Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Watches at THE WATCHERY

Corum Bubble Special Edition Black and Silver Dial Leather Over Rubber Men's Automatic Watch 082-150-56-F721FM01R

Yep! Halloween is creeping up. Corum's collection of freaky skull dials and pirate scimitars watch hands never fail to raise the hair on the back of my neck. Since I began my complete and utter infatuation with timepieces, it never fails to amaze me the potential emotional impact of a dial depiction. Take Corum's timepiece available at the Watchery for 40% off, the angular pointed jawbone of the skull, its anguished grimace and the crimson blood pooling in the eye socket can turn ones blood cold. The watch is a Bubble special edition Night Flyer.
The only Night Flyer I am aware of, besides mechanical man made flying machines and bats and such and such, is the terrifying beast conjured in the mind of Steven King. Steven King's Night Flier does look remarkably like the dial depiction without the winged armory above our Corum's skull, but I must say both images invoke a feeling of uneasy terror. A terror that makes one close the wardrobe door, check under the bed and recheck the lock on the front door just as one is falling off the precipice of consciousness and into a deep sleep.

I did mention the Corum Watch is a Bubble Watch didn't I? Well if you are just becoming interested in the wonderful world of watches, a bubble watch is one of the signature watches of Corum. The "bubble" is a 11 mm thick scratch resistant sapphire crystal forming a dome over the dial. Click here if you are interested in the history of Corum.

The Watchery has a huge collection of genuine Corum Watches all for a fraction of the MRSP.
You can be the hero this Halloween saving the world from imminent evil take over. The Zenith Defy is crafted from highly resistant titanium able to withstand the evil forces. A dial like this exudes heroic power. Beating beneath its sub dials of 9-branched silver propeller shaped brushed aluminum & 3 red blade propeller shaped is a movement known as the El Primero Caliber 4021SX, assembled with 278 components, beats at 36,000 vph. If the battle continues beneath the ocean, the Zenith Defy will not let you down. The Zenith Defy is water resistant to 1000 meters and is affixed with a Helium escape valve located on the edge of the case at the 10 o'clock position.
A helium valve enables divers who operate at great depths and spend prolonged hours under extreme pressure breathing a mix like trimix containing gases such as helium (tiny molecules) or hydrogen (smallest molecules found in nature) to release the helium molecules that have worked their way through the o-rings or other seals. The helium and hydrogen molecules cause no damage when the watch is at great depths under pressure but as soon as the diver resurfaces, a pressure difference occurs between the trapped gas(es) inside the watch case and the surrounding air. This can cause the crystal to pop off damaging the watch thus the helium valve is a crucial edition to diving watches enabling the diver to release the gas build up and restore equilibrium.

The Watchery has a huge collection of Zenith Watches all for a fraction of the MRSP.

So whichever way you wish to lean this Halloween, THE WATCHERY has you covered.
For absolutely terrifying Halloween watch stories click here and here!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hublot in the Run for "Walpole Award For Excellence"

Hublot has just learned that it has been nominated for the "Walpole Award For Excellence"in the "International Luxury Brand" category.

The 9th annual Awards Ceremony will take place Banqueting House in London’s Whitehall,on November 15th . Attending the ceremony will be 500 of the international luxury sector's opinion leaders. This ceremony awards luxury brands for excellence both in Britain and out. Last year it was Louis Vuitton who received the award in the "International Luxury Brand" Category. Hublot is running alongside for other brands: Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Ermenegildo Zegna and the The Peninsula Hotels.

Mr Biver stated that Hublot has been nominated for this award because of its exceptional performance, creations and numerous success stories, in particular during 2010.

Hublot has definitely made its mark this year by being sponsoring numerous sports events such as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Hublot sponsors teams such as the Swiss Polo team, as part of the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad (see watch inset). Hublot supports charitable organizations like its July Hublot & Manchester United Soccer Team Kicking Contest to raise $1,000,000 for UNICEF.

Walpole is a non-profit organization, formed in 1992, which promotes British Luxury. It has made quite a name for itself in acknowledging the luxury brands as well as creating a community where by members exchange lucrative ideas, experiences and explore joint opportunities. Walpole provides thought leadership for the luxury industry. Formed by top tier British companies such as British Airways, Chewton Glen, Coutts & Co, DAKS Simpson, The Savoy Group and William Grant, Walpole raises public awareness of its members products and services as well as exploring overseas opportunities. Walpole aims to gain world wide recognition of the high standard in luxury products Britain has to offer.

Walpole has an extensive member including: Burberry, Sotheby's, Wedgewood, Christie's, Harrods, Alfred Dunhill and British Airways.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Artya Bone Chilling Halloween Watches

Artya Halloween Special Collection Masks of Evil Watch sends chills down my spine. The bezel has been slashed like wounds on skin. On the dial a screaming deathly white skull appears from a slithering blackness as the time is marked in red razor sharp hour markers. The strap is a “Crazy frog” tanned toad skin. The watch is automatic mechanical movements with water resistance of 50 meters.

" Scared of spiders little one?", the evil green monster says through a row of pin like teeth. It is waving Artya's spider watch. Green blisters bubble, pop and ooze a thick yellowy goo from a leathery outstretched feeler.
The dial can send one with arachnophobia running for cover as the corpse of a real spider lies among cleverly crafted rubble of a long forgotten world. The battered bezel is emblazoned with demons. Hauntingly artistic, the watch has been subjected to 17 different artistic techniques to resemble that lone artifact to survive "the day after tomorrow".

As far as Halloween watches go, these two watches are about as unsettling as you can get. No candid shots at horror. These watches are the real deal.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Milleret Watches. Sophisticated Choices for Affordable Prices

Milleret Classic White Dial Leather Alligator Men's Watch CLG2-2
Want to feel like a million bucks without emptying the bank? It is time to choose a Milleret watch. At THE WATCHERY we have cut our prices by as much as 65% giving you more watch for your money.
The Milleret Classic Watch (depicted above) is elegant and sophisticated. The Milleret Classic Men's Watch exudes a powerful message of success and efficiency. The slender rose gold tone hands and hour markers exhibit exceptional clarity in time display. The white engraved guilloche dial is protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal. A sub dial above the 6 'o'clock position displays the seconds.
Milleret also has an attractive selection of seriously sporty watches. Take the Milleret XXL Yellow Dial Leather Men's Chronograph Watch 9767-11-31J-BG6D.
This watch just makes you want to hit the road and burn some rubber. Equipped with a Chronograph, 1/10th Second Register, 30 Minute Register and Small Seconds display, time will be a ticking. A vibrant yellow dial adds a sense of electric adventure. The price ,well .... Take a guess!
ONLY $416 (the WATCHERY saves you 62% off the MSRP)

Milleret's Women watches are captivating. The Watchery has slashed its prices to 65% off the MRSP of the Milleret Anaconda Collection. The iconic oval dial face watches are available in a large assortment of colors and styles. From Bordeaux satin strap with a elegant black dial to a muted beige satin strap and a blue mother -of -pearl dial, the choice is yours.

If you are in the market to buy an affordable genuine brand name watch then you are in the Milleret market. Look no further than The Watchery. The place to be for a price you can afford.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Greubel Forsey led the sales at Sotheby's Hong Kong

Sotheby's Hong Kong Sale of Important Watches raked in 7.4 million dollars on October 6th, 2010, making this the highest total for various owner sale of important watches. The watch that brought in the most money was the Greubel Forsey' Double Tourbillon 30º Vision No. 2 bringing in $ 325,641.
It is not merely pot luck that a Greubel Forsey watch topped the list.
Greubel Forsey has made great strides in the realms of complicated watches by inventing and reinventing new ways of complicated time display. Last year the Quadruple Tourbillon was awarded "Best Complicated Watch" at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie Asia. The Double Tourbillon 30° has been one of Greubel Forsey's great achievement.
Greubel Forsey's achievement stem from a refreshingly scientific approach to watch craftsmanship. Without forgoing the attraction of aesthetics, Greubel Forsey has emphasized the scientific approach to watch craftsmanship. Working on
Bregeut's 1795 invention of the tourbillon which was said to actually enhance the precision of a (pocket) watch by countering the effects of gravity, Greubel Forsey set out to prove the precision enhancement theory by designing a tourbillon, not merely to intrigue and captivate the wearer, but also to improve the watch performance.
As Steven Forsey Said, " We chose to concentrate initially on tourbillons as we felt that as there had been relatively little experimentation and innovation in that field in relation to wristwatches, we had a good chance of discovering and contributing something new."

One must remember back in 1795, precision was a much sought after luxury in itself, and it was noticed that stationary watches kept better time than pocket watches. Pocket watches were kept vertical most of the day and then held in a different position when read, and thus was not as accurate as a stationary watch.
The premise was that while the watch was kept in a vertical position, the axis of motion was perpendicular to the watch face causing gravity to exert a force on the movement being that the movement was parallel to the ground. In this regard the movement had to work harder against gravity than if the timepiece was in a horizontal position - with the axis of motion perpendicular to the ground. Thus gravity had different effects on the motion of the parts in different positions and possibly effect the accuracy of the watch. Thus, with this in mind, Abraham-Louis Bregeut invented the tourbillon. In a tourbillon, the entire escapement assembly comprising of the balance wheel, the escape wheel, hairspring and pallet fork rotates dispelling any effect of gravity. The accepted rate of rotation is one rotation a minute.

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey set out to prove this antiquated premise in an arena where precision, although critical is very much taken for granted and a tourbillon, although lovely to look at, for the most part is viewed as functionally obsolete. Greubel Forsey has made great strides and with
the Double Tourbillon 30º Vision No. 2 has proven the functionality of the tourbillon. Their success is partly due to their methodical scientific approach to the process of watch making and a definite purpose. They know exactly where they want to be in the world of horology. Many watch companies striving for perfection have no specific goal in sight and end up manufacturing watches which are essentially recreation of old ideas. More and more watch companies are reintroducing old collections thereby reducing research and design costs.
However Greubel Forsey's, is by no means slowing down. From the introduction of its innovation platform - Experimental Watch Technology or EWT, they have introduced timepieces which amaze the horological world. Their empirical approach utilizes experimentation and resulting data to determine the performance of the watch whilst manipulating different variables and verifying the unknown. This approach is time consuming, but extremely effective, and provides Greubel Forsey with a definite edge in watch technology.
EWT has provided Greubel Forsey with the tools to formulate new inventions, two of which are currently in the works: The Binomial, and a cutting edge isochronically stable material used to craft the balance and the spring as well as a spherical Equality Differential harboring its own energy reserve that can offer a constant force to the oscillators.

If a company wants confirmation of success and innovation, then a 6 year old timepiece from a relatively new company topping the Sotheby's sales is confirmation enough.

By: R. Van Halem

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 Tricky Time Tellers

Some watches leave you scratching your head and staring at the length of shadows. These watches are tricky time tellers.
Check out this infection watch created back in 2008 by TokyoFlash. A company well known for high tech wrist ware. This watch is known as the "infection' watch, probably because 27 different colored LED light move like virulent infections in a petri dish. Okay so let's use our prefrontal cortex for a minute and figure out how this works. Twelve red LEDs indicate hours (got it), eleven yellow LEDs represent time in groups of five minutes and four green LEDs show single minutes.The light show is pretty cool, but I'm a bit undecided on the infection part of it.

Sphaera by Otium. Founded in 1999 in Germany, by Dirk Hillgruber, Otium has changed all the rules of time display. Not only is the time display unique, the elements of the movement operate in a different way. In the Sphaera, the minutes are depicted as usual (phew), but it is the hours that require some additional steps. First one must locate the slit in which the ball is in an extreme outside position, then go clockwise to the next slit and you get the hour. Pontos Decentrique Phases de Lune watch by Muarice Lacroix has a unique way of time display. An off-center single hand dial tracks the minutes. The concept of one hand dials is as ancient as the first pocket watch - almost 500 years old! Way back in 1524, Peter Henlein, a locksmith from Nurenberg, Germany created the first pocket watch which only had a single hour hand. Minute hands only arrived 150 years later in 1675.
The hours of the
Pontos Decentrique Phases de Lune watch are tracked by a "bathroom scale" like disc. Peaking out at the 4 'o' clock is two superimposed discs displaying the moon phase and indicating day and night. My favorite aspect of the watch is the date on a disc just above the 6 'o' clock set in a metalized sapphire crystal window. The date utilizes a uniquely in-house patented return system.
Then there is the abacus watch. For some reason I find this watch faintly disturbing. The vacant dial surrounded by 36 dots looks a tad desolate while the edges look somewhat cluttered.
Yeah baby! This one is for you. What you are looking at is a 01TheOne Unisex Split Screen Romero Britto. A splash of color and a whole lot of life. The artist behind this time telling artistry is none other than Brazilian artist, Romero Britto. Britto has gained word wide attention as the premier contemporary artist of this generation. Romero's unbridled optimism showers all his work with magnificent color. Now one can have Romero Britto's work on ones wrist. The unusual time display compliments the creativity of the watch design. The left LED's display the hour and the right display the minute. The 01TheOne collection is the brain child of Anton Kraft. The name refers to the binary code with the numbers 0 and 1. Time Technology Ltd., the makers of o1 The One was founded in 2005.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Craving an Ebel Beluga Chocolate Watch

Ebel has unveiled a delectable morsel for chocolate lovers everywhere. Ebel Beluga Chocolate watches. Perfectly hued to a rich black, chocolaty brown or creamy white one can almost envision this watch collection melting in the sun. The dial is paved with "chocolate bricks" surrounded by 68 precious gems on bezel and lug. The 37.5 mm wide 18k white gold case protects a Swiss ETA quartz movement. ETA, of course stands for Elegance, Technology and Accuracy, and is crafted to meet the highest standards excelling in precision, reliability and performance.
Satin straps in identical flavors complete the look.
In addition, Ebel has commissioned Max Chocolatier to craft Beluga chocolates so one does not feel compelled to munch on ones watch.

The Watchery has a huge selection of Ebel Beluga watches for as much as 66% off the MSRP . Check out this stainless steel blue faced beauty for only $695.00 or the smooth 18k yellow gold Ebel Beluga for only $3,995.00 (62% off MSRP).

When shopping for an Ebel Beluga watch, shop THE WATCHERY.

A touch of Ebel History
Ebel, a company capable of crafting a watch with the perfect balance of femininity and elegance. In July 1911, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, husband and wife stepped into the world of Horology by registering their new company. The name they chose is the acronym for their names: Eugene Blum Et Levy and thus nestled in the hills of La Chaux de Fonds, became the Capital of Ebel.
Just one year later, in 1912, Ebel presented its first wristwatches. In 1914 Ebel won a gold medal at the Swiss National Exhibition for patented ring watches with pallet escapement and a hidden time setting. In 1929 Charles-Eugene, son of Eugene and Alice joined the company, and together with watchmaker Marcel Reuche, he organized a flawless production control system, which guaranteed unsurpassed quality. From 1939-1945 Ebel went into production for the British Royal Air Force. Through the years Ebel has received many awards for their innovative cutting-edge ideas.
In 1975 Eugene and Alice's son, Pierre-Alain Blum, gained full control over Ebel. Ebel catapulted into a new dimension of watch manufacturing, making Ebel what it is today: One of the top five Luxury Watch Brands on the market.