Friday, December 31, 2010

The Origin of Time Square New Year Ball Drop

The roar of the crowd counts down to the very moment 2010 becomes 2011, as the giant crystal covered ball begins to drop.
10,9,8, 7 flashes above, and the ball slides gently down the pole. Every second the ball moves lower and lower until it is 2011. A New Year. A New Decade filled with hopes and dreams.

Thinking about the ball dropping, it seems quite odd that dropping ball should mark such a momentous occasion. I know the ball has been dropping since 1907, when a 700 pound, 5 feet diameter New Year's Eve Ball crafted from iron and wood by immigrant metalworker named Jacob Starr, and glowing with one hundred 25-watt light bulbs, made its descent. But why a ball? After all, other big cities mark the entrance to the New Year with fantastical displays of fireworks and light shows. In Paris sparks fly from the Eiffel Tower in a dizzying shower of fireworks. In London fireworks surround Big Ben, which makes sense since Big Ben sounds the passage of time, and bongs in the New Year. In Australia multi-colored star bursts and gigantic sparklers light up Sydney Harbor.

The ball dropping in New York City is a tradition, which is fused to the very foundation in which man began to precisely track the time. The Chronometer, (not to be confused with today's chronometer which is a COSC certification - click here to learn more) was a vital instrument used by seamen to determine their longitude at sea by the precise tracking of time.

To know ones Longitude at sea, one must know the time at home port and at the same time knowing the time on ship. Once the time difference is known, the difference by degrees is known and thus the crucial longitude. The world spins on it axis 360 degrees in a 24 hour period thus in one hour it turns 15 degrees. If the navigator resets his ship's clock local at high noon, and refers to his clock representing time at the home port, every hour difference translates to 15 degrees from the home port. A precise watch was required to know the ships course and save it from potential destruction. On October 22, 1707, four British Men 'O War sank just off the Cornish Coast. 2000 men were lost. In 1714, The British Parliament , aggravated by this obviously needless catastrophe, passed the Longitude Act: A huge sum of money would be awarded to anyone who could invent a way to determine the precise longitude of a ship's location to within less than one degree.

Click here to learn more about John Harrison and his quest for precision

By the 1800's, the chronometer was an essential sea vessel navigational instrument. To ensure the chronometer kept perfect time, a "time-ball", the first of many, was installed on top of England's Royal Observatory at Greenwich in 1833. The ball would drop at one o'clock every afternoon, enabling captains of nearby ships to precisely set their chronometers (a vital navigational instrument). The "time-ball" was an instant success and an additional 150 public "time-balls" were installed around the world. In fact, a "time-ball" is still dropped at United States Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, where, since 1845, a time-ball drops from a flagpole at noon each day.
Tonight 10 seconds before the stroke of midnight, 400 feet above Times Square , New York's "time ball" weighing 11,875 pounds and glittering with 288 new "Let There Be Love" Waterford Crystal triangles and 1,152 "Let There Be Joy" triangles, and the original 960 "Let There Be Light" crystals will slowly descend down the pole, marking the entrance of 2011.

Happy New Year!
R. Van Halem

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It is Time for a New Years Resolution.

The doorway to 2011 is just hairs breath away, and at midnight ,News Years Eve, be sure to have a New Years Resolution in hand. I am sure some of you have the "lose weight" or "find a new job" or "stop smoking" goal, which are all pretty admirable; however to accomplish these goals, one must have an overriding goal which will effect all facets of life.
I am talking Time Management.
Time Management is essential, if one wants to make good on personal promises. Time Management goes hand in hand with taking control. Instead of time marching off leaving one scrambling to keep up or merely being hurled along like a pebble in a current, one can capture and utilize time in a way which solidifies that moment forever. That moment you have captured becomes the first stepping stone to reach the next level.
For instance, set your alarm clock for 6am, get out of bed (no easy feat) and hop on the treadmill. By doing this you have taken control of that moment and laid down the foundation for the next day and the next, each time getting closer to reaching your goal - each moment in time marked for the next. New Years Resolutions ,if taken seriously, can be achieved with taking control of your Time.

At THE WATCHERY, we understand the importance of Time Management, and that is why we provide the ultimate tool for your journey. A Watch. Not any watch. A watch you can count on. A watch which is adapted to your needs, your style, your sense of purpose. A watch which embodies you, and becomes you. A Luxury Watch.

At THE WATCHERY, we sell top name brands, such as Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Concord, Breitlign, Tag Heuer, IWC, Baume & Mercier, JeanRichard, Ebel, Zenith, Hublot, Chopard, Blancpain and many many more, at hugely discounted prices. All watches are genuine, for the passage of time does not lie.
Take the first step in taking control of your time, of your life and purchase a Luxury Watch at THE WATCHERY.

Happy New Year!

R.Van Halem

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Brought Renewed Hope For the Luxury Watch Industry

2010 saw the slow but steady recovery of the watch industry. After a huge luxury industry nose dive in 2008 and the gut wrenching descent in 2009, the watch industry entered 2010 with much trepidation. However 2010 proved to bring a sigh of relief to many luxury watch companies with the reports of better earnings. Richemont Group who owns a portfolio of leading international brands such as Jaeger LeCoultre, Piaget, IWC, Baume & Mercier, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai, A Lange & Sohne & Roger Dubois, report a "very convincing six months" and a "strong sales growth". Swatch Group which owns Watch Brands including Breguet, Omega, Longines, Rado, Tissot, Hamilton, Tiffany & Co as well as ETA, a producer of mechanical and quartz watch movements claims a huge resurgence in sales. Bulgari reports "business is picking up, while Hermes reports an excellent first half year. Swiss watch exports show a vigorous recovery in the first half of 2010 as well as heightened confidence of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

2010 saw a large amount of new luxury watch boutiques worldwide. Omega opened nine new boutiques in the United States alone, and Corum set up shop in china and opened the doors of its very first store in Switzerland. Raymond Weil opened three new stores in India. In 2010, both Ulysee Nardin and Richard Mille opened their first boutique stores in the US.

Although the watch industry, has still ways to go in terms of recovery, the prospects are very good indeed. Watch companies are being more conservative with research and development opting to reintroduce older successful collections rather than an entirely new line of watches. In addition, many watch companies have taken high end expensive watches and made them more affordable by using steel or ceramics rather than gold and diamonds. For example Breguet has taken its high end Reine de Naples timepiece for women, usually crafted in gold, lined with jewels and sporting a complication, and downsized it to more affordable steel version with no jewels and only the time on the dial. Breuget's elegance, craftsmanship and precision still remains whilst the luxury watch becomes more affordable.
Cartier ,as well, opted for utilizing cheaper materials such as steel and rubber for its Roadster Collection. The Roadster S is much more affordable with a definite mass appeal, which is exactly what the high end luxury watch companies need to survive. Mass appeal, that is, without damaging the integrity and quality of the watch brand. At a going rate of $4,600 for the steel version and $4,600 for the combo, this watch is much cheaper than the original Roadsters thereby enabling young aspiring individuals to own a watch worn by millionaires and noticed by all.
Luxury Watch Companies are looking to 2011 with a renewed vigor and hope, and just like the recovery from the Quartz Scare of the 1970's, they have survived.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays from THE WATCHERY

Gifts are nestled under trees carefully wrapped in shiny gift wrapping paper. The house is basked in a warm glow while the winter wind howls outside. Perched on top of a large rectangular box (which ,you are quite sure, contains that big screen T.V - Super Bowl here we come - you mentioned to your wife many many times), is a small box. Within the small box, however, contains a gift which will last a lifetime. This gift will not be obsolete by newer models. This gift will not be hidden in the "utterly useless house hold objects drawer" where heart shape pancake molds and chirping key chains reside. This gift will be treasured and kept close at hand, for this gift is a luxury watch.
Upon opening the box, your loved ones face will be basked in a glow of pure destiny, as this watch will mark the passage of her time, every second of her day. Mayhap you gave her a 18k rose gold Cartier Tank, with hand picked diamonds along the sides of the bezel, or mayhap you gave her an Ebel Beluga radiating a gentle pink mother of pearl dial, or perhaps an exquisite Chopard Happy Sport Luxury Watch where diamonds dance above the dial between two sheets of scratch resistance sapphire crystal.
She will surely gasp, as she will lift the watch, oh so gently, from the box, and gaze up at you with wonder as she places it on her wrist. And on her wrist the watch will stay marking her the time as it passes from seconds to minutes; from minutes to hours, from hours to days, from days to weeks, from weeks to months, and from months to years. From this day on until forever.

Happy Holidays from the WATCHERY.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moon Phase Watches at THE WATCHERY

At 3am Tuesday morning as I was staring up at the rare lunar eclipse , it occurred to me the extent to which humanity is transfixed with the moon. Although one may not always be consciously aware of it, one expect to see the moon in its various stages of waxing and waning hovering above us in the nights sky. Looking up at the strange burnt orange hue of moon, I suddenly realized the novelty of wearing a watch with the moon phase complication. A complication which mirrors the happenings in the heavens above. IWC
Grande Complication Perpetual Calendar IW927020

THE WATCHERY PRICE $238,500 Save 25%

A moon phase complication depicts the varying phases of the moon: New Moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. A lovely example of a moon phase is at the 12 'o' clock position of the IWC Grande Complication Perpetual Calender. The case and bracelet of this luxury timepiece is crafted from platinum.

Below I will briefly describe the basics of the watch components of the moon phase. The phases of the moon are usually displayed on a disc visible via an aperture, or more rarely by a hand. A typical moon phase watch a disc portraying two moons is driven by a wheel with 59 teeth. Every 24 hours a finger turns the wheel by one notch. In reality a lunation lasts 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds or 29.53 days; however, the lunation displayed by an ordinary moon phase watch lasts 29.5 days thus the moon phase depicted on the watch is out one day every 2 years, 7 months and approximately 20 days. Astronomical moon phase watches compensate for this difference by utilizing a wheel with 135 teeth, thus achieving a lunation of 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes. This reduces the difference to just one day every 122 years.
Many watch companies invent new ways of depicting the moon phase. The De Buthune DB25 Moon Phase Watch reveals a spherical moon phase below the 12 'o' clock. Consisting of two hemispheres, one in steel and the other in platinum, rotates on its own axis.
You may have noticed most moon phase complications adorn the dials of men's watches; however, true to Girard-Perregaux's Cat's Eye Movement Collection which adds complications to women's watches, a gorgeous moon phase luxury watch accompanied by the signs of the zodiac mark the waxing and waning of the moon. (Click here for more info about Girard-Perregaux's Cat's Eye Movement Collection)

Moon phase Watches are available at THE WATCHERY

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing says Devotion like a Cartier Watch


only $17,813

Christmas is just five days away, and you have the chance to give the gift of a lifetime. An exquisite choice is the Cartier Ballerine which , with its undulating curves and slender lines, seems as though it is dancing on ones wrist. At 25% off the MSRP, you save $5,938.

Tank Americaine WB707331
Introduced in 1989, the Tank Americaine is an extremely popular Cartier creation. Streamlined and elegant, this watch embraces the wrists in pure undeniable luxury. Signature Cartier blued steel hand indicators and Roman Numeral hour markers, bejeweled bezel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, precision quartz movement and 18k gold case, the Tank Americaine is of notable elegance. Purchase yours at THE WATCHERY today for 20% off the MSRP

Tank Francaise WE10456H

Only $19,800

My personal favourite is the Tank Francaise Collection. This luxury Cartier Watch is a perfect gift. This watch calls to become part of the wearer, to be worn every day. Perfect for every occassion and complementing every attire, the Cartier Tank Francaise becomes part of ones image. Get your Cartier Tank Francaise at THE WATCHERY for 25% off the MSRP.

Cartier Luxury Watches need no introduction. See your loved ones eyes fill with intense wonder and immeasurable pleasure, as she opens her gift. See her place the Cartier Watch on her wrist, close the clasp and know you have done well. Very well indeed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Watchery has Great Deals on Genuine Luxury Watches

Last minute shoppers do not despair! The perfect Christmas Gift is just a click away. At THE WATCHERY, you will find dozens of name brand luxury watches at incredible prices. Ask yourself this question, Would you like to receive a gorgeous name brand luxury watch as a gift? If your answer is YES, then your loved one would like a name brand luxury watch too.

So cruise THE WATCHERY, and select the ultimate gift today.

THE WATCHERY is having a HOLIDAY BLOWOUT SALE NOW! This is unbelievable, Baume & Mercier luxury watches for up to 78% off the MSRP. You won't find a better deal anywhere.
Baume & Mercier Hampton City MOA08339 (above inset)

Purchase an elegant Baume & Mercier Ladies Hampton Watch for 70% off the Retail Price. (inset) Thrill the women in your life with a watch worth $4,990, but you only pay $1,495.00. Pink leather strap, mother-of-pearl diamond, glittering diamond bezel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal- you simply cannot do better than this.

Shop THE WATCHERY today.

Get into the spirit of giving at THE WATCHERY.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Inspiration of Van Cleef & Arpels

Whenever I lay my eyes on a Van Cleef & Arpel's timepiece, something catches in my throat triggering an emotional reaction I cannot quite grasp. The work is so fine, almost magical; it is as though Van Cleef & Arpel luxury watches have been crafted by a workroom full of angels.
A collection seeming to stem from a whimsical world of fairy tales is Van Cleef & Arpels "Poetry
of Time"
The latest addition is inspired by Jules Verne's 1863 tale "Five Weeks in a Balloon" where three men float in Hydrogen hot air balloon above darkest Africa. Jules Verne, the father of science fiction, weaves a tale of harrowing adventure, great explorations and remarkable inventions.
The story is depicted upon the dial of this men's rare timepiece where a bright yellow balloon is floating above a thunderous gray cloud. A soaring bird indicates the hours and an anchor tied to a rope indicates the minutes. In 2011, the clouds will part and the "Five weeks in a Balloon" Van Cleef & Arpel's timepiece will appear in the wondrous world of Horology.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Origins of The Eterna Logo

One can never mistake an Eterna Watch. On the dial are five dots below the 12 'o'clock. But what are the dots? Do they mean something? Why did Eterna choose a seemingly random dot pattern?

Eterna's logo hints at a certain technological improvement to a certain watch movement. Read more and you will find out.

In 1856 Eterna began strictly as a company manufacturing blank movements. Not unlike hundreds of such watchmaking workshops dotted around Switzerland. In time Eterna's supreme quality of work became widely recognized. Urs Schild, who co-founded the company with Dr Josef Girard, had a vision of producing a watch from start to finish . The company bore the name of Schild Fréres, and manufactured small ladies wrist watches adapted from pocket watches. In 1905 the company changed its name to Eterna. By 1925, Eterna watches were being advertised in US newspapers such as the Southtown Economist 12/01/1925. By then Eterna had made history. In 1914, at the Swiss National Exhibition in Bern, Eterna introduced the first alarm wristwatch - 6 years after Eterna had patented it. Eterna watches were coveted for their slimness and precision. In 1930, Eterna unveiled the smallest Baguette Calibre Watch, which was manufactured in series production. Still no logo marked the dial. However in 1948 Eterna's dial would change forever. The logo marks a huge technological milestone unveiled in 1948. Eterna introduced the Eterna-Matic which comprised of a low friction ball bearing used to support the rotor of the automatic movement. This led to a great increase in the efficiency of the rotor. The invention of the Eterna-Matic with its ball bearings had such an overwhelming effect on Eterna, it fashioned its logo after five ball bearings.

The five ball bearings grace every dial of an Eterna timepiece.

Now Genuine Eterna Men and Womens Luxury Watches are available at The Watchery. Purchase now and receive your gift for the Holidays.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Bouquet of Perrelet at THE WATCHERY. The Diamond Flower Collection.

Blowout Sale Price: $4,590

Diamond Flower Ladies Wristwatch A3015/C

Perrelet's Diamond Flower Collection, unveiled in 2008, turns decoration into rotation. The exquisite lotus flower adorning the dial doubles as a roter which,together with rotor on the back of the watch, winds the mainspring. This union of jewellery and function is made possible by Perrelet's Double Rotor Calibre. The Diamond Collection is a collection designed by a woman for women. One of Perrelet's young woman designers,Carmen Voegeli, isolated herself for many months working tirelessly to fine-tune the Diamond Flower Collection. Perrelet, inventor of the automatic watch movement, was confident in her abilities to produce a luxury watch where beauty and function intertwined. Carmen Voegeli effort and creativity proved brilliant and prolific initially unveiling a total of 27 different designs in steel, rose gold, or two-tone. Some are studded with diamonds on the bezel and on the lotus rotor; some bare a leather strap, some a rubber strap. Chocolate mother-of-pearl dials or rich cream colored dials, whatever your choice, the result will be utter perfection.

Perrelet Diamond Flower Ladies Wristwatch A3015/2
Blowout Sale Price: $4,695

A Perrelet Diamond Flower Collection Watch is an excellent gift for the Holidays. Save 55% on Perrelet Watches at THE WATCHERY. This is your time to buy a Luxury Watch as a gift for the holidays.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Really Safe Watch Winder!

Check out this Watch Winder/ Safe. For around $24,000 this tiny watch winder/ safe can be yours. The Döttling COLOSIMO Safe is fashioned after the early 20th century bank safes when James Colosimo , an Italian American mafia crime boss and bank robber, was ruling the streets of Chicago. It is quite an oxymoron to have a safe named after a thief.
The safe is not just a safe named after a mob boss, it is also a watch winder.
Watch Winders are quite useful when one has two or more automatic watches which require the constant motion of the wearers arm to wind the watch. Invented by the Luxury Watch Company, Perrelet, the automatic watch does not require regular winding of the crown, but has a semi-circular rotor disc which winds the watch with the swinging motion of the wearers wrist. Most mechanical watches nowadays are automatic. An automatic watch requires regular arm swinging motion to keep the watch movement operating; however, if not worn for a long period of time the watch will stop.
In addition, watches with complications such as the perpetual calender or moon phase take some time to readjust after the watch has stopped, thus for watch collectors a watch winder is a worthy investment. (5 reasons you need a watch winder)
The Colosimo as compact as it is, is a lovely gift for a person who has it all and is in need of something out of the ordinary which won't just take up space but will be useful too. My only concern is that the safe and not the contents may be the object of interest to a would be thief. What would early 20th century robber James Colosimo do? Would he try pick this cute little safe or would he simply pocket it?
Crafted with utmost perfection by the well known German safe maker Döttling, the Colosimo is a work of art.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ebel Luxury Watches at THE WATCHERY

Ebel has been in business since 1911, founded by Alice Levy and her husband Eugene Blum in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland . Since then with each passing year the company strives for perfection while incorporating its longstanding watchmaking tradition into each and every timepiece baring its name.

In addition, Ebel watches are extremely affordable while still being recognized as a distinguished watch brand of exceptional high quality. Ebel watches are held in high regard and Ebel watches are the luxury watch for that special occasion. The Ebel Beluga and Ebel Brasilia are a favourite among brides. Available in stunning hues of gold and attractive dials, these luxury watches can cater to a vast range of style preferences. The contours of the Ebel Beluga Watch accentuate the femininity and elegance of the timepiece. Give an Ebel Beluga to your bride for the Holidays.

Another stunning collection is the Ebel Brasilia. Elegant and bold, the Ebel Brasilia was introduced in 2006 wrapped around the wrist of stunning Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen . Ebel chose the name Brasilia after the capital city of Gisele's homeland Brazil.

The Brasilia is a gorgeous watch with gracious curves and gentle contours. Two Roman Numerals at the 12 'o clock and 6 o' clock position balance the look. So utterly perfect is the Ebel Brasilia, it can be the creation of an architect: An Architect of Time.

The Ebel Brasilia in all its curvaceous soft splendour is available at 35% off the List Price at The Watchery. By now you must know this is the watch for you loved one. The dial (as are all Ebel Timepieces are protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal - click here to learn more)

The Ebel Brasilia is also available in styles for men. The Ebel Brasilia Automatic Chronograph is elegant and sleek with a subtle and perfectly balanced. . Ebel has implemented the curved lines into this powerful timepiece creating a masterpiece of extraordinary equilibrium.

Ebel's Mens Sports Watches are elegant yet sporty. Water resistance to 200m with luminous hand and hour markers make this watch the ideal exercises companion. The movement is automatic thus no batteries are required and the watch is wound by the gentle swinging motion of ones arm. In addition the Scratch resistant sapphire crystal is anti-reflective thus when you are pounding the pavement and the sun is bright in the clear blue sky, you won't miss a moment trying to discern the time.

After reading the features, I am sure you have someone in mind who would just love this watch, perhaps a husband, son, grandson, co-worker.

You may be thinking that with all these amazing features , this watch is most definitely far beyond my budget.
Guess again, this watch will cost you only $1,218.00. (a 42% savings)

Make a MOMENT last a lifetime.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Harry Winston and the Missing Diamond

Harry Winston Luxury Watches are timepieces dreams are made of. Glittering with diamonds, sporting gorgeous curvaceous lugs, Harry Winston watches embody pure unrestrained luxury.

Harry Winston, the founder of the legendary company was born in Los Angelos. His father was a small retail jeweler stemming from many generations of jewelers. At 16, Harry Winston helped his father in the shop, and then at 21 he felt he was ready for New York City. He started with $2,000 and quickly built a reputation for himself buying historic diamonds such as the famed Vargas Diamond and the Jonkers Diamond (stay tuned). He was full of courage, determination and high intellect. He sold diamonds to royalty and movie stars. Marylon Monroe referenced Harry Winston in "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend".

He recognized his fortune in his smaller customers who bought small engagement rings with hard earned money. "But most of our business is in the lower-price field." he said in a1949 interview " We have stones for as little as $2 . The average engagement ring in the country is a quarter-carat, retailing between $100 and $15o. That's the biggest part of our trade"

An interesting occurrence happened when a journalist was interviewing him regarding the Hope Diamond (which in itself has a long and interesting history - click here for the Hope Diamond Story). Harry Winston was seated at a long velvet-topped table. Before him lay four trays containing the jewel collection of the late Evelyn Walsh McLean. Nearby on a stand hung the 44 and a half carat Hope Diamond and the famed Star of the East Diamond. Suddenly, Harry Winston's demeanor changed ever so slightly; although still quite relaxed. he said,

" There's a diamond missing, the little five-carat one"

Harry Winston searched through the gems as the journalist shuddered.

"Ah, here it is" Harry Winston said as he plucked the five carat diamond from under an elaborate ring setting, "Funny," he continued seemingly unaware of the journalists relief, "I can tell in a second when one's missing. Works unconsciously."
The journalist still troubled by the almost disappearance of the diamond inquired as to what would happen if the diamond would have vanished,
"Well for one thing," he said, "I might press this little button near my table . The police would surround the building in just a few minutes."

Then Harry Winston recalled the harrowing day when his elbow inadvertently knocked a $125,000 diamond into the waste paper basket near his desk. The entire staff had to search through all trash receptacles and about 1500 paper packages. It was like searching for a needle in a hay stack and the staff all very nearly had nervous breakdowns. Finally, after 3 days, the diamond was discovered in a trash can outside the building waiting for the garbage truck to come haul it away. Since that day, Harry Winston made a rule that all garbage must be kept in the building, just in case.

Harry Winston inspires generations of luxury lovers.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fortis Hits THE WATCHERY and Sets Sight on Mars

647.28.13.L.13 B-42 Black Mars 500 Black Dial leather Men's Watch 647-28-13-L-13

Fortis Watches are bold time tellers surrounded by an air of adventure - an adventure into space. Fortis is looking to the future when one day man will voyage to the Red Planet and discover a world beyond the scope of our wildest imagination. Fortis Watches are preparing for the day when man will step onto Mars. An unprecedented expedition is currently underway in a Research facility near Moscow. The objective is to simulate the voyage to the Red Planet. The expedition is called Mars 500, which entails 520 days of complete isolation in an artificial habitat constructed according the the real dimensions of the actual space ship. In addition, the facility contains storage rooms, a green house, lab and a stimulation of the surface of Mars.
This experiment is a joined effort with the European Space Agency ESA and the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS.
Fortis is the official supplier of timepieces for MARS 500. The crew members are given a MARS 500 timepiece as their official timekeeper of this mission. Since the 1990's, Fortis automatic timepieces have proved their reliability in weightlessness by accompanying many astronauts on space missions. As the hatchway of Project MARS 500 closes, and the crew is locked from the outside world in complete isolation, a Fortis automatic timepiece tracks the time with extreme reliability and precision. To commemorate this monumental project, Fortis has issued a limited edition of 2012 FORTIS B-42 BLACK MARS 500 watches.

Purchase your FORTIS B-42 BLACK MARS 500 and be part of history in the making.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Corum's Admiral Cup Collection at THE WATCHERY

The Watchery has a large selection of great watch buys for the holidays with rock bottom prices.

A personal favorite of mine is Corum's Admiral Cup Collection. Back in 2008, I blogged about the remarkable popularity of this particular collection - see post; and since then Corum's Admiral Cup popularity has soared even higher. I am sure you may wonder from whence came the name?

The Admiral's Cup is an international yachting regatta occurring every odd year. It was organized in 1957 by the Royal Ocean Racing Club based at Cowes, on the Isle of Wright in England. In 2003 the Reggatta was held in Australia between different yacht clubs. 2003 was the last race; although, there is some talk in the works for 2011.

Corum's name is derived from the word “quorum” which means “the minimum number of persons present, required to enable a meeting, to hold discussions and take valid decisions”.

Looking at the dial of a Admiral Cup Luxury Watch, visible are 12 nautical flags just beyond the bezel and above minute indexes. Admiral Cup Luxury Watch have no hour markers, baring rather minutes scaled in 5 minute increments. Corum's signature key on the seconds hand counter-weight unlocks the future with each passing second.

Corum Admiral Cup Luxury Watches are a great pick for the Holidays. Buy a Luxury Watch at The Watchery for Unbeatable Low Prices.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cartier Captures A Croc

There are a very few watch companies who can create a diamond encrusted crocodile, place it apon a dial, and make the look work. No. Not just work, but absolute mesmerize. Of course you must be wondering about the crocodile. Why would Cartier place a bejeweled crocodile on the dial?
The crocodile is part of the history of Cartier associated with a certain diva, Maria Felix. Maria Felix was a highly popular Mexican actress in the 1940's. It is well known that she adored crocodiles. As legend has it, she strode into a Cartier's Boutique one day and ordered a necklace in the likeness of a crocodile, and if by chance Cartier had difficulty visualizing a crocodile, she had one right ... here. And then much to everyones horrified amazement, she hauled a lively baby croc from her things. Since then she became a creative ally with the house of Cartier. In 2006, four years after her death, she was 87, Cartier created a watch line in her honor - The La Dona Collection.

- Maria Felix wearing her crocodile necklace.

The Crocodile on the black dial is curled around, almost protecting, a flying tourbillon. Sharing the dial with the croc, are two lotus flower resting at the 6 'o'clock position. Cartier's distinctive blued steel hands display the time above Cartier's in house mechanical manually wound movement Calibre 9458 MC which is placed off center to make space for the croc.

If Maria Felix were here today, she would greatly approve of this watch.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vacheron Constantin Unvails another Addition to its Quai de l’Ile collection

The Contemporary Quai de l’Ile collection was first introduced in 2008 amidst the oohs and ahs of the horological world. Vacheron Constantin has always amazed me with its uncanny ability to captivate without overt flamboyance, although of course Vacheron Constantin has quite a showy side as well (click here to view its Vacheron Constantin Metiers d' Art Lady Kalla Flamme) as well as an artsy side in its Meiters d' Art "Les Masques Collections . However ,with the new addition depicted above, it is its subtle graces and exceptional craftsmanship that steals the show. I am sure by now you have noticed the new retrograde annual calender. This unique addition is powered by a new Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2460 QRA and housed in either a pink or white gold or both (as the customer wishes) 43 mm case. This mechanical automatic movement bears the Hallmark of Geneva (click here to learn more about this exclusive Seal) ,
which ensures the highest quality of craftsmanship.

The annual calender is a unique function in that it accounts for the different lengths of months, The final day of June will be the 30th, and the final day of July and August will be the 31st. February is the only month that requires adjusting. Most watches bearing dates require adjustments every two months, and this watch only requires adjusting once a year.
The Vacheron Constantin Calibre 2460 QRA has 326 parts functioning in precise harmony displaying the hours, minutes and small seconds at 9 o’clock, the annual calendar with retrograde date display, months as well as a conspicuous and exceptionally precise moon-phase indication which only requires correction once every 122 years.
Having a power reserve of 40 hours, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hours and crafted in ruthenium-plated 22K gold, the newest addition to the Quai de l’Ile collection, is a true testament to Vacheron Constantin continuing legacy. A legacy which began in 1755.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Watch is the Ultimate Gift for the Holidays

Tired of giving gadgets purchased from late night infomercials? Or what about that reindeer sweater complete with a matching reindeer hat and reindeer gloves. Are you tired of not knowing what to give?

I have come to solve your gift giving dilemmas and not a moment to soon. The best gift you can possibly give for the holidays is a watch. If you give a watch, you will no longer have to endure embarrassing moments of explaining its use to a sea of raised eyebrows. No one will turn your gift over wondering politely of its use. A watch is a watch.

Giving a watch has the remarkable versatility in that its basic function of telling time does not change with its worth. One can purchase a watch for ten dollars and one can purchase a watch for one million dollars. Of course the quality of craftsmanship, materials and complexity as well as its longevity increases with an increase in price. A ten dollar watch may only last a couple of months where as a one million dollar watch will last many lifetimes. The amount you spend on a watch depends entirely on what you can afford and to whom you are giving it too. If you earn a couple of million dollars a year and are soon to be wed, it is very unwise to present your fiance with a ten dollar watch; however, if you are a lower tax bracket and wish to buy your 6 year old niece her first watch, then presenting her with a watch worth a million dollars would be very unwise indeed. Both watches track the time, the ten dollar watch probably utilizing a quartz movements with minimal parts whereas the one million dollar watch may have an automatic movement with complications such as perpetual calender, tourbillon and minute repeater with hundreds of parts, but they do both track the time. Of course I have used quite extreme examples, but I just wanted to describe the absolute versatility of the watch. There are very few objects in the world which has the advantage of absolute function (such as tracking the time) with such an immense budget range. Thus whether you have or have not, a watch is an excellent gift to give.

Another excellent advantage of a watch is one does not have to be "into" watches to appreciate a watch. One just has to be "into" managing ones time which is a day to day necessity.

Now that I have explained the absolute gift, there are a few “watch gift giving” pointers I would like to share. First, one must have some general idea of the style and personality of the receiver. A sporty guy would love a sporty watch, such as a Ebel 911 or a Tag Heuer Carrera. A person who hates unnecessary clutter in his environment or on his person would greatly appreciate a Movado Museum Watch. All that is displayed on the Movado's dial is a round dot at the 12 'o'clock and two hands, otherwise the dial is quite unblemished. A Cartier for the lovely lady in your life is; a Zenith for the man of your dreams ... there is a watch for everyone.

Look no further ... purchase a watch.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Greubel Forsey Awarded the L’Aiguille d’Or

Greubel Forsey shines at the Gran Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve winning the Grand Prize of “L’Aiguille d’Or” (the “Golden Hand”) for its Greubel Forsey’s Double Tourbillon 30° Edition Historique in 5N red gold. It seems Greubel Forsey is scooping up awards for its remarkable timepieces. Last year the Quadruple Tourbillon was awarded "Best Complicated Watch" at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie Asia and this past month the Greubel Forsey' Double Tourbillon 30º Vision No. 2 brought in $ 325,641 at the Sotheby's Hong Kong Sale of Important Watches - the most money, at the auction, received for a single watch.
Greubel Forsey is a watch company to be noticed and noticed well, for they are at the top of the game and raising the bar. Read more about Greubel Forsey and its successful strategy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Piaget Black Tie

Piaget's Black Tie Collection defines elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. Among them is the Piaget Emperador Coussin Regulator which I have blogged about in much detail; however, I cannot turn my back on the Black Tie collection thinking that I have blogged about one watch in the collection, and now can march off to other domains.

Another heart stopping beauty is the Piaget Emperador Cushion Watch presenting an exceptionally accurate moon phase indicator, with only a one day difference in 122 years.
... and presenting Piaget's Millionth Watch, which I have blogged about in much rapturous detail click this link and let the glitter momentarily blind you.

Piaget Emperador Tourbillon Skeleton Luxury Timepiece boasts the Worlds Thinnest Tourbillon. A mere 3.5mm thick, the tourbillon ensures that any slight time tracking discrepancy due to the force of gravity is annihilated. Then again the lightness and transparency of the skeleton 600p mechanical skeleton tourbillon movement seems to defy gravity. Softened angles and streamlined case is elegantly aristocratic. By far one of Piaget's finest. The Piaget Emperador Timepiece is also available encrusted with diamonds making this particular timepiece the world's only gem-set skeleton tourbillon.

Piaget's timepieces are among the top watch brands mendaciously crafting watches since 1874. The tradition of watchmaking is bound to the very essence of Piaget, so much so that every timepiece is crafted with exceptional care and meticulous precision. In addition, Piaget keeps up with today's technological advancements. Piaget has launched a touch screen version of its website, so users of the iPad and iphone can easily navigate Piaget's website.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Raymond Weil RW Sport Black and Red Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch
ONLY $645 (46% off MSRP price)

A couple days ago I was at a dinner party. The set up was buffet style so you had a lot of hands reaching for the meat balls and sushi and stir fried vegetables. Anyway, while I was reaching for a particular delectable and colorful piece of sushi, a hand reached out and snapped it up. My fault I was distracted ,you see, by the watch around the wrist of said hand. In my mind the flash of red, black and steel was absolutely mesmerizing.
"Which watch are you wearing?" I said seeing only a quick flash of color whiz by.
I suppose I could have been more cordial and first introduced myself, but it was a large dinner party with many people and the thought of losing sight of the watch owner and never ever learning what watch I had seen, terrified me.
Now you must understand this all happened in the briefest of moments when instincts take over all sense of reason.

"Oh!" said a startled but pleasant enough voice, "My watch?"

I looked up and peered at a well dressed young man, "Yes!" I said almost licking my lips in anticipation of make, collection, features and hopefully type of movement and exact number of parts.

"It's a Raymond Weil Sports Watch?", he said lifting a starched dove gray cuff.

"The rubber strap makes it extremely comfortably," he said undoing the fold over clasp.
He handed the watch to me for better inspection.

"Mmm. Large round polished and brushed stainless steel case," I said, "you know I love the usage of red and black engraving on the dial. Very striking."

"The sub dial is for the seconds," he said and I nodded.

" I see the crown and case back are screw-down, which enhances water resistance to 200 meters. Very nice," I said, "Very nice."

The young man smiled broadly and said, " Guess how much I paid for it?"

"Around 800 bucks?"

"Nope! Not even close!"


"No less!" he said, his smile growing even wider, "$645.00."

"Wow! I am impressed. That really is a bargain"

"and it's 100% genuine! " he said

"Yes! I see that"

"My friends couldn't believe the price I paid for this baby."

"If you don't mind me asking, from where did you get such a deal?" I said

"THE WATCHERY!", he said, " This watch was 46% off the MRSP and they have tons of other watches for crazy low prices. They even have my "when I make it big" dream watch for 30% off."

" and which watch is that?" I said amused.

"The Cartier Santos 100 with a 18k brushed gold case," his voice took on a detached quality as though he was a million miles away on some Venetian

"But I will never give up my Raymond Weil Sports Watch. It has become part of me. Who I am? You understand?"

"Yes!" I said. "I understand very well."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Watches at THE WATCHERY

Corum Bubble Special Edition Black and Silver Dial Leather Over Rubber Men's Automatic Watch 082-150-56-F721FM01R

Yep! Halloween is creeping up. Corum's collection of freaky skull dials and pirate scimitars watch hands never fail to raise the hair on the back of my neck. Since I began my complete and utter infatuation with timepieces, it never fails to amaze me the potential emotional impact of a dial depiction. Take Corum's timepiece available at the Watchery for 40% off, the angular pointed jawbone of the skull, its anguished grimace and the crimson blood pooling in the eye socket can turn ones blood cold. The watch is a Bubble special edition Night Flyer.
The only Night Flyer I am aware of, besides mechanical man made flying machines and bats and such and such, is the terrifying beast conjured in the mind of Steven King. Steven King's Night Flier does look remarkably like the dial depiction without the winged armory above our Corum's skull, but I must say both images invoke a feeling of uneasy terror. A terror that makes one close the wardrobe door, check under the bed and recheck the lock on the front door just as one is falling off the precipice of consciousness and into a deep sleep.

I did mention the Corum Watch is a Bubble Watch didn't I? Well if you are just becoming interested in the wonderful world of watches, a bubble watch is one of the signature watches of Corum. The "bubble" is a 11 mm thick scratch resistant sapphire crystal forming a dome over the dial. Click here if you are interested in the history of Corum.

The Watchery has a huge collection of genuine Corum Watches all for a fraction of the MRSP.
You can be the hero this Halloween saving the world from imminent evil take over. The Zenith Defy is crafted from highly resistant titanium able to withstand the evil forces. A dial like this exudes heroic power. Beating beneath its sub dials of 9-branched silver propeller shaped brushed aluminum & 3 red blade propeller shaped is a movement known as the El Primero Caliber 4021SX, assembled with 278 components, beats at 36,000 vph. If the battle continues beneath the ocean, the Zenith Defy will not let you down. The Zenith Defy is water resistant to 1000 meters and is affixed with a Helium escape valve located on the edge of the case at the 10 o'clock position.
A helium valve enables divers who operate at great depths and spend prolonged hours under extreme pressure breathing a mix like trimix containing gases such as helium (tiny molecules) or hydrogen (smallest molecules found in nature) to release the helium molecules that have worked their way through the o-rings or other seals. The helium and hydrogen molecules cause no damage when the watch is at great depths under pressure but as soon as the diver resurfaces, a pressure difference occurs between the trapped gas(es) inside the watch case and the surrounding air. This can cause the crystal to pop off damaging the watch thus the helium valve is a crucial edition to diving watches enabling the diver to release the gas build up and restore equilibrium.

The Watchery has a huge collection of Zenith Watches all for a fraction of the MRSP.

So whichever way you wish to lean this Halloween, THE WATCHERY has you covered.
For absolutely terrifying Halloween watch stories click here and here!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hublot in the Run for "Walpole Award For Excellence"

Hublot has just learned that it has been nominated for the "Walpole Award For Excellence"in the "International Luxury Brand" category.

The 9th annual Awards Ceremony will take place Banqueting House in London’s Whitehall,on November 15th . Attending the ceremony will be 500 of the international luxury sector's opinion leaders. This ceremony awards luxury brands for excellence both in Britain and out. Last year it was Louis Vuitton who received the award in the "International Luxury Brand" Category. Hublot is running alongside for other brands: Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Ermenegildo Zegna and the The Peninsula Hotels.

Mr Biver stated that Hublot has been nominated for this award because of its exceptional performance, creations and numerous success stories, in particular during 2010.

Hublot has definitely made its mark this year by being sponsoring numerous sports events such as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Hublot sponsors teams such as the Swiss Polo team, as part of the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad (see watch inset). Hublot supports charitable organizations like its July Hublot & Manchester United Soccer Team Kicking Contest to raise $1,000,000 for UNICEF.

Walpole is a non-profit organization, formed in 1992, which promotes British Luxury. It has made quite a name for itself in acknowledging the luxury brands as well as creating a community where by members exchange lucrative ideas, experiences and explore joint opportunities. Walpole provides thought leadership for the luxury industry. Formed by top tier British companies such as British Airways, Chewton Glen, Coutts & Co, DAKS Simpson, The Savoy Group and William Grant, Walpole raises public awareness of its members products and services as well as exploring overseas opportunities. Walpole aims to gain world wide recognition of the high standard in luxury products Britain has to offer.

Walpole has an extensive member including: Burberry, Sotheby's, Wedgewood, Christie's, Harrods, Alfred Dunhill and British Airways.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Artya Bone Chilling Halloween Watches

Artya Halloween Special Collection Masks of Evil Watch sends chills down my spine. The bezel has been slashed like wounds on skin. On the dial a screaming deathly white skull appears from a slithering blackness as the time is marked in red razor sharp hour markers. The strap is a “Crazy frog” tanned toad skin. The watch is automatic mechanical movements with water resistance of 50 meters.

" Scared of spiders little one?", the evil green monster says through a row of pin like teeth. It is waving Artya's spider watch. Green blisters bubble, pop and ooze a thick yellowy goo from a leathery outstretched feeler.
The dial can send one with arachnophobia running for cover as the corpse of a real spider lies among cleverly crafted rubble of a long forgotten world. The battered bezel is emblazoned with demons. Hauntingly artistic, the watch has been subjected to 17 different artistic techniques to resemble that lone artifact to survive "the day after tomorrow".

As far as Halloween watches go, these two watches are about as unsettling as you can get. No candid shots at horror. These watches are the real deal.