Friday, July 30, 2010

Chopard's Newest Happy Sports XL Lady's Watches Will Bring A Smile to Ones Face

Give me one of those! Ooh and one of those and yes one of those. That's me dreaming and desiring this delectable collection of watches. The vibrant rich coral, sensual sky blue and daring green 42mm Chopard Happy Sports XL Luxury Timepieces are both fun and functional. The bold bezel sporting Roman Numerals reminds me of Corum's Romulus Collection. Five diamonds float above the dial between two thin layers of sapphire crystal adding a vibrant elegance. The plump colored hands and delicious colored rubber straps are by far my most favorite part of the watch. The patterns on the dial are fresh and alive creating a sense of freedom while the movement beneath tracks the time. My only complaint is the fact that only 1500 of these watches will be manufactured - 500 for each color.

Chopard Happy Sports is one of Chopards most successful watch collections encompassing many styles and colors.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urwek UR-202 own version of JAWS

Urwek UR-202 seems to have a penchant for exotic animals which are quite creatively transformed into an equally exotic and rare selection of watches. Its latest ticking creation is as elusive as its namesake and as magnificently formidable. The extremely limited Urwek UR-202 "White Shark" timepiece chomps down the competition and rules the teeming waters of the watch making world. Encased in a satin and brushed finishing, steel and titanium case, this luxury model sports a whitish hue hence the name "White Shark."
This magnificent specimen belongs to the Urwerk UR-202 series. A different way to tell the time. Confusing at first, but once one gets used to the idea, it actual is more simple than the traditional watch face. In the center of the watch is telescopic minute hands which operate through the center of the revolving and orbiting hour satellites. (Kind of like the planets revolving around the sun, spinning on there own axis- I wonder if Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei had such galactic thoughts when designing this watch- I have no doubt) The telescopic hands adjust their length to follow three vectors marking the minutes. The dial is large and easy to read , and since the telescopic hands retract, the size of the case is minimized to provide the wearer with absolute comfort. In addition, this unique watch houses an innovative new winding system regulated by compressing air utilizing miniature turbines.
In addition to this ingenouis time display, the dial of the "White Shark" sports a moon phase indicator and a day/night indicator. On the case back is a lever which locks the automatic movement rotor so as to protect the watch during high impact activity thus increasing the general resiliency of the timepiece.

Friday, July 16, 2010

From the Laboratory of Greubel Forsey

Greubel Forsey’s Double Tourbillon 30° Edition Historique

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey has done it again. They have unveiled a timepiece so aesthetically pleasing, one cannot help but stare at it awestruck. Once organized thought enters the mind, one starts to look beyond the beauty and starts to appreciate the magnificent complications that lies within. Of course this all happens quite fast.
Greubel Forsey's latest invention marks the end of the Double Tourbillon 30ยบ Contemporaine Collection, a line which launched the company into the watch making arena just six years ago and achieved outstanding credibility for Greubel Forsey.

Only 22 timepieces shall be crafted, 11 pieces in 5N red gold, and 11 pieces in platinum. The dial is a mezemerizing composition of three sapphire crystal plates, which are engraved which are engraved with a 3D structured text. A tourbillon is visible at the 6 'o'clock position providing the timepiece with the perception of incredible depth. Greubel Forsey's undeniable success is due to their watch making approach.

Greubel Forsey's Scientific Approach:
Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey success is partly due to their methodical scientific approach to the process of watch making. Striving for perfection can potentially lead watch manufacturers on an endless quest, without a specific goal in sight. This prompted Greubel Forsey's introduction of its innovation platform - Experimental Watch Technology or EWT. This empirical approach utilizes experimentation and resulting data to determine the performance of the watch whilst manipulating different variables and verifying the unknown. This approach is time consuming, but extremely effective, and provides Greubel Forsey with a definite edge in watch technology.EWT has provided Greubel Forsey with the tools to formulate new inventions, two of which are currently in the works: The Binomial, and a cutting edge isochronically stable material used to craft the balance and the spring as well as a spherical Equality Differential harboring its own energy reserve that can offer a constant force to the oscillators.However, scientific approach cannot vouch for the undeniable aesthetic designs and superb finishing of their timepieces. That aspect is acquired by creative minds and exceptional experience.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Huge Selection of Sports Watches at THE WATCHERY

So it's summer. Sun is blazing; sidewalk steaming and wrist watches are in plain site. This is the season to make your move and purchase the sports watch of your dreams. Picture this! You on the beach, sand squishing between your toes and all those crazy hours at the gym finally paying off.

Now add this little thought - Social Psychologist have proven that it only takes milliseconds for someone to make assumptions about another person. Now that's where your image management comes in. Don't wait till you get a chance to strike up a conversation - you may never get it. Your person of interest may wander off with someone way cooler (at least in her mind).
One thing that really stands out and enhances your image is a seriously sporty watch, and the best place to buy a sporty watch is at THE WATCHERY.
Check out the Tag Heuer Carrera depicted above. No one can resist the rich chocolate brown dial and strap exuding a sense of subtle elegance laced with daring adventure. Upon the bezel a Tachymeter is inscribed. A Tachymeter is a useful measurement which is utilized to compute speed based on travel time. Another great feature is a chronograph which functions as a stop watch. The sub dials display a 12 hour register, 30 minute register, central second register as well as small seconds dial. A date aperture is placed at the 3 'o' clock position.
A rotor is affixed at the back of the watch so that it swings back and forth while one is wearing the watch while walking. The swivel motion winds the watch. This is the automatic function of the watch.
Water resistance to 100 m or 330 feet makes this watch the perfect accessory for watery sports. A screw down Sapphire crystal see-through case back allows one full view of marvelous craftsmanship at work. In addition Sapphire Crystal is highly scratch resistant being the hardest material other than diamond.

So while the days are still long, purchase a fine genuine luxury watch from THE WATCHERY today. The prices are unbelievably low. You gotto see it to believe it. So click the link and begin shopping now.

Manage your image and manage your money at THE WATCHERY.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Angular Momentum Catches a Koi

Angular Momentum is a watch company known for its unusual dial displays. One of its latest creation, a Koi wallowing in muddy water, is no exception. You may have happened across some brightly colored Koi ( carps) swimming lazily in Japanese Garden ponds or fighting for bits of bread flung into the water by some passing tourist. The watch name, "The Aquarium" is quite apt since the Koi is visible via a Sapphire crystal protecting the dial.
Angular Momentum created this excellent Koi replica by using high relief engraving on 925 sterling silver and purple gold treated with ruthenium treat surfaces. The watch case is crafted fro Staybrite steel with polished and satin finished surfaces measuring at 43mm wide and a 16mm thick. The thickness enables a space between the sapphire crystal above and the murky scene below creating an impression of murky watery depth. A single diamond eye adds a subtle glamor to an otherwise drab fish. The fish is laying in swirling mud crafted from traditional black Irishime Urushi natural lacquer.
The watch is wound by the swinging motion of ones arm in other words an automatic movement. The time is displayed via a relatively subdued porthole at the 12 'o'clock position. A single disc rotates indicating the time. A black onyx stone cabochon is regally place atop the crown adding a distinct elegance to this unlikely subject matter. A Koi is known for its resilience and durability able to survive in less than optimum conditions. Some can survive over 200 years old and quickly adapt to different environments. In Japan, a Koi is representative of good luck, prosperity, strength of character, perseverance, determination and ambition. It is no wonder Angular Momentum captured the image of a Koi.