the he hand-wound mechanical baton movement horizontally. 2.5 carats of diamonds cluster on the bezel like flood lights illuminating a grand spectacle. And grand it is, the wheels in motion are captivating beneath the exquisitely engraved bridge.
The sultry curved lines of the bezel, perpendicular to the bridge provides exudes a sense of liquidity and elegance. The angled rows of diamonds are set with incredible precision.

As a result of the incredible complexity and craftsmanship required to manufacture a luxury watch with this degree of excellence, only a few Golden Bridge for ladies will be crafted each year. The watches will be available in either 18k red or white gold.8) Okay you can breath now. Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch takes Moonphase to an entirely new level. I have blogged about this watch in depth - click here for a full description.
9) Yes, I admit you are quite familiar with the Cartier Balon Bleu, but do not be deceived as the packaging of this Cartier masterpiece is unique. The name Cartier has bestowed on its newest creation is quite mysterious: ID One Concept Watch. The name has a detached cold ring to it. Oh well, it is likely Cartier wants to show its technological side of watchmaking. The watch is crafted from Niobium Titanium, which is harder and more resilient than titanium. This is truly a watch material of the future reducing long term maintenance and initial regulation. Many watch companies have been striving for the perfect material requiring minimal lubrication (as over time deterioration of lubricants impede watch performance). Click here to read more on Striving for the Ultimate Luxury Watch Material

10) Angular Momentum's Belle Epoque Eternal Time Watch. A splash of diamonds tendrils create a star. Two large baguette diamonds rest at the 12 and 6 o clock position . Time is displayed via two gold orbs, the larger for the hours, smaller for minutes. The entire watch is powered by an automatic movement.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Years Resolution

A couple more days and the second hand will approach the midnight mark with alarming insistence. Before you know it 2010 will dawn marking a new year and a new decade. Will you be ready?
It is crucial to start making New Year's Resolutions. Don't become too exuberant in your resolution making, as you most certainly will be left with a feeling of failure; however, if 2010 brings you extraordinary success, by all means, embrace it. New Year's Resolutions should be both manageable and realistic and when achieved will provide one with an enormous feeling of sucess. Resolutions such as losing weight, quit smoking, spending more time with the family, learning something new, going on an exotic cruise, increasing ones income, achieving internal peace or finding ones soul mate are often on ones list. For many people organizing ones time is crucial, because if one ponders a while on it , one may realize that time management is the essence of many New Year's Resolution.

Luckily, there are many devices to help one achieve effective time management. The most essential of which is a timepiece. Purchase a watch you like; one that accentuates your image and is a constant reminder of your New Year's Resolution. To start on ones New Years Resolution early this year, save time and purchase a watch at THE WATCHERY. THE WATCHERY'S helpful search criteria directs you to the watches that suit your interests, needs and budget. In addition, The Watchery has just added over 1000 items to Clearance. All watches are 100% genuine timepieces from brands you know and trust. Purchase a Movado for up to 65% off, a Concord for 80% off, a Cartier for 42% off, an Ebel for 85% off, a Corum for 82% off, a Zentih for 52% off, a Tag Heuer for 58% off, a Breitling for 54% off, a Girard-Perregaux for 63% off, a Baume & Mercier for 74% off, a Bvlgari for 66% off, a Harry Winston for 60% off, a Blancpain for 52% off and so much more.

Now that you have a watch, you can plan your time in terms of immediate short term goals and long term goals. Dedicate a portion of your day to long term goals so they are not lost in favor of everyday challenges. When planning your time, use past experiences as a frame of reference in determining how long a task will take. For example if in the past it took one hour to perform a bank reconciliation it seems unlikely that just because 2010 has appeared, bank reconciliations will take you all of ten minutes.
Although you may have an excellent memory, write your plans and appointments down, you do not want to clutter your working memory with reams and reams of information. To succeed one must determine the importance of each task and the time a task should take.
Before you know it 2010 will be marching on, but you will see it off with a smile and a wave, because you have achieved your goals and managed your time.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from THE WATCHERY

Tis the Season of giving. If you have lost track of time or could not locate your calender under the mountains of year end deadlines, do not despair. The time for giving has no deadline. Receive money from an uncle or aunt? Well spend it wisely and treat yourself to a luxury watch from THE WATCHERY. New Year's resolutions are often times related to organization, especially managing ones time. The biggest gift you can give yourself is more time to do the things you love. It all comes down to the ability to manage ones time better, and if one wants to manage ones time better, one should most certainly purchase a watch. So spend the money wisely and purchase a luxury watch, after all time is precious and once time is lost, it can never be found. Hamilton H32365883 Jazz Master Lady Red Satin Automatic Womens Watch
Clearance Price: $385.00
Fill your year with a pinch of a pizzaz with this eye-catching Ladies Jazz Master Watch from Hamilton. A floral aperture beneath the 12 'o'clock and mirrored on the case back provides the watch an exotic flare. Powered by the gentle motion of ones arm, this stylish timepiece requires no batteries and is a perfect addition to ones wardrobe.

THE WATCHERY has just added 1000 more pieces to Clearance. You simply cannot believe these prices, but believe me its true. There has never been a better time to purchase a luxury watch. Do it now! Open the envelope and with the rock bottom THE WATCHERY prices, you may be surprised to see that you still have money left over.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Omega's Museum Collection's Latest Edition.

Omega is releasing modern versions of watches from its past. The latest of which is the Omega Milestone 1941 (above), the ninth in Omega's Museum Collection. Based on the original CK 2080 (inset) which was released in 1938, the newer version has a busier face which includes a tachymeter ( to compute speed based on travel time or measure distance based on speed), telemeter just below the bezel (to measure the distance of a phenomenon which is both visible and audible i.e thunder and lightening), 30 minute chronograph and the time. Although the face is quite busy, the hour ring is immediately discernible with aid of the large bold 12, 6 and hour indicators and hands coated in SuperLumiNova. The minute track is between the telemeter and the tachymeter. The two sub-dials at the 3 'o' clock and 9 'o' clock displays a the 30 minute chronograph and seconds counter respectively. The inner concentric circles are related to the tachymeter measurements.
At face value, the Omega Milestone 1941 or Number 9 as it sometimes is reffered to is quite similiar, both have a black face, white dial markings and really cool lugs; however beneath the surface the difference is quite marked. The CK 2080's newer counterpart sports a modern Omega Caliber 3203 Co-Axial manually wound movement with a column wheel for the chronograph complication. The Omega CK 2080 from 1938 was a stainless steel watch quite popular among the high ranking military officers. The Omega Milestone 1941 is crafted from 18k white gold with a limited edition of only 1941 pieces meant for collectors and watch enthusiasts.
Omega's vision in presenting the Omega's Museum Collection is to combine its long standing tradition of fine watchmaking and its dedication to cutting edge technology.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rev Up your Engines with Panerai Ferrari

Panerai FER00011 Ferrari Granturismo Stainless Steel Yellow and Black Dial Leather and Rubber Men's Automatic Tachymeter Chronograph Chronometer Watch
This explosive collaboration began in 2006 at a Ferrari test track in Maranello, Italy amidst the smell of burnt rubber and race fuel, blending two iconic Italian brands: Ferrari and Panerai. The result is a watch encapsulating a powerful energy baring the "Cavallino Rampante" or "Prancing Stallion". The watch I have chosen to depict embodies the colors of the Ferarri race team - black horse on yellow background. Ferrari was founded as Scuderia Ferrari in 1929 by Enzo Ferarri originally as a manufacturer of race cars. Drivers were sponsored and Ferari tucked many Formula One, Grand Prix and other championships under its belt. In 1947 Ferrari began production of street legal vehicles.
The prancing horse is a symbol of good fortune first used by Count Francesco Baracca, a national hero of World War I and an exceptional fighter pilot of the Italian Air Force who would paint a horse in red on a white cloud on the side of his planes. Later he adopted the black stallion as a personal emblem. He died in 1918. On June 17, 1923, Enzo Ferrari raced to victory at the Savio track in Ravenna, where he met Count Francesco Barraca's mother who presented Enzo with the Count's emblem. Enzo chose the black stallion, which was originally painted on the Count's squadron planes as a tribute to the Count's former cavalry regiment and a fallen pilot. Ferrari used the canary yellow background as it is the color of the city Modena, his birthplace.

The black stallion an iconic symbol now adorns the dial of the Panerai Ferrari watches, a perfect watch for a sportsman.
Ferarri was at one time in agreement with Girard-Perregaux but when that expired, Panerai stepped in. This new partnership made the utmost sense, two Italian brands deeply entrenched in Italian tradition, both striving for technical excellence, superb craftsmanship, exceptional quality and distinct design.
" We took inspiration for these watches from the Ferrari cars and we took inspiration from Panerai. You can recognize the shape and designs from Panerai , but it is a totally new case expressly made for Ferrari. Every time, step by step, we showed our work to Jean Todt and the Ferrari team, and they approved it or they asked us to go back and look at the cars, to provide us with inspiration. They were very kind to us, because they allowed us freedom to work; they allowed us to adapt the DNA of Ferrari and Panerai. We cannot forget Panerai, because it comes from our heart, but on the other side we need to show the face of Ferrari. You have to recognize that this is Ferrari. When we see the watch, you can tell it is a Panerai watch, but you also recognize that it's Ferrari."
Jean Todt, chairman of Ferrari said in 2006 in regard to this partnership, "Made in Italy is very important to us. I have followed the development of the watches very carefully. I want Ferrari people and Ferrari drivers to be wearing these beautiful watches."

There are two main lines of Ferrari watches one is Grantourismo - the elegant sport models and the other is the heart pumping, engine revving tire squealing aggressive sports model - the Scederia line.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Not too Late to Shop THE WATCHERY for the Holidays

Order today and get your purchase delivered to your door by December 24th, just in time for the holidays. If you haven't decided on the perfect gift to give, then let me be of some assistance. You simply cannot go wrong with a watch. A watch will never outgrow its usefulness. Watches are available in a large range of prices depending on your budget and your target gift receiver. Different watches can portray different messages to the receiver. A diamond encrusted watch from Chopard or Cartier can portray a message of love and devotion. A less expensive sporty chronograph watch with a 100 meter water resistance and a tachymeter can portray the feeling of "Hey! Let's hang out sometime and have some fun", like the energetic Tissot T-Tracx Chronograph below.

Harry Winston 310-LQWL-MD-A12 Avenue Lady White Mother-of-Pearl Dial Leather Alligator Women's Watch Our price: $16,128.00 (52%% off list price)

Harry Winston has been the supplier of fine jewels and luxury watches to stars for decades and now a Harry Winston can be yours to give. Imagine her face when you hand her a box; imagine her opening it and glancing inside; imagine the expression on her face - her eyes may widen and sparkle as she catches a glimpse of the shimmering diamonds. She may be speechless, but that is a good thing because words cannot contain the moment. Imagine the brevity of the moment when she realizes you gave her a Harry Winston luxury timepiece.

Ebel Beluga Tonneau Women's Watch Stainless Steel Polished Tonneau Case Strap Leather Black 9175G38-/512035A0 82% off List Price. Clearance Price: $1,295.00</span>

The highly popular tonneau shape is accentuated with a wave of diamonds on either side of the watch face gently framing the unique watch face protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The watch strap comprises of black satin over leather completing a powerfully elegant look.

For more moments, check out THE WATCHERY website where watches have been categorized to take the stress off holiday shopping. Search watches under the heading: Elegant Man; Elegant Women; Sports Man; Active Women; Chronograph; Gold Watches; Gold on Strap & Diamond Watches. The Watchery has a huge inventory of some of the finest watch brands for seriously unbeatable prices.

Make it seem as though you have started your Holiday Shopping months ago by purchasing the perfect gift ,a luxury watch, from THE WATCHERY.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

America's First Woman Watchmaker CEO.

In 1890, three brothers launched a successful watch company, so successful that kings, actors, explorers, navigators and astronomers from around the world used their timekeeping instruments. By 1916, all three brothers had died leaving the million dollar business in the hands of their sister. She knew of the business only through discussions at the dinner table, as she was their home-maker, but had very little horological training; however, she felt a tremendous responsibility to the then 60 year old enterprise baring her family name and she, Martha Wittnauer, learned every aspect of the watchmaking business. The Wittnauer watchmaking business.

In 1872, young Albert Wittnauer, then just 16 and already a skilled watchmaker, arrives in New York from Switzerland to work for his brother-in-law J. Eugene Robert, a watch importer. Two years later, he is joined by his older brother ,Louis. Albert is now quite familiar with the American Watch Market and wants to provide them with a watch having the same functionality and durability as the Swiss imports but priced much lower, thus, in 1880, the Wittnauer Brand is born. America loves the watches and in 1890 J. Eugene Robert transfers the business to Albert. On Maiden Lane, in the hub of New York's jewelry and watchmaking business, the company employs only the best including H.A. Lungrin (inventor of the chronograph system); Ferdinand Haschka who went on to become the head watchmaker at Tiffany & Co, and Charles Johns, who years later crafted a 80-jewel perpetual calender chronometer displayed at the 1939 World's Fair. It was in 1899, when Louis died of tuberculosis and Albert spend more and more time in Geneva overseeing the watch productions. Emile managed the New York offices.

Explorers ventured to uncharted territory, and A. Wittnauer Company became the watchmaker of choice. The accuracy of their chronometers was renowned and used by navigators, explorers, geographers and navigators.

It is interesting to note, in 1904, Albert Wittnauer incorporates the A. Wittnauer Company. He as the president and his brother Emile as vice president, no mention is made of Martha Wittnauer. Women in America at this stage had very little say as the 19th Amendment granting women equal rights was still 16 years away. Martha although adored by her brothers and an able homemaker had no say nor part in the company.

Under the extremely talented Albert Wittnauer, Wittnauer watches became the first company to adapt its watches to aviation. In the dawn of the twentieth century, many aviation pioneers, celebrities, political figures and explorers wore a Wittnauer watch. Amelia Earhart, Richard E. Byrd, Howard Hughes, Kingsford Smith and a host of others dependent on the precision of a Wittnauer chronometer.

In 1908, Albert died of tuberculosis at the age of 52 and Emile takes charge. Wittnauer now moves uptown to 36th street. In 1916, Emile dies, and now the company is left to Martha Wittnauer, their sister. It is a time when very little women are in authoritative positions. Most women were either working in factories or sitting in parlors. It was a man's world, where women had very little say in matters. Martha felt an overwhelming strength of responsibility, and judging from her almost immediate control of matters she was a women of incredible resolution.
Their are many company histories of young entrepreneurs building up huge fortunes and successes, but the incredible step Martha took, influenced America's view of women.

In the 1920's, Martha told a reporter at The Lima News: Running a watch business has many things in common with homemaking tho. The same principles underlay both - harmony. Given good craftsman, and encourage them to co-operate and the outcome is sure to be harmonious.

Martha was a compassionate boss who provided security to her staff, some of who remianed at the company for upwards of 35 years. She understood when an employee needed to return home to Switzerland every summer to attend to his Alpine goats, or when another employee child or wife was ill.

She was the first women to be elected into the Horlogical Society of America. Under her supervision, the Wittnauer watches aided the War efforts. In 1918, Wittnauer introduced the Wittnauer All-Proof, the first waterproof (term no longer used), shock proof, anti magnetic watch. The incredible resilience of the timepiece was dropped from airplanes, flung from the Empire State Building, ventured into the Amazon Jungle and climbed the Himalayas, Alps and Andes. The company creates a Wittnauer aircraft watch for the U.S. Army Air Corps the first clock designed specifically for a military aircraft. In 1926, it is the A. Wittnauer Comapant providing the official timing for America's first radio network - The National Broadcasting Company.
An A. Wittnauer timepiece assist the success of countless historic events:
  • Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennet consults an A. Wittnauer timepiece while flying over the North Pole, a first for mankind.
  • In June of 1926, Clarence D. Chamberlin and Charles A. Levine, completed the first trans-Atlantic flight in "Columbia", their Wright-Bellanca monoplane.
  • In 1928, Captain Charles B.D. Collyer and John Henry Mears circle the globe in 24 days by air and sea thus surpassing the orbiting moon by three days. They used A.Wittnauer timepieces to track their time.
  • In 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic in her Lockheed Vega-5B monoplane equipped with A. Wittnauer timepieces.

In 1936, in the midst of the depression, the sale of luxury items is suffering and Martha Wittnauer decides to sell A. Wittnaurt to Hella Deltah Company, a successful pearl manufacturer. The sale would ensure the survival and success of the company.

Now Wittnauer is part of Bulova and is manufacturing timepieces with the same longstanding tradition and high accuracy attained by the original Wittnauer siblings.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Breitling Reaches the Skies.

Breitling B4935053-G596-151Z Cockpit Silver Tone Dial Leather Lizard Men's Automatic Chronometer Watch
In 1884, Leon Breitling opened a workshop in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. His goal, making precision counters and chronographs for scientific purposes. As a result of Breitling's exceptional quality and craftsmanship, the company soon outgrew its original workshop and in 1892 moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds, the horological hub at that time. Breitling's vision was always to the skies, and applied much of its concentration on crafting a precise watch for pilots. It is in the skies, that every second counts and pilots require a precision watch that not only can keep precise time and withstand adverse conditions, but also has the functionality as a navigational instrument.
Breitling Watches are chronometers whereby the movements have endured days of rigorous testing by the C.O.S.C. and have met precision standards (click here to learn more).
In 1915, Gaston Breitling, Leon's son, crafted the first wristwatch chronograph providing pilots with a valuable instrument. As the world of aviation developed so did Breitling's commitment to achieving precision, perfection and function. In 1923 Breitling unveiled the first independent chronograph push piece which no longer required the winding- crown for the start and return to zero function. In 1932 Willy Breitling takes over the company maintaining the same high standards of his father and grandfather. In 1934, building upon the original push piece chronograph, Breitling unveiled a second return-to-zero pushpeice chronograph thus achieving the ability to measure several successive short times. In 1936 Breitling became the official supplier to the Royal Air Force forging a longstanding relationship. Breitling continued to makes horological aviation strides and in 1942 unveiled the CHRONOMAT, a chronograph baring a circular slide rule, by now Breitling supplied the American armed forces. Ten years later Breitling unveiled the NAVITIMER, a wristwatch ahead of its time, equipped with a "navigation computer" able to make all calculations required in a flight plan. This chronograph became the favorite among pilots worldwide; in addition Breitling began supplying the cockpit clocks for all major airlines. The COSMONAUTE Chronograph headed beyond the altitude of airplanes and headed into space on Astronaut Scott Carpenter's wrist during his orbital flight aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule. 1969- Breitling invents the chronograph self-winding movement thereby enabling the watch to be wound by the swinging motion of ones arm.
In 1979 a pilot, Ernest Schneider, takes over the company from Willy Breitling, Leon Breitling's grandson. 1985, AEROSPACE, a multifunctional electronic chronograph is crafted from titanium and becomes a popular timepiece among pilots. 1995 marks the introduction of the Breitling Emergency which sports a built in micro transmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. To date the Breitling Emergency has saved 21 lives including 13 people aboard the Mata-Rangi raft. In 1998, Breitling astonished the world of horology with the introduction of most versatile multifunction chronograph - the B-1. The B-1 was designed in close collaboration with professionals in aviation. The B-1 is fitted with a microprocessor designed exclusively for Breitling thus creating new milestones in the field of Swiss microelectronic engineering.
In 2000, Breitling moves to state-0f-the-art headquarters in Grenchen where chronometers are manufactured in optimal conditions. In its new home, Breitling unveils a SuperQuartz providing movements ten times that of a standard quartz, and becoming the only electronic movement able to meet the requirements of the COSC.
Breitling pairs up with Bentley and the Breitling for Bentley collection is created. This year, 2009, marks the 125 anniversary of Breitling and introduces its own self-winding chronograph movement, Caliber B01, and changing traditional movement assembly.
Breitling is a company forging ahead with technological advancements creating precision timepieces and exceptional instruments.
Purchase a Breitling at The Watchery and discover the beauty of a Breitling.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Now I have blogged about Toxic Watches. Toxic Watches whereby luminescence was achieved by painting radioactive Radium on watch dials. Those watches meant for the military caused great harm, suffering and even death to the girls who used their lips to point the brushes to paint the Radium dials. I have mentioned this story again, slightly out of context, to remind one of the great tragedy that befell the Glowing Girls as a result of the Deadly Dials - Click to read their story.

Now on a happier note I will return to the subject of the blog - Toxic Watches. Toxic Watches is an unconventional rebellious watch brand - by their own admission, meant for the rebellious; however it is their dark and gloomy subject matter that interests me. The watch depicted is from a collection name Area 51 - named after a Military Base stooped in secrecy and used to test experimental aircrfats and weapons. I have even heard whispers about UFO's. Not surprising this watch is crafted from gun metal. The dial is covered with mineral crystal not sapphire crystal which is more prone to scratches. The case is quite large at 51mm, but all in the non conforming spirit. Aside from the watch material, collection name and large size, this watch seems quite ordinary; however their are other Toxic Collections which do look a bit odd. (Odd in a good way.)

Creepy, this watch looks quite vampiric. One almost expects fangs to extend from its half face. The Collection has been named the Toxic Half Life. Half Life ... Mmm... must be some vampire connection. But then again the term "half life" is used in connection with the disposal of radioactive wastes from nuclear reactors and other activities of atomic energy research. A problem of nuclear waste disposal arises from the long half-life of the radioactive waste products and the toxicity of the chemical compounds in which the radioactive material is found. It seams this watch is quite popular and is sold for just under $100.00.
Thus another interesting name for a collection.

The next set of watches are eerily evil and reference the dark side of humanity where nightmares run rampant and blood runs cold. Brrrr!

Carpe Noctem - Seize the night. A slogan associated with the goth subculture, vampires and things that bump in the night. "Carpe Noctem" is a phrase derived from the original "Carpe Diem" Seize the day ( a line in an ode, written by the Latin poet, Horace. The ode itself is devoted to or centered on the passage of time) Although Horace did not mention Carpe Noctem one may infer a positive meaning to the phrase encompassing the idea of living life to the fullest and working into the night to complete the day's work.

The last watch - Growing Dead. The name of this timepiece lends itself to much discussion and thought, especially since the dial sports a flowered skull.

TOXIC Watches do break the barrier of conformity in subject matter and timepiece names; however the quartz movement seems quite ordinary. An interesting addition to an interesting wardrobe.

Gerald Genta 75% off at THE WATCHERY

Gerald Genta founded his company in beginning of the 1990's; however, his contribution to the world of horology began in 1969. Gerald Genta created designs for Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet (Royal Oak). Gerald Genta became close friends with Daniel Roth where, in the 1990's, they even shared a workshop space in Le Sentier until both sold their companies to Singapore distributor, Hour Glass; eventually both companies were sold to the Bulgari Group in 2000. Both companies still remain in Le Sentier, Switzerland and still share workshop space producing inspiring timepieces. Although Gerald Genta the company is no longer run by Gerald Genta the founder, the timepieces are still produced with the same craftsmanship ,attention, precision and originality of the timepieces designed and manufactured by Gerald Genta himself.

Gerald Genta's timepieces possess a vibrant energy infused with shapes, color, design and ,of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Many of the timepieces utilize a retrograde display whereby the minutes are displayed in an arc. Once the hand reaches the 60 minute mark, it jumps back to zero. The jumping hour is marked by an aperture where the relevant hour is displayed. Currently you can own a Gerald Genta for 75% off the list price.

Gerald Genta Retro Solo Fantasy Mens' Watch Automatic Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial Diamond Bezel on Black Strap ROF-M-10-999-CNBAS71

A wave of diamonds chasing frantic Mickey Mouse racing across mother-of-pearl. An image afforded only by dreams. You can own the Gerald Genta Retro Solo Fantasy for a dreamy $8,000, a total of 68% off the List Price.

Gerald Genta Arena Sport Bi-retro Mens' Automatic Watch Stainless Steel Red Dial Diamond Bezel BSP-Y-10-125-B1BDS02 55% off List Price - Yours for just $12,735.00

Shapes, colors, textures feed the senses as only Gerald Genta timepieces can. Step over the boundaries of boring and vamp up your image with a luxury watch swirling with diamonds; accentuated with deep red grills and minute and date indicators looking very much like soda can tabs. The movement is automatic, wound by the gentle swinging of ones arm.

75% off !!
Only $3,750.00 Genuine Gerald Genta
Gerald Genta Arena Retro Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Salmon Beige Guilloche Dial on Brown Leather Strap REC-S-60-490-CB-BA
Now don't get too comfortable with your regular watch face, because Gerald Genta has a watch for you. The retrograde minutes with large 0, 30 and 60 resting on a salmon dial is a testament to the originality of Gerald Genta.

THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of genuine Gerald Genta timepieces and other popular luxury watch brands.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Difference in Time

Every once in a while, I peruse the net, for truly original watches.

It is amazing the versatility of an object such as the watch, and to think in the end the integral function remains the same: To track the passage of time. A watch that does not track the time is not a watch, but an entirely different instrument. Now Romaine Jerome's "Day & night" Watch has no numbers, but does track the time by dividing Day and Night, just like the ancients. When the world consisted of hunters and gatherers, there was no need for hours, minutes or seconds, the only time that mattered was powered by the earths rotation on its own axis providing us with night and day, and its orbit around the sun providing us with the seasons. A timepiece such as Romaine Jerome's night and day has reached into the essence of time, free from the boundaries of man , and providing us with the passage of time tracked since the beginning of time.

The Earth Watch WN-1 introduced by Think The Earth group and Seiko back in 2008, would be the perfect watch for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, which started yesterday and goes until December 18th. The time on the watch is indicated by the globe making a full rotation every 24 hours. A tiny indicator on the edge of the globe displays the hour, and a little dot rotating around the globe indicates minutes. WN-1 Earth Watch’s case is made from a titanium body with a resilient Hardlex crystal dome to protect the earth’s climate. The watch is powered by Quartz with a custom set of 3 reducing gears in the drive train.
The watches black band is made from Sophista, a sports type synthetic fabric that absorbs sweat. In addition the watch is water resistant up to 100m. The ‘Think The Earth’ WN-1 Earth Watch is a constant reminder to us that the world is a orb unto itself and us as its inhabitants must do the best we can to protect it.

It seems these watches are still in the concept stages, but the idea is pretty cool. Designed by by PLAYOFF and Balykin Pavel from Sand+Time Watch is awarded by reddot design and it’s also the winner of watch design in 2006. I love the idea of a digital hourglass. While you can still have time in digital, you can also enjoy pixar animated sand flowing through the hourglass. Perfect for Pictionary.

This Hologram watch is kind of spooky and kind of funky. The time is displayed on a hologram surface through the negative space, but only when you want it too. Most of the time the watch just appears to be a bracelet.

Give the Faceless LED Watch as a gift and you may have your gift recipient turning the watch over and over desperately trying to find the time. The Faceless Led Watch is crafted by Hironao Tsuboi. The red numerals cast the relevant glow of numerals according to the time. Quite mysterious and highly original.

With my busy schedule the About Time Watch won't cut it for me. One rolls the watch around on a flat surface, and the time is the area that touches the table, but there are no real numbers, but rather vague suggestions as to the time frame. Phrases such as "it may be more like around eight, but if you want, it could be nine."

Binary Time Watches. To me they are just a couple of colorful lights, but to Geeks out there these watches are excellent time displays. I have seen a number of different versions of Binary watches and each one looks ,well, binary.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Steel is In for the Holidays

Steel is the way to go this season. Watch companies are pushing the steel versions of their timepieces for this upcoming holiday season. Steel is most often more affordable than their precious metal counterparts, while still enjoying the quality and craftsmanship of the watch.

When purchasing a watch on a budget, steel is certainly the way to go. You can enjoy the brands you love, the quality you deserve and the prices you can afford.
inset -Movado Junior Sport Ladies' Watch Black Museum Dial 0605747 THE WATCHERY PRICE: $448.00 (50% off)
Present this watch to your daughter, home from college for the holidays. The quality of Movado powered by precise swiss quartz movement will ensure she will never be late for a class.

Need a watch to work for you, The Watchery has slashed all prices on Esq by Movado time pieces by an additional 30%. The stainless steel timepiece from ESQ by Movado Quest Collection is an affordable watch which provides precision time keeping and day to day dependability. At an affordable $180.00, treat yourself to a watch that keep your time. Enjoy the easy to read, luminescent hands and hour markers; date at 12 'o'clock and comfortable bracelet.

The elegance of a Baume & Mercier Ilea Ladies Watch, is quite palpable. The smooth roundness of the bezel frames the dial like brushstrokes. From the moment, I saw a Baume & Mercier Ilea Ladies' timepiece, I loved it. The shape is quite simple, but it is in its simplicity lies its beauty. The mother of pearl dial softens the landscape in which the diamond and Numeral hour markers lay. This watch is the perfect gift to give to ones spouse for the holidays. The Ilea compliments every style of dress and every occasion. At $1,494.00 (40% off) this watch will travel through time, gently noting the hours. minutes and seconds. Give a Baume and Mercier Ilea, it is well worth it.

THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of steel brand name luxury watch. The Holidays are fast approaching and their is nothing like giving the gift of time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch

Ulysse Nardin has an amazing knack for combining colors of incredible richness. Ulysse Nardin's latest creation, the Moonstruck Watch, is a prime example. Before we delve into the remarkable functionality of this horological and astronomical marvel, let us perceive it for a moment on purely aesthetic grounds. In the very center of the timepiece is a realistic hand-painted representation of our earth, viewed as if one is suspended above the North pole. The rich dark blues of the deep ocean waters become almost aquamarine nearer the shallower waters of the continents. Even the continents portray the different climate zones of the earth. Rotating around the earth in accurate simulation is the moon, which is effected by gravity. Gravity is responsible for keeping the Earth and the other planets in their orbits around the Sun and for keeping the moon in its orbit around the Earth as well as the formation of tides. The idea of this watch is to embrace the idea of gravity not counter the effects of it as in Tourbillons.

Thus this incredible masterpiece is not simply a moon phase watch, but an actual astronomical instrument. You will notice rotating just beneath the bezel is the symbol of the sun in all its fiery glory. The sun is depicted from our earthly point of view "traveling" around the earth. The sun makes one full rotation every 24 hours.

The Moonphase Watch ,conceptualized by Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, encompasses our Sun, Earth and Moon system. The watch is scientifically accurate depicting the moon phase as well as the lunar and solar gravitation resulting in tidal movements. The entire team at Ulysse Nardin consisting of engineers, technicians and watchmakers used an ingenious method of splitting the moon's rotation across two discs combining into one display achieving remarkable accuracy so much so that more than 100,000 years will have to pass before it displays a full moon rather than a new moon. The sun's 24 hour rotation displayed via another disc allows for the determination of the current moon phase in relation to any location in the world. In addition, The Moonstruck, shows the global dynamics of tides including the current tidal status and trend in relation to specific coastlines or oceans and the combined influence of the Moon and Sun resulting in Spring tides.

The Mechanical Timepiece is equipped with a quick setting mechanism to adjust the pointer calender and a quick setting-setting to adjust the hour hand foreword or backward according to the wearers time zone. The Moonstruck is powered by a Ulysse Nardin in-house movement: The Moonstruck Caliber 106 which is an exclusively Ulysse Nardin development. Aside from its astronomical functions, the Automatic Caliber 106 Movement has a 50 hour power reserve and an escapement and hairspring crafted from silicon.

Moonstruck is available in limited edition of 500 pieces in 18 karat red gold and 500 pieces in platinum. The case is 46mm wide and is water resistant to 100 meters.

The development of this remarkable timepiece from idea to unveiling was achieved through the dedicated teamwork at Ulysse Nardin.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Deal Days at THE WATCHERY. Three New Deals Everyday

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Moon Phase.

The moon in its ever waxing and waning suspension above earth had been the subject of much speculation until 1969 when man stepped onto its still dusty surface and lifted the shroud of mystery. Outside bedroom windows the moon ushers in sleep to the weary and keeps company to those who remain awake. No wonder the moon phase is such a vastly popular complication.

IWC Grande Complication Perpetual Calendar Automatic Mens' Watch Platinum Black Dial IW927020

Timepieces having a moon phase complication depicts the varying phases of the moon: New Moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. Some exceptional timepieces such as the IWC Grande Complication Perpetual Calender need only be adjusted once every 122 years. Perpetual Calender watches - A Perpetual Calender provides the date, day, month while automatically making allowances for the different lengths of each month as well as leap years. A timepiece of this type may also display the moon phase; however, the moon phase can stand alone making for a eye catching complication.

The phases of the moon are displayed on a disc visible via an aperture, or more rarely by a hand. A typical moon phase watch a disc portraying two moons is driven by a wheel with 59 teeth. Every 24 hours a finger turns the wheel by one notch. In reality a lunation lasts 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds or 29.53 days; however, the lunation displayed by an ordinary moon phase watch lasts 29.5 days thus the moon phase depicted on the watch is out one day every 2 years, 7 months and approximately 20 days. Astronomical moon phase watches compensate for this difference by utilizing a wheel with 135 teeth, thus achieving a lunation of 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes. This reduces the difference to just one day every 122 years.
Many watch companies invent new ways of depicting the moon phase. The new De Buthune DB25 Moon Phase Watch reveals a spherical moon phase below
the 12 'o' clock. Consisting of two hemispheres, one in steel and the other in platinum, rotates on its own axis.

Some watches indicate the "age of the moon", displaying the number of days since the last new moon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rado the Art of Resilience

Rado has unveiled the r5.5 timepieces; sleek and defined and tough as nails thanks to cutting edge ceramic technology. Jasper Morrison is the artist behind this exceptional design. Rado is constantly striving for excellence. Excellence in form; Excellence in Function; Excellence in longevity. The r5.5 has proven its excellence in form and function, and in light of Rado's track record, longevity is almost a certainty.
The form of the r5.5 embodies the look of the 21st century, resembling lap tops, flat screen T.V.s, and GPS navigation systems. The ceramic bezel flows around the dial and merges effortlessly with the bracelet.
Rado is renowned for its resilient watches, watches which look like new year after year. Rado's dedication to innovation has produced a high-tech ceramic compound, introduced in 1986, which proves to be durable, comfortable and skin-friendly.
Purchasing a watch from Rado is purchasing a watch for a lifetime.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

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Unmistakably Movado. It is remarkable a single gold dot has attained such a worthy presence in the world of watches. The dot represents the sun shining at noon and for Movado and its gold dot the sun has never set. The Movado Museum Watch. Since 1960, Movado has redesigned the cases and bands and even colors of the gold dot and its face, but the unwavering dot whether concave or flat remains in place. A gold dot at the 3 'o'clock position would be perceived as wrong and a gold dot at the 6 'o'clock position would be turned facing the other way. The dot shall remain as Nathan George Horwitt had designed it in 1947, at the 12 'o'clock position.

Corum Romvlvs Men's Automatic Dual Time 18K Rose Gold Black Dial on Black Leather Strap Watch 283-510-55-0001-BN56

Corum Romvlvs, a timepiece seething with powerful energy, born out of its name and its maker. It was indeed a tumultuous time for Corum as Basel Fair 1958 was just a hairs breath away and the dial markers had yet to arrive. Corum's creative minds came up with a solution: Plain gold dials were fitted on the watch. Later in 1966, numbers were engraved on the bezel , and the Corum Romvlvs was born.
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The Vintage 1945 is destined for a lady of style, intrigue and fun. Crafted by a company whose tradition of watch making spans over two centuries, and whose quality has endured.The Vintage 1945 is recognizable by its sleek curved rectangular case and retro design. Another feature of this collection is a unique placement of the column wheel chronograph movement - beneath the dial rather than beneath the usual placement, under the rotor.
The Vintage 1945 collection encompasses Luxury Watches with many different complications, such as the minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calender and chronograph.

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