Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to School! Great Deals at THE WATCHERY

Hey parents! The school year begins very soon. Yes! Unbelievably the summer is almost over and the scrambling to school in the mornings will very soon become a reality. Does your child need an incentive to get to school on time? Does your child lose track of time? Is the stress getting to you? Well I have an idea and THE WATCHERY can help. How about a brand new watch. Stop the excuse, "Mom! I didn't know the time," because with a brand new watch, your kid will have the time strapped to his hand.
The Watchery has a huge range of cool, affordable, 100% genuine, brand name watches.

Check out this The Scout Black Dial Nylon Men's watch by Nixon. The strap is comfy and cool with a neat Polygon Brushed Stainless Steel Case adding a seriously macho look. The hands are luminescent. In addition the case back is screwed down enhancing the water resistance. The watch is water resistant up to 100m (330 feet) which is a great plus. For only 60 bucks you can buy yourself some time and rid yourself some stress.

Guys! Check out the watches. Not to sure about colors? No worries! The Scout White Dial Nylon Men's Watch comes in extreme black sporting a white dial. Black numbers on white face - you simply cannot get a clearer display of time.

If black is too severe - check out the shades of gray.
The Scout Black Dial Fabric Men's
Or the Nixon with the Chamo strap and metallic gray dial. Show up to class with one of these babies strapped to your wrist and I tell you, your popularity rating will go up a notch or two. Your mom has probably dragged you to the computer round about now to show you all these cool watches, so I am sure you know what I mean about keeping up the image.

Still not too sure about the exact color - then visit the WATCHERY for tons more watches.
Let mom buy you some time. Believe me it will make both your lives easier.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Artya - Unbridled Watchmaking Creativity Unleashes Mezmerizing Watch Creations

Artya Tesla Squelette Quadri-Rotor Watches are quite different in a cool artsy way. Kind of like those sculptures designed from useless left over electronic junk and stuff, and believe me with all those new improved gizmos and gadgets out there and disdain for older models and styles, there are plenty more from where these electronic "has beens" came from. Artya vision is to merge contemporary art and watch making whilst employing unbridled creativity.
As Artya's brain child and watch making wizard, Yvan Arapa says " “Imagination running wild leads the artist, and the watchmaker has no choice but to follow”.
Yvan Arpa knows a thing or two about being quite unique. He is responsible for Romaine Jerome's DNA of Legends. He was the managing director of Romaine Jerome for just a short while and in that time he unveiled watches comprising of steel from the Titanic, dust from the moon and no time. Yes! The day and night watch told no time.
Now his passion is Artya ,Yvan Arpa being the founder and owner, and just by looking at these watches one can see his creativity bursting forth in even greater abundance.
The new Artya Tesla Squelette Quadri-Rotor are a mixture of mechanical and electronics. I would say the watch is a completely automatic mechanical Swiss ETA movement, but then you would indicate that there are some capacitors and wires and coils and such and such and these electronic components are right there on the dial, not even covered up by a steel case. Then I would have to acquiesce, as you are right. The mechanical watch does have some electronic components which serve an artistic function quite different from the electrical function making this watch collection excruciatingly unique.
The strap is well ... toad skin. Just in case you were thinking the strap was the usual plain jane leather. The 47mm case is steel and chemically colored and zapped. Yes! Zapped. The cases are shocked with some sort of lightning produced by the Tesla coils and end up looking like they weathered a mighty storm.
I wonder what next Artya has in store for the watchmaking world.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Origin of the Cartier Pasha

Pasha Automatic Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Silver Diamond Gird and Bezel

Cartier watches exude a distinguished air that seems to envelope its watches in wave after wave of elegance.

It astonishes me, quite pleasantly I might add, that Cartier never messes up. Every one of Cartier's creations are perfect. Let's take the Pasha Automatic Watch I have depicted above as an example. The diamond studded grid covering the dial evokes a sense of security rather than entrapment. The name stems from an antetode with the Morrocan Pasha of Marrakech. The Pasha liked to swim; however, it seemed he frequently lost track of time whilst in the pool. Cartier solved the Pasha timekeeping dilemma with the first waterproof Cartier Tank. Years later in the 1943, Cartier unveiled the Pasha. The original Pasha was crafted from pure gold with a grid, like many army watches of that time (click here for an in depth look at different Military watches). The cage look has been around since the 1880's designed by Constant Girard and introduced at the Berlin Trade Fair. Of course, the original Pasha was water resistant, and obvious feature in accordance with the original request of the Pasha.
A screw down crown increases water resistance as well as a handy little cap ,attached to a small chain, screws over the crown to prevent water seeping in that way.
It is thrilling to know you can purchase for yourself or buy as a gift, a dazzling Cartier Pasha from THE WATCHERY. Not only is the Pasha available NOW at the WATCHERY, it is available for 25% off the MSRP price. Get out the pool and get your watch at THE WATCHERY.