Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wear your loved one on your watch?

Have you ever heard of a company LifeGem? Iit is a company with quite a unique product. They turn pure carbon derived from the remains of loved ones and turn them into man made diamonds. The concept may sound a little bizarre, but people are buying it.

In fact as reported on LifeGem's website, a lock of hair Micheal Jackson's hair, which was salvaged by his executive producer ,Ralph Cohen, when Jackson's hair became inflamed during a Pepsi commercial, will be transformed into diamonds. John Reznikoff, a highly regarded collector who has hair from Einstein, Lincoln and a host of other famous individuals who have now passed on, and LifeGem are expecting to collect a small fortune for the gems. It is not the first time. LifeGem and Reznikoff joined forces and produced a diamond from Beethoven's locks which fetched Two Hundred Thousand Dollars. Of course they are expecting quite a bit more for a diamond produced from Micheal Jackson's hair. One of the diamond's will be presented to Jackson's family free of charge.

LifeGem had this to say:“We specialize in creating diamonds from locks of hair. Our plan is to give people an opportunity to own a diamond made from Michael Jackson’s DNA,” said Dean VandenBiesen founder of LifeGem. “We are currently evaluating Jackson's hair sample to determine how many diamonds can be created. This will be a limited collection and we anticipate great interest.”

I must say once I got over my initial objections, I found the diamonds to be quite pretty, and the concept intriguing. LifeGem embraces the sensitive issues of loss with compassion. They even have a LifeGem for pets. It seems the website only has diamond rings, but imagine a luxury watch covered with diamonds from a loved one. The timeless factor is endless.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give a Audemars Piguet on your Wedding Anniversary

Audemars Piguet Dress Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Diamond Ruby Dial Diamond Bezel Ruby Lugs 66941BC-RR-1017BC-01

Summer is a wonderful time to be married, the weather is warm and the days are long and anniversaries are spent soaking up sun in faraway getaways. A wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone which should not be taken lightly. The perfect way to show your wife appreciation is by giving her a gift. If you have no idea what to buy your wife, other than a new kitchen appliance which is not always a good idea, you are in luck, their is an actual wedding anniversary list providing you with the type of gift you can give to your spouse each year.

The first anniversary, it is customary to give a clock, the second anniversary- china and so on. The tenth anniversary- diamond jewelry, the fifteenth- a watch, the twentieth-platinum, thirtieth - pearl, fortieth - ruby, fiftieth - gold and sixtieth - diamond. The watch I have chosen is the perfect wedding anniversary gift to give to ones wife.

Audemars Piguet is the master in the craft of horology, known by all as an exceptional brand. Being that it is a watch, it is a perfect tenth or fifteenth wedding anniversary gift. The Bezel is sprinkled with 17 round diamonds and 6 baguette diamonds exquisitely cut to enhance the watches delicate form and associated with ones sixtieth wedding anniversary. The dial too, is paved with diamonds so that the watch is dancing between the line of jewelry and watch. The lugs are red tear shaped rubies; in addition, rubies mark the 3, 6 and 9 'o' clock position. Ruby has a deep connection to ones fortieth wedding anniversary. The case is 18k white gold which marks ones fiftieth anniversary. This gorgeous luxury watch is a testament to a long marriage.

For a limited time only, THE WATCHERY is selling your anniversary watch for 75% off the list price. This watch can be yours to give for only $29,450 giving you an incredible savings of $88,350. Give this watch to your wife on your tenth, fifteenth, fortieth. fiftieth or sixtieth wedding anniversary.

THE WATCHERY has an incredible selection of anniversary watches. Search THE WATCHERY website and find the perfect watch for the perfect wife.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Swarovski Enters a New Dimension

As I mentioned in previous blogs, Swarovski the highly famed crystal company has introduced a line of exceptional watches. Many larger companies begin to manufacture watches in addition to their clothing and jewelry lines; however Swarovski has something new to add to the watch market, its superior knowledge of crystal craftsmanship. The latest in a arresting array of watches is the Oceta Sports Ladies Watch.
The Octea Sports Ladies Watch has a 39mm wide case, which is quite the fashion. The bezel is shimmering with Swarovski faceted crystals lending a light and airy look to the watch. Based on a diver's watch ,complete with a rotating bezel, the Swarovski Octea Sports Ladies Watch, is quite appealing both in look and functionality. The Octea Sports is available in numerous appealing colors such as dark blue, black, pink and magenta. The movement is Swiss Quartz and the watch is available with a rubber or metal bracelet. Priced in $800 range, this watch will looks great in the summer sun.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Image of a Cartier Santos.

Cartier Santos de Cartier Galbee XL Mens Automatic Watch Stainless Steel Silver Dial W20098D6

A gentleman strode into the office today wearing a Cartier Santos. Although, he was a complete stranger, he immediately gained my respect. He was a man of substance. He was wearing a Cartier Santos.

Sound's ridiculous. Well it is human nature: Observers tend to respond positively to those who are more attractive and polished than to those who are disheveled an unattractive. It is a fact, with solid empirical evidence.

Another thesis is that first impressions are made astonishingly quickly. In a study by Todorov et al. (2005) indicated that ratings of competence, after a mere one-second exposure to faces of political candidates, were significant predictors of election results. In 2006 another study by Willis and Todorov had participants rate actors after only one-tenth of a second exposure to their faces. (Ref: Social Psychology - Baron, Branscombe and Byrne).

Cartier Santos 100 XL Mens Watch Automatic Two Tone Silver Dial on Brown Leather Strap W20072X7

Your overall image is exceedingly important to the way you want to be viewed, and the watch you wear is included in that image. Do you want to be viewed as a Cartier person with class, distinction and character (all which are summed up by the observer in a fraction of a second) or do you want to be viewed as a $10.00 digital watch kind of guy who just happened to find the perfect watch on a revolving rack near the checkout line of the local supermarket?

In this economic environment it is crucial to maintain a solid image; although it may be exceedingly challenging. However at THE WATCHERY we have made that easier for you. You can keep or even improve your image by purchasing a name brand watch at rock bottom prices. Purchase a sleek Concord La Scala for 70% off the list price or a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (the height of style) for 44% off the list price. By purchasing a new watch at our low price, and wearing it to your next meeting or job interview, you will feel good about yourself. You will feel more confident and more worthy of respect. Those feelings will bask your image in an invisible glow which will be felt by the observers and add that critical first impression.

About an hour later, glanced at his Cartier Santos, shook hands and got up to leave. His Cartier Santos glinted under the overhead fluorescent lights as he walked towards the door. The Cartier Santos had completed his image. An image that is formed in the observer's mind in one-tenth of a second.

Corum Golden Bridge for the Ladies

Corum has taken a new position in regard to its iconic Golden Bridge collection by placing the he hand-wound mechanical baton movement horizontally. 2.5 carats of diamonds cluster on the bezel like flood lights illuminating a grand spectacle. And grand it is, the wheels in motion are captivating beneath the exquisitely engraved bridge.
The sultry curved lines of the bezel, perpendicular to the bridge provides exudes a sense of liquidity and elegance. The angled rows of diamonds are set with incredible precision.

As a result of the incredible complexity and craftsmanship required to manufacture a luxury watch with this degree of excellence, only a few Golden Bridge for ladies will be crafted each year. The watches will be available in either 18k red or white gold.

This watch is a true testament to Rene Bannwart, Corum's founder. Since Corum's establishment in 1955, Brannwart vision was to have highly unusual and aesthetically pleasing luxury watches. It was a given that movement of the watches were perfect, it was the perfect design Bannwart sought.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First in house movement for Louis Vuitton

This is probably one of the most beautiful watch designs I have ever seen. The Louis Vuitton Tambour Mysterieuse. The movement within this luxury watch is Louis Vuitton's first in house movement, making this watch collection a rarity. Louis Vuitton watches are hard to come by; but, the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy or LVMH group owns Zenith, Hublot and Tag-Heuer.

The Louis Vuttion Tambour Mysterieuse manually wound LV115 movement is suspended in the center of the dial between two layers of Sapphire Crystal. One cannot determine how the movement is attached to the crown or the rest of the watch. It is a mystery. Which we will leave unsolved.
The hands of the watch jut out from the edge of the movement adding to the illusion of complete suspension. These watches remind me of Cartier's famous mystery clocks of 1912 where the hands seemed suspended in mid air hence the name mystery. Both Louis Vuttion and Cartier are French Companies founded in Paris in 1854 and 1847 respectively.
The watch is crafted to expose the vibrant palette jewels. The Tampour Case might have been quite bulky except it is tapered providing an elegant unique look. The lugs balance the Tambour case.
Although the manual wind may seem like a burden, Louis Vuitton has crafted the watch with an 8 day power reserve.
Being that the Louis Vuitton Tambour Mysterieuse will cost you about $265,000, you can customize the watch to suit your style. You can choose to purchase the watch with its 42.5mm wide case in red,yellow or white gold or platinum. You can choose either diamonds, rubies or sapphires for your power reserve indicator and have the cut of your choice. If you are looking to purchase this watch anytime soon, you had better hurry and customize your choice. From the time you order until the time the watch is ready to ship, you will have to wait a year, but once the year is up you will have one handsome watch and quite mysterious too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

First Watch on the Moon -The Omega Speedmaster.


The Omega Speedmaster Chronograph - seen here worn by Neil Armstrong in his lunar pod, just minutes before making history on the face of the moon. Buzz Aldren was wearing his Speedmaster Chronograph when he stepped foot on the moon, forty years ago today. Since that date in 1969 ,Omega has been promoting the Speedmaster chronograph as the "first watch on the moon". NASA had chosen the Swiss-made timekeeper for all its astronauts four years prior to this momentous date.

NASA did not simply pick Omega out of a hat, the Speedmaster and its rivals were subjected to rigorous testing. The watches simmered for hours at 93 degrees then were immediately frozen at - 18 degrees. The watches were steeped in pure Oxygen for two days, struck with tremendous blows, compressed then decompressed, vibrated, subjected to incredible speeds and numerous other experiments. The only watch to emerge virtually unscathed within the allowed deviations of 5 seconds per day was the Speedmaster.

Till today, the Speedmaster is the preferred choice for astronauts. The Russians too came to favor the Omega Speedmaster when they discovered the Watch in 1975 during the Apollo-Soyuz link-up.

As a watch leaves the confines of earths atmosphere, it is subjected to elements never experienced on earth. The atmospheric pressure within a watch might explode as the watch experiences zero-gravity. Omega with its ingenuity has affixed a clamp ring to the glass of the Speedmaster, enabling the watch to withstand five times the amount of pressure the watch will experience in space. The internal pressure of the watch has to remain constant in order to prevent the lubricating oil ,which adheres to the moving parts of the watch, to leak, obscuring the glass and preventing the watch mechanisms from working properly. Alternatively, a vacuum inside the watch may cause the watch to run to quickly as it would prevent the balance wheel from effectively working.

Omega Speedmaster's glass is sufficiently thick and elastic to withstand the great tempreture differences that occur while exiting the earths atmosphere and traveling through space.

In addition the Watch needs to be extremely accurate as the depketion of an Astronauts Oxygen Supply occurs in minutes and seconds rather than in volume. Other Luxury Watch Companies have tried and tried again to vanquish the Omega Speedmaster, and capture the NASA contract; however, the Speedmaster has always defeated the rivals, and till today, still remains the Watch in Space.

Omega, now has its eyes on Mars.

As to what happened to the original Watch that Buzz Aldren wore on the moon; it disappeared in the early 1970's on its way to the Smithsonian Institution. What happened to it remains a mystery until today. Neil Armstrong was on the moon, but he was not wearing his Omega Speadmaster Chronograph, his watch did not leave the lunar module. The module's electronic counter had failed, and Armstrong left the Watch on board as a back-up. It is thrilling to know that the Omega Speedmaster was used as a back up for an instrument on a lunar module.

Forty years today Since Omega on the Moon

In July of 1969, Apollo 11 rocketed through the atmosphere on a mission to the moon. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins were on board. The world sat with baited breath as Apollo 11 shot through space. For three days the spacecraft headed in the direction of the moon, finally after 384,399 km, on July 20th 1969, Apollo 11 had reached its destination. Although the moon was in sight, the adventure for the three astronauts had just begun. Even the slightest error or misstep could have catastrophic consequences and every achievement historic proportions.
While Micheal Collins orbited the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Adrin entered the spidery Lunar Excursion Module and made the final journey to its rocky foreign terrain . "The eagle has landed" On landing, the module just missed a rocky outcrop. The two men steered the module for a few hours, and with only a small amount of fuel remaining, the two astronauts brought the vehicle to a stop. Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Lunar Excursion Module displacing tiny fragments of moon dust beneath his boot.
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." he said.
Buzz Aldrin , his co-pilot, came out next wearing an Omega Speedmaster. The Omega Speedmaster became the first and only watch to be worn on the moon.

Armstrong and Aldrin constantly consulted the Omega Speedmaster during a two and a half hour moonwalk as they gathered rock samples and conducted a few experiments. Finally the men placed a plaque on the moons. On it was inscribed the words,

"Here men from the planet earth first set upon the moon July 1969. We came in peace for all mankind."

In July it will be 40 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the moon, and forty years since the Omega Speedmaster was on the moon. To commemorate this historic moment, Omega has unveiled 69 pieces of a new 40th anniversary Limited Edition Moon watch in platinum. The watch case, bracelet and hands are crafted from platinum. The seconds sub dial is an 18K gold emblematic disc depicting an eagle landing on the moon, as it was said "The eagle has landed"

The watch itself is very similar to the original. The case size is 42mm in diameter. The crystal is crafted from Hesalite, an acrylic compound - essentially a shatterproof plastic. Although it is not as scratch resistant as Sapphire, being shatterproof is absolutely vital in the confines of a space craft. The movement is still true to its tradition - a manually wound Omega Caliber 1861 movement. Imagine trying to automatically wind a watch where there is no gravity. Stainless steel versions will also be available in a much larger limited edition of 7,969 pieces.

Omega Speedmaster has soared through space on 118 space missions, 1 harrowing orbital reentry and 2 polar expeditions (Click more to read about 1 such expedition).

At THE WATCHERY you can purchase your very own Omega Speedmaster for 40% off the List Price, so if you are about to embark on the voyage of your life, or need some adventure buy an Omega Speedmaster, the watch with plenty of experience.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Urwerk's King Cobra UR-CC1

Although so many watch companies captivate the horological world, Urwerk latest masterpieces always cause a flutter of excitement. Each piece is so "out of the box" and refreshing, bending and experimenting with the ways of time display and watch movements. However,Urwerk's watches are vaguely familiar and the familiarity derives from shapes already within our schema, the shapes of members of the animal Kingdom. The new URWERK King Cobra UR-CC1 and the previous Tarantula Urwerk UR103T.

After three years of research and development, Urwerk unveiled the world's first production wristwatch with true retrograde linear displays. Felix Baumgartner gleaned his inspiration for this horological endeavor from Patek Phillipe one and only prototype its 1958 King Cobra designed by Louis Cottier. Now after fifty years, Urwerk pays homage to this unique design. Another inspiration were the linear speedometers in old cars.

The retro case is over 47mm tall and 43mm wide. The seconds display ,in the upper window, is comprised of a large ultra-light disc and a spiral with Arabic numbers at the disc's edge. The progression of the seconds can be viewed in two ways: digitally and linearly: via a small window whereby every other second is displayed and via the spiral which seems to progress in a linear manner along the gauge. Two large cylinders display the hours and minutes in a retrograde manner. Both jumping hours and minutes spring back to the zero position once they are extended all the way..

The watch also features a honeycomb patterned rack (visible through a window on the side) used to rotate the minute cylinder that’s actually made from silicon via a photo lithography process in order to keep it extremely lightweight but also very strong.

Only 50 pieces have been produced: 25 pieces in 18k gray gold and another 25 in 18k black gold.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Automatic

The guy who stepped into my office was wearing a pretty nice Armani suit and a pretty nice watch.

I craned my neck trying to get a look at his watch, but I couldn't make it out. I really have to visit my optometrist to get a stronger prescription for my lenses.

"I love your watch," I exclaimed with much enthusiasm, "What brand is it?"

"Jaeger!" he said,

"Ooh nice," I said "Which one?"

He unstrapped the watch and peered at the back,

"Master Compressor Automatic" he said.

(inset - Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Automatic Mens Watch 18K Rose Gold Brown Dial on Brown Strap 172.24.40 or Q1722440 )

So how much is it worth I thought and quickly checked THE WATCHERY price list, so I could judge the wearer's worth (Well not exactly, but you know what I mean)...

"$10,325.00", THE DISCOUNTED WATCHERY PRICE, but if this guy bought it at List Price, he would have paid $14,750.00.

This watch is quite cool as the wearer can control the water resistance. The crowns are equipped with an external butterfly collar displaying red and white enamel indicating arrows to indicate whether the watch is water resistance or not. The white arrow indicates the crown is water resistant and the red arrow indicates the crown is non-water resistant. The water resistance occurs as the collar compresses a gasket preventing water from entering the watch.

As with all Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces, this watch is subjected to a Master 1000 hour test where rigorous testing ensures that once the luxury timepiece is released to the consumer, it is at optimum condition and reliability of the highest standard.

The other watches I peered at was a Titanium Orient and an Automatic skeletonized Invicta, both nice capable watches which do a nice job of displaying the time rather than creating the ultimate image.

However, I would say the Jaeger-LeCoultre was my watch find of the day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bell & Ross and the skull!

BOO! I hope I scared you didn't I? I mean not many blogs begin with a Boo, but hey it goes with the watch. Corum usually does the skull thing, but "Bell & Ross" has achieved a powerful Talisman Watch. The Limited Edition BR 01 Airborne was unveiled in Basel World. The watch is undoubtedly Bell and Ross with its square design and prominent screws. The skull icon originated in World War II and is accompanied by US Airborne motto, "Death from Above". A reminder of the courageous military paratroopers who jumped into enemy territory. The skull symbolized their incredible bravery . The skull motif was used by the military on fighter jets and patches. It was a symbol of strength and defiance of defeat even in the face of death. Today the skull is a tribute to all those brave men and women in combat who serve to defend this country.

The BR 01 Airborne is limited to just 500 pieces. The Automatic Mechanical ETA 2892 movement is powered by the swinging motion of ones arm. The case is 46mm and extremely resilient. 316L glass bead blasted steel with black finishing type carbon powder coating. The skull and hands are photo luminescent providing an eery night time glow and readability. The watch dial is protected by anti-reflection sapphire crystal - a hard scratch resistant material. The watch is water resistance to 100 meters.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Daniel Roth and the Moon!

The marvelous thing about the brand new Athys Moon 2134 is its stamina. The moon phase calender will not need to be adjusted for then next 125 years. One small hitch, the 125 year mark can only be achieved if you remember to wind the watch regularly. The Athys Moon 2134 is a manual wound watch meaning that it has no semi-circular rotor like that of an automatic watch and cannot be wound merely by the swinging motion of ones arm.

The uniqueness of the moon phase complication lies in its Daniel Roth Calibre 2300 (DR2300) which contains a large than normal gear with more teeth. The additional teeth and intricate mechanisms enable precise change of the moon phases for 125 years; although, one may have difficulty proving the longevity of the timepiece.

The Athys Moon 2134 is crafted in either 18k red or white gold. The depiction of the moon on the moon phase disc is strikingly similar to its much larger counterpart. In addition the watch displays the time with a subsidiary seconds dial and a date. The Ellipsocurvex shape of the watch is a signature element of Daniel Roth. The blued steel hands are perfectly tempered to achieve the traditional sky blue color.
It comes at no surprise that Daniel Roth has unveiled such a remarkable feat of engineering, every Daniel Roth timepiece is crafted in its entirety in the Le Sentier workshop, where a team of 30 expert technicians and watchmakers craft a timepiece from an idea to the final product. They can make every possible complication and improve on previous complications. The Athys Moon 2134 took months of meticulous work to create striking watch with a remarkable feature, a feature that will be admired for generations to come.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vacheron Constantin completes The Collection Meiters d' Art "Les Masques"

The final four of the twelve masks chosen from Barbier-Mueller collection have been set in pure splendour on the dials of watches. The collection is complete and the result is inspiring. You can view the entire set of twelve timepieces if you are in the New York area. All twelve watches are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York at an exhibition sponsored by Vacheron Constantin entitled "A legacy of Collectiong: African and Oceanic Art from the Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva" in tribute to Jean Paul Barbier- Mueller.
The Barbier-Mueller museum parted with its priceless artifacts for some time so that Vacheron Contantin could persue the magic of transforming the dial of a watch into atrwork.

The first mask in the collection originates from:

Oceania - Indonesia, a mask from the Island of Lombak, the Sasak People. The mask is carved from hard wood with traces of white pigment. The wrinkles on the forehead and beside the nose tell of an old man, and the wide staring eyes tell of terrified bewilderment. The mask was used in Balinese Wayang Topeng theatre, where the actors did not speak but held the mask by a leather thong between their teeth. It was up to the narrators and singers to describe tells of thrilling heroic adventures.

This watch bares a perfect reproduction of the Zangs-Bag facial Mask from the Tibet Region. The actual mask journeyed from the 16th-17th century where it was used in Tantric Buddhism. The mask is comprised partially of gilt copper and other pigments. The mask is shrouded in mystic mystery,an outline encapsulating what cannot be seen. A single painted eye surrounded by a mandoria marks the very center of the forehead above a carving of a human nose. The masks were worn by selected monks ,who were part of the dGe-lugs-pa yellow hat sect, while they performed dances linked to the cult of Kalacakra - Wheel of Time.

A sinister looking pendant mask was carefully chosen for the third timepiece. The mask originated in the State of Guerrero from the Mezcala Culture (300-100 BC). It is crafted entirely from Basalt - a fine grained volcanic rock. It is an artifact steeped in powerful ritual of the time - the burying of their dead. It was customary to bury the dead under the mud floors of their dwellings accompanied by small stone sculptures such as this mask.

The final mask came from Wester Gabon Africa. It is a Ngontang mask belonging to the Fang People. They crafted the mask from soft wood covered with white kaolin (a clay mineral) and specks of crystallization. The mask exudes a sense of sadness. It was covered with the white kaolin to symbolize the spirit of the dead. The mask was used in Byeri ritual dances to worship the ancestors. The dance was performed to protect the village from witchcraft and evil influences.

The watch is powered by an automatic Calibre 2460G4 movement baring the Geneva Seal. This unique movement does not require hands for time display, but rather a set of wheels and gears: four discs indicate the hours, minutes, day and date in windows set on the parameter of the dial leaving the center vacant for the mask. To ensure the masks were not masked by the movement, a team of expert designers cleverly concealed the movement by using transparency and treated glass creating an impression of a floating mask. Each sapphire crystal has a different tint which was achieved via a unique metal process to set off the color of the mask. In doing so the masks seems to jut out of the watch, and one only need to extend ones hand and touch the deep secrets within; however, this ,of course, is only an illusion.

Each set of four watches were meticulously crafted and released over three consecutive years: 2007-2009. The boxed set of four watches are presented in limited series of only 25 sets.
(Click here to read about 2008 "Les Masques" Collection)

Vacheron Constantin has yet again Incorporates history in four exquisitely finished watches. Vacheron Constantin Les Masques Collection 2008. A company that is two and a half centuries old has a strong link to the past and an even stronger presence in the future. Vacheron Constantin has fused the past with the presents ,and taking into account Vacheron Constantin superior quality, these watches will last deep into future. Juan-Carlos Torres CEO of Vacheron Constantin said, " We have an obligation to encourage centuries-old arts, evolving them into timeless masterpieces for future generations." and with these remarkable watches I think he has.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From Speeding Ticket to Idea. Dunhill's Bobby Finder.

Take a look at this watch, which bares the name Bobby Finder. Truth be told, this watch hints to an actual incident that happened to Alfred Dunhill, the companies founder. Interested? Well read on.

The Alfred Dunhill, Ltd establishment was founded in Britain in 1893 when Alfred Dunhill took over his father's saddle business and looked to the future. The future beheld great things for the Dunhill Company which is now a global conglomerate. Dunhill saw motor cars as the wave of the future and decided to manufacture motor car accessories. Alfred Dunhill was a brilliant businessman who saw an opportunity and grabbed it by the horns. Car horns to be precise, overcoats and goggles. In 1903 he created the hanging dashboard clock. The Dunhill Company was prolific in unveiling unique and inventive car accessories. In 1937, a key watch was added to the list of car accessories. In the early 1900's, Alfred Dunhill created the Bobby Finder, a cross between motoring goggles and binoculars - able to spot a police from half a mile away even in plain clothes.

I suppose the Bobby finder was a slight jab at the police. Alfred Dunhill loved to speed, and on one fine day in 1903, he was clocked at travelling at a speed of 22.5 miles an hour, far above the lawful speed limit of 12 mph. He was booked, and perhaps while he had a moment to mull over his misfortune and indignation of getting caught, he came up with the Bobby Finder. Hence the name of the Watch. The dial has the outline of motoring goggles, and the bezel is a depiction of a roadway, complete with paving and dashed road line . The sharp white hour markers could be the Bobbys in the distance waiting to write a speeding ticket.
Looking at the Bobby Finder watch one perceives it as quite daring with a suggestion of cool alertness. The soft black calf leather band reminds me of the plush leather seats of a motor car. The watch is automatic so there is no need for batteries. The gentle swinging motion of ones arm will do the trick and power your watch. In addition, the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. A plus when one wants to wear this watch close to water. Summer months are upon us and water sports are so attractive in the midsummer heat. To add to its appeal. the watch is one of only 1500, and so one gets the unique factor as well.

Dunhill also custom made leather jackets for the stylish motorist, which blossomed in the Dunhill clothing line of today, of which Jude Law, an English actor ,is the apparel ambassador. In addition Dunhill carries a large selection of men's jewelry and cuff links, lighters and eye wear, writing instruments and gifts.

Dunhill is now owned by Richemont, and its timepieces are perceived as highly stylish. Currently Dunhill carries six core distinctive models:

1) A-Centric model - very similar to the original hanging dashboard clock with a round face displaying the days of the month and a revolving hand. These watches are automatic with an excellent movement. In 2006, Dunhill unveiled a similar addition to this collection - A-Centric Paragraph sporting five separated hands which revolve around the center of the dial.

2) Carwatch design - Automatic movement, rectangular in design as a two part case. Inspiration for this collection sprang from Edwardian driver's timepieces designed at the very beginning of the motor car era where it was thought that a watch would be easier to read if the dial faced the side of the wrist. All inclusive with this model is a tool kit featuring a spare screws and a screwdriver. The stainless steel band is interchangeable with a leather band for two unique looks.
3) Citytamer- features a rectangular face fashioned in the likeness of a period sports car.
4) Wheel Watches (above image)- the largest of the collections with a 42 mm face.
6) Petrolhead model resembles a fuel gauge and is a chronograph.

Dunhill also crafts unique models such as a vintage design, the Facet 1936 Dunhill and its most exclusive collection of just 250 watches - The Parody Stone. A stone from where Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur.

When one purchases a Dunhill timepiece, one purchases Dunhill style.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Buy 100% Genuine Name Brand Watches at the WATCHERY!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a pleasant July 4th, and are ready to begin a work week renewed and refreshed.

On my July 4th weekend, I headed to New York City, Times Square. It was close to midnight, and throngs of people were meandering under dizzying artificial light. The place was buzzing with color and sounds. As I was weaving my way in and out of groups of people, time and time again, I was confronted by flat plastic briefcases that would open an inch and then shut with a resounding clap.
"Rolex! Rolex! Rolex!,"
It seemed Time Square was flooded with Rolexes.
I crossed the street against the light, while the distant call from a NYC Police Officer drifted in my direction, "Don't jaywalk!"

Mmm! Well that was a first for me! I always jaywalk and never been told off.
Another briefcase yawned in front of me. I could see rows and rows of crudely cut replica' watches and then in an instant the briefcase slammed shut.

"Come you want Rolex! Very cheap! Real Rolex!" I looked at the eager owner of the briefcase.
"No! I sighed, I don't want a Rolex."
"You don't like," he said confused, and then jangled a fist full of watches in front of my face. You want Movado, I got Movado."
He then swung a fake Cartier tank before me, possibly hoping to hypnotise me into buying his wares.
"No! I huffed trying to sidestep a group of tourists in tight New York T shirts and khaki shorts posing next to a greenish "Statue of Liberty" person.
"and besides, " I said not really glancing in his direction, "the hands on the watch are not blue,"
"You want blue hands, I got blue hands, but it is very expensive," he said grinning.

'It's okay," I said waving vaguely in the pulsating red aura of Times Square.
On the way home, I sat contemplating the matter of all the fakes. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and a sour taste in my mouth. Here I am on a day to day basis blogging about the fine workings of a luxury watch and the incredible craftsmanship, and in the very heart of New York City, I am confronted with crude replicas. Replica's that carry the names of centuries old company's. Companies that struggled through the harsh economic climate in the 1970's, and survived. Companies that strive to create the best possible product, with exquisite and impeccable movement.
The fight against replica watches is a very real one, as it harms the companies that deserve the credit. (Click here to read more about the detrimental effects of Fake Watches on the Luxury Watch Market and FHH and FHS anti-counterfeiting campaign)

A replica watch is just like a movie set: To an untrained eye, a replica watch may look as good as the real thing, but it is just a cheap copy, fashioned to recreate an image of the real thing. The movement is usually shoddy with inferior materials. The glass is not sapphire crystal, and will scratch. I could go on and on nit picking, but you get the gist.
However, keep in mind when you are thinking of purchasing a replica watch, you are purchasing an inferior empty image of yourself.

There are so may other less expensive alternatives from good companies, like Hamilton, Fossil or Kenneth Cole. Both these companies overcome incredible odds to get where they are today. In addition, THE WATCHERY sells 100% genuine brand name watches with serial numbers for a fraction of the list price. Genuine Cartier Tanks are 25% off; Ebel and Concord up to 80% off; Corum 79% off; Chopard 75% off. Incredible savings, and you still get the craftsmanship that a luxury watch deserves.
Fossil Crystal Stainless Steel Brown Dial Ladies' Watch ES2123 (Inset)

Believe in yourself and buy the best.

Friday, July 3, 2009


wishes all its customers, past, present and future the very best on this July 4th, 2009. The Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4th, 1776, and we celebrate the day America gained Independence.
Fireworks mark the day in crackling splendor, Americans spend time with family around barbecues and along the country's shores. It is a day of relaxation and a day to remember all those who fought to make this day happen.
THE WATCHERY is celebrating this Historic day giving away a Seth Thomas Clock with a purchase over $400.00. Seth Thomas is entrenched deeply in American History as it is America's oldest Clockmaker, since 1813. Founded not long after the Declaration of Independence. The clocks are distinct with classic lines and wood hues, and nostalgic patterns.

Take the time you need to browse THE WATCHERY's intricate website, where you are able to narrow down your criteria by the smallest detail. In addition zoom in for a closer look at your favourites luxury watch choice.

Finally enjoy your Holiday and make a memory in time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Time for Sports!

Ever since Santos -Dumont persuaded Cartier to make a watch which can be quickly consulted while flying, sports watches have become increasingly popular.
Sports watches come in all shapes and sizes, crafted in traditional and in cutting edge materials. Sports watches are usually more water resistant then a regular dress watch. Many have lume coated on the indicator and hands. Many Sports watches have a chronograph function which allows one to measure the passage of time between point A and point B. Many sports watches have a rotating bezel. Some have tachymeters which measure the travel speed of a vehicle. Some can measure time in a 1000th of a second like the Tag Heuer Microtimer with technology tailored for Formula One timing precision. Some watches suit the rugged adventurous adrenaline seekers like the Zenith Defy Xtreme and others border on dressy with a delicate hint of sportiness like Piaget's Polo Collection.

Chopard Mille Miglia Jacky Ickx Limited Edition Mens' Automatic Chronograph Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial on Black Leather Strap 16-8934-BLK

There are sports watches specialized for diving, boating, flying, hiking, racing and high impact sports. They are Official timekeepers affiliated with Sporting Events like Omega and the Olympics; Corum at the Admiral Cup; Blancpain and the Cannes International Boat Show;Rolex official timekeeper at Wimbledon; Tag Heuer official timekeeper of the Indy 500 and Tissot Official timekeeper of Nascar. Longines is partial to equestrian sports and for the third consecutive year, Longines was the official timekeeper for the racing at Royal Ascot. Breitling is best known for its Pilot watches, and the 2009 season of Red Bull Air Racing is Breitling's third year as the official timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Chopard times and sponsors the Mille Miglia. Parmigiani likes hot air balloons; Hublot likes sailing (Official timekeeper of the Afflelou Figaro Solo race); Jaeger Le-Coultre likes motor racing (Official timekeeper of Le Mans); IWC Schaffhausen loves adventure and our environment, and is sponsoring a one-of-a-kind plastic bottle boat "Plastiki"
The watch companies create watches to commemorate their favored sports and some have entire collections dedicated to a specific race such as Chopard's Mille Miglia collections and Corum's Admiral Cup collections. Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso watches were created to protect a watch face during a game of Polo. On a trip to India in 1930, Cesar de Trey, a friend of Jacques David LeCoultre, accepted the challenge of a polo match with friends. Unfortunately during the match , a British polo player's watch glass shattered. He then showed De Trey his ruined watch. De Trey consulted Jacques David LeCoultre and the Reverso Collection was born.

Golana Advance Pro 1 Men's Watch Automatic Swiss Made Stainless Steel Case Leather Strap AD100-2

So when one is purchasing a sports watch, one is purchasing a watch designed to fulfill ones needs. THE WATCHERY has a huge collection of Brand Name Sports Watches. Make sure to Check out the Golana Collection of Watches. A great watch for a great price.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cartier's Stunning La Dona Luxury Timepieces

La Dona Collection is a stunning collection of uniquely bold Cartier women's watches. The collection is named after a famous Mexican 1940's actress, Maria Felix. A Diva in her own right, she ignited the screen with her spirited, passionate and quite mischievous personality. The watches in her name are every bit bold and lovely, with a hint of naughtiness. It is well known that Maria Felix adored crocodiles. As legend has it, she strode into a Cartiers Boutique one day and requested that they make her a necklace in the likeness of a crocodile and if they had a problem visualizing a crocodile, she had one right ... here. With that she produced a lively baby croc from her things much to everyones amazement. Since then she became a creative ally with the house of Cartier. In 2006, four years after her death, she was 87, Cartier created a watch line in her honor.

Cartier La Dona de Cartier Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Silver Dial Diamond Bezel WE60060I

The case is distinctly trapezoidal, different just like Maria. The first watches in this collection were 18-karat white or yellow gold, available with or without a diamond bezel. Later the watch was released with either burgundy, pink or red alligator straps as well as steel. The watch has a Cartier calibre 059 quartz movement, Roman Numerals, sword-shaped blued steel hands.
THE WATCHERY has an unbelievable selection of stylish Cartier Luxury Watches for a fraction of the list price. Celebrate your July 4th by purchasing a Cartier Watch at The Watchery.