Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Greatest Deal of 2008! Grab it before midnight strikes!

Concord La Scala Ladies' Large Watch Chronograph Silver Dial Diamond Lugs on Blue Strap 0310614

This Concord La Scala breathes sophistication and powerful beauty. The strap, a gentle shade of blue compliments the dial which is tinted in pastel like the sky stained by the setting sun.

The Concord La Scala was unveiled in 1997, a collection of geometrically inspired timepieces with an Art Deco hint. The Collection includes the LA SCALA Tonneau which was unveiled in 2003

Chronograph stems from the Greek word chronos meaning time and graphein meaning to write. In days gone by a Chronograph used to literally write, inscribing the time elapsed on paper with the assistance of a pencil attached to a sort of hand. In today's day and age, the Chronograph, is a term used for watches that display intervals of time via independant hands that may be started or stopped at the will of the wearer.

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Enjoy the timeless beauty of a Concord La Scala in 2009.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008's Ten Most Everything Watches!

There are quite a few watches that have stuck in my mind as the most memorable watches of 2008.

The Girard Perregaux 24 Hour Shopping Watch has been judged by the Prix Official de la Revue des Montres 2008 in Paris as the most beautiful women's watch of 2008. Prestigous luxury shopping locations are indicated on the watch such as Bond Street, Rodeo Drive and Madison Avenue and Ginza a distinctly exclusive shopping area with astronomical rents in Tokyo. This watch is the companion to the men's 24 Financial which tracks the opening and closing times of the Worlds Financial Market. The Girard Perregaux has a automatic GP033 GO movement which is found in Girard-Perregaux cats eye collection. By adjusting the left crown, the outermost dial ring moves to switch between timezones. The bezel and the dial sports 80 diamonds. Elegant whimsical numbers seem to float on the cloudy surface of the dial, like the view outside a plane window travelling to any one of those shopping destinations.

The Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity was awarded the title of "Watch Design of the Year." at the Grand Prix de Geneve in November.
Click here to read more about this innovative watch

Ebel 1911 Perpetual Calender Chronograph the watch that most resembles architecture.
Click on this link to read more about this lovely watch.

Romaine Jerome's Day and Night Watch only tells one whether it is Day or Night. So in my books this is the most vague watch of 2008.

The Watch comprised of the weirdest materials is: Romaine Jerome's Moon Dust Collection the next in its DNA of famous legends line of Watches. These watches are made out of:
  • Fragments of the Apollo XI spacecraft
  • Fragments of the Soyuz spacecraft
  • Dials with mineral structure containing Moon dust
  • Fibers from the International Space Station Space Suit
As you recall in the last Collection Romain Jerome had crafted watches from remnants of the titanic.

Click here to read more about the Moon Dust Collection

The most diamond studded watch: The Tourbillon Diamants. with 58 carats with 480 baguette diamonds. Click here to read more about this dazzling timepiece.
I had blogged about Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie Watch just yesterday but with 394 baguette diamonds and weighing 52 carats slightly less than the Blancpain.

The most Testosterone Charged Watch:
Zenith Defy Extreme Zero G Multi-Dimensional Tourbillon watch. Now don't tell me you don't agree. Be a man and wear your Zenith Defy. Lurk on the edge of danger and defy danger. Grrr!
Click here to read more about Zenith Defy Xtreme Collection

The most innovative watch of 2008: De Grisogono Meccanico timepiece. This watch may look like it is digital, but in actual fact it is completely mechanical.
Click here to read more about this amazing timepiece.

The ugliest Watch of 2008: Angular Momentum Oriental BlossomTime Cushion Watch Collection
I hope I have not offended anyone, but really now. This watch reminds me of one of those shower caps one wears when one does not want ones curlers to fall out at night. What is that red dot in the middle again? Looks a bit creepy to me.
Concord Delirium Mini Ladies' Watch 18K Yellow Gold Silver Dial Diamond Bezel 0311012

And finally .... Most sorely missed Watch Collection of 2008: Concord Delirium.

Since 1979 Concord Delirium have been gracing the hands of many watch wearers with its ultra thin watch movements. No longer will these watches be featured in advertising campaigns or unveiled at Basel World. However all good things must come to an end. It is not too late to purchase a Concord Delirium. THE WATCHERY still has some Concord Delirium's left and it is not too late to get your hands on a Concord Delirium. In fact some pieces in the Concord Delirium Collection are up t0 82% off.

Click here to learn more about Concord Delirium

So many innovative and remarkable timepieces were unveiled in 2008, a year of economic struggle and global financial uncertainty. The timepieces were specs of light in a dark bleak landscape. Hope. Watch Companies have been through tough times and some like Blancpain went into temporary hibernation, but Watch Companies pulled through. And even though the World of Luxury Items is hurting, watch companies continue to produce and to unveil more brilliant, innovative and awe inspiring watches. Each new watch is an island of hope in a sea of despair.

Thank you to all my readers and much success in 2009.
Happy New Year from the Watchery.

Girard-Perregaux and its Cat's Eyes

In 2004, Girard Perregaux launched the Cat's Eye line of Luxury Watches. Putting a strong emphasis on its women's collection, Girard Perregaux developed this line placing a small complication within each watch. The watches are quite beautiful, either housed in a horizontal or vertical oval case shaped ,and as you might already have suspected, like a cat's eye. This watch collection has so inspired the World of Luxury Watches that in 2005 the Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Collection won an award in China.

Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Automatic Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Pink Strap 80480D53P962-KK9D

Cat's Eye watches are powered by either the automatic mechanical GP033 L0 or the GP 033 R0 movement, which beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour and has 32 rubies as well as 48 hours power reserve. In Cat's Eye Watches diamonds encircle the bezel proclaiming that although this watch has a complication it is still very much feminine. These watches are available with a gorgeous moon phase version with a smoky mother of pearl dial, and a date version with a power-reserve arc as well as a small seconds sub dial. A Tourbillon version is also available suspended beneath one gold bridge nestled in soft pink with a matching satin strap. This version has a 20 jeweled movements which beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and offers 75 hours of power reserve.
Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Luxury Timepieces are available at THE WATCHERY for a fraction of the List Price. These watches are truly an investment. Girard-Perregaux are building upon this line with more remarkable an innovative timepieces.

Girard Perregaux has just unveiled a watch. A Luxury Watch that surely would steer the conversation away from those sordid secrets told over cucumber sandwiches and delicately buttered scones. How about the ...

Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Annual and Zodiac Calender Watch.

"Brilliant. Just Brilliant," I say.

Now how many times have you asked someone, "So what sign are you?" thinking that all this odd behaviour can be explained by being a Sagittarius or a Leo. I love this watch it so feminine and so right. Like giving a man a watch with his current stock portfolio updates (if they haven't come up with that yet) The watch itself is mysterious like a palm readers circus tent with a diamond studded star. Gerard-Perregaux utilises the Horizontal oval case with hazy mother-of-pearl dial, and encircled apon the bezel by 68 diamonds. The watch beats to a GP033 automatic mechanical movement to display the time with seconds and date at the 9:00 and between the 12:00 and 3:00 position respectively. The moon phase is just below the bottom center of the watch. At the bottom like a crooked smile is zodiac indicator with wonderful illustrated depictions of each sign. The case is 35.25mm wide by 30.25 tall. The rear of the watch is comprised of clear sapphire crystal so that one can view the exceptional movement that has kept Gerard Perregaux watches ticking since 1791.

It is late and I need to prep for my New Years Resolution (going to bed at a somewhat reasonable time) however I grit my teeth as I really must blog about the other incredible Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye movement. The Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie Watch simply smothered in diamonds. Once in a while a Watch Company presents its favorite collection in diamonds. So how many diamonds can fit on a Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Movement?
394 baguette diamonds weighing (breath in) 52 carats (okay you can breath out now) itemized as follows:
Oval Case: 87 baguette diamonds weighing 7.5 carats.
Crown: 5 baguette diamonds weighing .1 carat.
Dial: 98 baguette diamonds weighing 6.5 carats.
Bracelet: 204 baguette diamonds weighing 38 carats.

The GP033 automatic movement is visible via the Sapphire crystal case back and beating at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations. The bridges are engraved with the Seal of Geneva or Cotes de Geneve. The surface of the 18k winding rotor is pave-set with 145 round brilliants, weighing .35 carat. The watch has a 46 hour power reserve.
This watch is available in very limited editions.

However when one purchases this watch one has to bare in mind all the hours of meticoulous labor that was required to craft this elegant timepiece. 1200 hours of highly skilled watchmaking experts working in over 10 workshops.

Girard-Perregaux has a long watch history; history Girard Perregaux makes everyday.

In this economic climate you cannot afford a cheap watch.

It is a challenging uncertain time. The economy is a bit shifty, not someone I would bring home to Mom and Dad. However, unfortunately, the slump is here for a while so we better get used to it... and getting used to may involve some economically friendly habit adjustments. You are in luck,as your habit changing can be incorporated within your New Years Resolutions List without much additional contemplation.

Now we still have three days till New Years and perhaps you have not completed your list. Let me make a suggestion to add to the Lose 20lbs or Get Organized or Find a New Job or Make One Million Dollars.

My suggestion: Purchase a good solid watch.

To expand, a good solid watch will not fail you in times of need. It will not break nor will the hands fall off. When things break they do so at the most inconvenient moments. A fridge will break before a huge party; the car will sputter and cough a black plume of smoke moments before you have to be at your best friends wedding the next town over. Would it not be comforting if you had the guaranteed satisfaction of a consistent dependable bit of machinery that will never let you down, provided you treat it with respect?

Those replica bargain watches sold on a million different websites and in elasticized rows in briefcases on busy street corners, may look the similar in their gilded cases and bits of transparent glass, but are not quite dependable.

If you have just missed your best friends wedding ,thanks to the car, you need security.

Well you may contest, replica watches are cheaper and ,hey, a watch is a watch.

I answer or rather counter question, "Are replica watches cheaper?

And.. Is a watch merely a watch?

To answer my first question. You may not believe it but some replica watches are actually more expensive than the genuine 100% authentic wristwatches.

Secondly, a watch tracks the time. Time never stops, not for an instant and to track it ineffectively is to not track it at all.

To buy a top of the line 100% genuine watch is not as expensive as you thought. Buy your authentic brand name watch at THE WATCHERY and get up to 80% in savings.

An example, you say. How about the Movado Gentry for Ladies. This practical stylish Movado Watch is only $99. A genuine article manufactured with traditional Movado precision and unquestionable style. This Watch will serve you well from year to year. Counting the seconds. Tracking the time. Bringing in the New Year 2009.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jumping Hours and Retrograde Luxury Watch Time Displays.

Gerald Genta is the master of Retrograde watches. Retrograde readouts display time in an arc usually 180 degrees. When the hand reaches the end of the arc, the hand jumps back to the beginning and starts tracking the time.

Gerald Genta Retro Fantasy Unisex Watch Automatic 18K Yellow Gold Mickey Mother-of-Pearl Dial/Silver Guilloche on Red Leather Strap REF-M-20-065-CR-BA

This Retro Fantasy is an enjoyable time piece. Mickey's pointed finger displays the retrograde minutes and beside his other hand is the finely gold framed aperture displaying the jumping hours. Gerald Genta utilizes this time display method in many of its collections . This time display is exceptionally easy to read especially for those who have difficulty reading the hands on a traditional watch. The hour is instantaneously bold & visible.

Gerald Genta Arena Sport Bi-retro Mens' Automatic Watch Titanium Black Dial on Black Rubber Strap BSP-Y-80-266-CA-BD

This power driven timepiece looks like a speedometer coupled with a coke can opener, but the entire look is a work of art. This watch is bi-retro as the minutes and the date is retrograde whilst the hours are jumping.

The jumping hour watch is so named as the hour digit jumps into view at a one or two window aperture. Some watches have a hand for the minutes and the jumping hours, some watches have both jumping minutes and jumping hours and many watches have jumping dates.

The jumping hours system works with a rotating disc and has become a popular alternative to time display.

The video below is an excellent example of a jumping hour timepiece with retrograde minute.

Do I need a Luxury Watch? How about a Movado Luno for only $329!

Got money instead of presents for the Holiday Season? Is it burning a hole in your pocket? Check out the latest Deal of the Day from The Watchery and get the best deal for your money. (At least Great Aunt Sheila didn't give you that reindeer sweater again this year)
Movado Luno Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Silver Dial 0605559 for only $329.00. You will find this price only at THE WATCHERY. A 67% savings off the List Price. They (the media, the friends, the relatives) say now is the best time to find a good deal and right they are.

This Movado Luno Model# 605559 for only $329, will impress those that need impressing without clearing out your bank account. But that is not all. No that is not all!

SPECIAL HOLIDAY PROMOTION: Purchase this watch and get the matching MEN'S WATCH for the same low price! (use coupon code 0605557)

Now more than ever you need a luxury watch. I know times are tough. I have been watching the Dow bouncing up and down like some child's playground toy. I have seen companies fall to their knees, and I have seen foreclosures rock the land. Economy is bad all around but that does not mean you do not have a chance. We ,as people, cannot succumb to despair, we cannot throw our hands in the air and let the economy roll over us like some giant army tank. We have to rise up and see what we can do to make the best of a situation. That means that our all important image is as important now than ever. When times are tough the tough get tougher. The best, the most polished get to the top ... and yes there is still a top to get too.

Cartier Roadster Chronograph Mens' Automatic Watch 18K Yellow Gold Silver Dial on Black Leather Strap W62021Y3

Now more than ever, a luxury watch is part of your image. A flash of a gold watch beneath a starched cuff, speaks for itself. It says,"I have not given up, times are tough but I am up for a fight,"

If that is the message you want to convey, you do not want to do it slumped in a chair with a two day stubble on your face, wrinkled pants and scuffed shoes. No! You do not want to show you have lost. Leave that image to the other guy. Your image is important at this stage, more than ever, and if you want to be taken seriously dress up for the occasion. I think the best watch to make a formidable presence is the Cartier Roadster.

And there is no better way to complete your image than to wear a well-chosen luxury watch. However, at The Watchery we know times are tough and we are here to help. We do not raise our prices to compensate for higher expenses we drop our prices so that we can assist you in completing the image you need. Some watches we have lowered by 80% so that even if your bonus has shrunk, we have shrunk our prices too.

Your watch will last for years, it is made with exceptional quality and care that enhance your image in tough times and will outlast the bad times.

Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from the Watchery!

Ebel Discovery Mens' Watch Automatic Stainless Steel Red Dial on Red Strap 9080341/8635917

Here is a watch to bring Holiday good cheer, an Ebel Discovery. A rich vibrant men's automatic watch that pulsates with energy. Water resistant up to 200 meters, this watch is for men on the go. This watch is designed to accompany one on a journey of discovery. The hands are luminous skeleton so when the going gets dark, one can still make out the time, and if you are gone for quite a while, your watch will keep on ticking as long as you a wearing. An Automatic winding timepiece winds with the natural swinging motion of the wearer. An oscillating weight attached to the rear of the watch moves with the swinging motion of ones hand resulting in the winding of the main spring.
Its time to start thinking about your New Year's resolution and if this means taking a journey of discovery, this watch should be your ultimate companion. If your other New Years resolution is to spend your money wisely then this watch is for you. This invigorating spirited timepiece is 76% of the List Price. For just $595.00 this watch can be yours.
If your 2009 New Year's Resolution is to get noticed. No more nice guy crouching behind the drab white office partition. No more cute secretary snickering behind your back at the water cooler. Here comes the new improved YOU wearing your Concord Delirium. The ultra slim case has made impressions since 1979. The Concord is precise Swiss quartz to ensure you are going to be precisely on time to all those important board meetings lined up for 2009. The Watchery has reduced this watch to 79% off the retail price. This watch can be yours for only $4,443. Wear the watch and get noticed.

Click here to learn a bit about the history behind your Concord DeliriumGerald Genta Arena Sport Retro Men's Watch Stainless Steel Case RSP-X-10-999-GRBAS64

If you have already been noticed and tired of spending 20 hours in your corner office turning brown hair grey then your New Years Resolution must be to spend more time having fun. A Gerald Genta Arena Timepiece is the perfect reminder that "Yes there is life outside office." and "What is life without living a little?" I love Gerald Genta watches they always seem so lighthearted and fun. Gerald Genta utilizes a variety of materials to create a unique Gerald Genta look.

Click here to learn more about Gerald Genta, the Company and Gerald Genta the creative genius responsible for many more well known watch designs.

Concord La Scala Ladies' Watch Chronograph Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Lugs on Pink Strap 0310613

If your New Year's Resolution is to get that certain lady into your life, what better way to do it then with a genuine 100% authentic soft pink Concord La Scala. Roses are lovely but they do tend to wilt and die, but a Concord La Scala lasts forever (provided your loved one takes care of it. Click here for important watch maintenance tips). La Scala was inspired by the Art Deco movement when the urge to surge ahead into a new era was powerful.
An elegant watch for the new lady in your life, and she will think the world of you if you present her with this watch.
"How much does it cost?" you ask.
The Hundred Dollar Bills in your mind migrating to warmer climates.
... and I tell you only $695.00.
I know it is hard to believe, but believe it, it's true. Yes! That is 85% off the List Price and yes The Watchery is saving you $3985.00. See! You even have money left over to take her to that fine restaurant.

Movado Luno for Men only $299 at THE WATCHERY

The Luno is a perfect Movado Watch with sleek lines and balance. This is the most handsome Mens Movado Watch. As soon as you open your package from THE WATCHERY, you will know you have made the right choice. This Movado watch is all about perfect style and insistent dependability.
Movado has created many famous watches throughout its long history, but it is the iconic Museum watch that has stood out and made Movado what it is today. Movado has an incredible advantage over many of the other well known brands and that is everyone knows the legendary blank dial with out numerals or markers except, of course, the single dot at the 12 'o click symbolizing the midday sun. The Museum Dial was created by Nathan George Horwitt in 1947 and was excepted as a permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today there are many variations of the timeless Museum Dial catering to all styles and tastes.

If this is not your style, check out all the other watches available at THE WATCHERY for rock bottom prices.

In these tough times you need to buy when prices are low and believe me the prices at THE WATCHERY are low.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Baume & Mercier unveils Hampton Magnum XXL

Baume & Mercier has just unveiled its latest Hampton Collection. The Magnum XXL - kind of like here comes the bad boys to liven up your beach party. The Magnum XXL for men is rugged and adventurous. A sporty chronograph watch with an avant-garde design. Square watches are the definite in thing, and Baume & Mercier has just made it easier for you to choose in style. The sleek square bezel is punctuated by four black screws at the four corners of the bezel marking the shape. The watch is square, but the numbers on the dial are within a perfect circle, and within that circle is another with yet another three circular sub dials. The white numbers on the black face lend a sense of galactical mystery to the watch perfectly grounded in a square. The rubber band is extremely comfortable and flexible. Perfect for high energy sports.

The white Magnum XXL is for the ladies. The ladies sitting on white and blue striped beach chairs sipping martinis under huge floppy sunhats and D & G sunglasses, and watching the bad boys of the Hamptons saunter past. Baume & Mercier knows the Hamptons and Baume & Mercier knows what the ladies like. Everything about the ladies watch is sensual from the pure white rubber strap to the gently sloping numerals, to the delicate Phi symbol at the 12 'o clock position.

Every once in a while Baume & Mercier unveils a winner and I think that these two stylish watches may fit the bill.
Today, THE WATCHERY is offering the Hampton City for $299, 82% of the List Price. Own a watch that has become an icon in the watch industry. An icon of efficiency, dependability and cutting edge style.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baume & Mercier Hampton City perfect for you.

Baume & Mercier Hampton City only $299 at THE WATCHERY
Compare Amazon's price for the exact same watch at $749.99 or Ebay $1,295. Our price is far lower. Our price is $299. Do you think you can find something to do with the $1000 you will save?

Baume & Mercier Hampton City Ladies watch Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial on White Leather Strap MOAO8437

At the twelve o'clock position is the Baume & Mercier symbol, the Greek letter PHI. It is the symbol of the golden number and Leonardo de Vinci's theory of proportion. This watch is a perfect representation of timeless proportion and eternal style.

Hampton is a distinctly Baume & Mercier timepiece and its most successful. First unveiled in 1994, Baume & Mercier proved its ability to introduce a new dimension with just enough flavor to gain acceptance. The rectangular design became instantly popular. This watch gleans its name from The Hamptons situated on the Eastern end of Long Island, a place where high society mingle and vacation. The Hampton City line made its first very effective and delightful appearance in 2003. Designed for men crafted in steel with an extra-large dial, the Hampton City Chronograph gives a bold impression. The ladies model as with our Deal of the Day is smaller than the Men's, exuding a delicate feminine personality. The ladies model is further enhanced by a smooth leather strap creating a sleek fresh look.

Baume and Mercier can trace its routes back to 1542, a year when Mary Queen of Scots became queen at age of only one week. The Baume family settled in the Les Bois village in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The family originally native of Franche Comte, settled in these mountains and carried out watch-manufacturing work. It was in these early ages of watch making that the Baume family started collecting their knowledge and subsequently passed it down from generation to generation. It was in 1830 the Baume family founded the company and then in 1918, Genevan jeweler Paul Mercier climbed on board to form the company known today as Baume and Mercier. In 1988, Baume & Mercier becomes part of the Vendome Luxury Group which is now known as the Richmont Group.

Baume & Mercier has a rich history punctuated by many horlogical milestones such as the 1971 Tronosonic watch, the first tuning fork watch that opened the door to the electronic era. All of Baume & Mercier watches produced today are the fine products of years apon years of the careful mastery of watch making. Although the mastery is learned over bygone years, Baume & Mercier is very much in sync with the current styles and trends, and not only are they in sync with the styles and trends. Baume & Mercier sets the current styles and trends.

At THE WATCHERY we have many more Baume & Mercier watches for rock bottom prices

Friday, December 19, 2008

Movado Eliro only $149. So cheap it can be a stocking stuffer!



The Iconic Movado Single dot glints boldly above the distinctive dials. The Movado Eliro is instantly recognizable and supremely comfortable. The supple black alligator strap rests lightly on the wrist. The Movado Eliro is an excellent addition to a women's wardrobe. The Watch is neither flashy nor garish but subtle and sincere.

Don't let the low price fool you. Movado is not a cheap brand. It is a brand recognized throughout the world as stylish and cutting edge. It is a brand that looked at a tiny gold dot on a blank watch face and saw modern design and decades of potential. Movado saw collections and collections stemming from Nathan George Horwitt's Dot at the Top. In the latter part of the 194o's Nathan George Horwitt, a creator of many designs, had struggled to get a patent for his simple yet genius and then he struggles to get a watch company to recognize the enormous potential of his work. Over ten years later Movado bought the design and the design became Movado.

Now you can have a Movado of your very own for an unbelievable price.

Save 90% on Concord La Scala at THE WATCHERY

Concord La Scala Ladies' Large Chronograph Watch Mother-of-Pearl Dial Blue Diamond Bezel on Blue Strap 031040

An iridescent blue pulsates with vivid intensity as she wrap the alligator strap around her wrist. This is a watch meant to get noticed. Noticed for its style, its class, its shimmering untamed beauty. The blue diamonds on the bezel are hand picked for clarity and are placed with intense precision. 7 hours are marked by diamonds and the font on the 12 is a gentle reminder of midday or midnight. The movement: Precision quartz with a Chronograph.

Chronograph stems from the Greek word chronos meaning time and graphein meaning to write. In days gone by a Chronograph used to literally write, inscribing the time elapsed on paper with the assistance of a pencil attached to a sort of hand. In today's day and age, the Chronograph, is a term used for watches that display intervals of time via independant hands that may be started or stopped at the will of the wearer.

Now you know why you waited until the last minute to buy her a gift. Yesterday you berated yourself for pushing off your purchases. Today, as you gaze at the perfect watch, everything falls into place. This is the perfect watch for her and ordered today will reach in time for the holidays.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Order Now and you still can get your watch before the Holidays!

Don't you fret and don't you frown, you still have time to get your watch before Christmas: Order a Cartier Roadster, a Concord La Scala, Audemar Piaget Royal Oak, Corum Bubble, Omega Speedmaster, Breitling Bentley Flying B, Movado Museum Watch, Chopard Mille Miglea, Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso or hundreds of other watches available at THE WATHCERY for hugely discounted prices. Cartier Roadster Chronograph Mens' Automatic Watch Two Tone Silver Dial W62027Z1

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Rado Crysma Ladies' Mini Watch Stainless Steel Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial R41765933

Order the gorgeous stylish Deal of the Day the Rado Chrysma for only $149. That is 81% of the List Price.

10 reasons why a luxury watch from THE WATCHERY is most perfect gift for the Holiday Season:

1) A luxury watch never outgrows its usefulness.
2) A luxury watch , if taken care of, will give lifelong enjoyment.
3) A luxury watch can be used immediately without first having to read through a 500 page manual of instructions.
4) A luxury watch will be noticed every second of every minute of every hour of every day.
5) A luxury watch will be immediately appreciated and not placed mutely on the floor near the end of the couch.
6) To buy a watch at THE WATCHERY means you save up to 85% off the List Price.
7) To buy a watch at THE WATCHERY today means you get your watch before Christmas.
8) To buy a watch at THE WATCHERY today means yo get the most hassle free Holiday shopping you have ever experienced.
9) To buy a watch at THE WATCHERY today means you get a 100% authentic brand new watches with serial numbers.
10) To buy a watch at THE WATCHERY today means you make excellent decisions.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ebel Beluga for 82% off The Watchery Deal of the Day and a Happy Chopard Holiday

Ebel Beluga Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Blue Diamond Dial 9157421/4850

In 1985 Ebel unveiled its iconic Ebel Beluga, a watch whose shape is coveted by ladies everywhere. Ebel was founded in 1911 by Eugene Blum and his wife Alice Levy in La Chaux-deFonds, Switzerland. Alice infused the company with a feel for the feminine desire and look. The shape of the Ebel Beluga watch seems to flow around the wrist. The Watchery has brought you an Ebel Beluga for only $460.00 which is 82% off the List Price. This watch is exceptionally striking with it iridescent blue dial and 8 diamond hour markers. I love the color composition of this watch.

In addition to the Deal of the Day, I would like to introduce you to a couple of Chopard Happy watches, available at THE WATCHERY which are excellent Holiday Gifts. It had started snowing when I began writing this blog...

I watched the snow drift to the ground, stark white against the black night. The snow made me think of Chopard Happy Collection, how the gems or diamonds glide across the dial of the watch between two transparent layers of sapphire crystal. Chopard Happy Sport Snowflake Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel White Dial with Floating Diamond Snowflakes on White Rubber Strap 28/8948

Chopard Happy watches, introduced in 1976, and Chopard Happy Sports Watches, launched in 1993, is the perfect holiday gift for any women. The Chopard Happy Watches are shimmering with rich colors.

Chopard Happy Beach Fish Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial with Diamond Floating Fish & Diamonds on Red Rubber Strap 28-8347-8-401

Tired of the snow then think about sand and sun and glorious endless beaches. Think of Chopard Happy Beach Fish with a flip flop red band and the cutest floating fish. This watch is available at the Watchery for 38% off. Chopard Happy Sport Ladies' Small Watch Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial with 5 Floating Diamonds Diamond Bezel 27-8294-23-M

This watch seems to glide upon itself with its smooth stainless steel pebbled links on the bracelet complement the five floating diamonds. Another magnificent feature of this watch is the two rows of diamonds on the bezel and Sapphire cabochon on the lugs and crown.
Chopard Happy Sport Be Happy Ladies' Square Watch Stainless Silver Wave Dial with Diamonds on Blue Rubber Strap 278896-3003

With all the Holiday shopping, a vacation is in order. A vacation with a huge ... pool. This watch leaves nothing to the pool going imagination complete with the pool equipment blue rubber strap and matching bezel and actual waves on the dial of the watch. I love the fact the watch is a perfect square and we know how much square watches are in. I cannot forget the three floating diamonds that seem to float on the waves of an eternal summer.

Chopard Happy Hearts Ladies' Midsize Watch Stainless Steel Pink MOP Dial with Floating Hearts on Pink Leather Strap 27/8951

I don't know what I like best on this watch. It could be the tiny red heart set with 13 rubies or the tiny white heart set with 13 diamonds or both. It could be the tiny indentations on the bezel or the perfect shade of pink chosen for this watch or the fact that it is 35% off the List Price at The Watchery. One thing is certain this watch is created for you when you suddenly find yourself at a loss for words.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deal of the Day! Concord La Scala only $349

If you have always wanted a Concord La Scala and never been able to afford one, here is your once in a lifetime chance. This Deal of the Day is incredible. A Genuine La Scala for only $349.00. Grab the Deal. The Watches are in stock and ready to ship now.
Concord La Scala Ladies' Large Watch Chronograph Stainless Steel Pink Guilloche Diamond Dial Diamond Lugs on Bordeaux Leather Strap 0310426

It was this afternoon when I received the notification Email about this unbelievable Deal of the Day! CONCORD LA SCALA ONLY $349.00. I stared at the Email and rubbed my eyes. "Impossible" I thought, "No way." I got up. Grabbed a good strong cup of coffee and reread the Email. I clicked on the picture attachment and I mean this watch is gorgeous. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Bordeaux leather strap. The strap so vibrant in color and extremely comfortable to wear.
I had to get to the bottom of this deal. How on earth could this watch be so cheap? I picked up the phone and punched in my superiors number.

"The Concord LA SCALA
Deal of the Day," I blurted without the usual hello, "Could it be going for only $349.00."

"Yes!" My superior said

"But how?" I said

"Well," he said, "From the very beginning this particular model of La Scala was priced much lower than the other almost identical watches in its collection. This Concord La Scala with the Bordeaux strap was only priced at $2,190 while other identical watches in the collection were priced at $5,130. The only difference is the color strap. Could it be a mistake by Concord like some type of typo or oversight? Possibly. So we can provide our customers with never before seen prices on a Concord La Scala"

"But the watch is perfect," I breathed, "I mean the pink goulloche dial surrounding the diamond hour markers. This price is almost surreal."
I hung up only later realized that I had not said Good-Bye. Oh Well with a Deal like this gorgeous Concord LA SCALA for only $349.00, no superfluous words are needed.

The Concord La Scala was unveiled in 1997, a collection of geometrically inspired timepieces with an Art Deco hint. The Collection includes the LA SCALA Tonneau which was unveiled in 2003

This 100% genuine Concord La Scala can be yours yours yours for just $349.00. A whopping 84% of the List Price. Get it! Fill your life with some color and don't hesitate. The Concord La Scala is the Deal of the Day which means good things must come to an end. Buy your Watch at WWW.THEWATCHERY.COM by Tuesday Night at 11:59.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't tell her that her Movado Gentry was only $99 at TheWatchery

Hurry ! The sale ends today at 11:59pm ET so don't be caught empty handed. Movado Gentry for Women only $99.

Movado Gentry Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial on Brown Leather Strap 0604993

The Movado Gentry is a watch to be worn everyday. The strap is supremely comfortable brushed leather. A black dial color complements the brushed steel bezel. The Sapphire crystal is harder than most materials and is scratch resistant. The hand indicators and hour markers are luminous which enables the wearer to know the time in the dark. The watch movement is precise Swiss quartz. The sub dial tirelessly keeps the seconds. The watch is easy to read with engraved Arabic Numbers on the brushed steel bezel as well as the bold white numbers 3, 9 and 12 on the dial.

This watch works for you or the lady in your life. Not only is the watch a practical addition to a women's wardrobe, it also does wonders on the pocket. The list price is $495.00 Our old price was $195 (an incredible savings in itself.) Today our watch is $99, a savings of $396.00 which is 80% off the List Price.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Movado keeps time since 1881 and now you can own a Movado for just $99.

The mind blowing prices on Movado watches are almost too good to be true. Movado Gentry for him and her for just $99 each. Unbelievable.

Movado Gentry Mens' Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial on Brown Leather Strap 0604992

Movado began ticking in 1881 when Achille Diteshein, a young headstrong entrepreneur of just 19 years old accomplished in a few years what most people only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime, he hired six watchmakers and set up shop in Le Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. He worked tirelessly to be the best, to invent, to be a step ahead. It is incredible to note, in the first 100 years of existence, Movado registered close to 100 patents. In 1890 Achille's brothers, Leopold and Isadore, "stepped on the band wagon" and joined the company becoming L.A.I Diteshein.
The year 1905 became the pivotal year for the three brothers when the name "MOVADO" was chosen to represent the company. Movado means "always in motion" in Esperanto.

In 1912 the polyplan watch debuted, contoured to follow the curve of the wrist. The watch is elongated and rectangular with a revolutionary movement constructed on three levels. The polyplan would lie forgotten for the next 89 years until 2001 when Movado would release the exquisite Elliptica. The Elliptica is quite unique in that the numbers are along the top and bottom, and only the 3 and 9 are at the sides. Elliptica watches are available at The Watchery for 83% off.

Movado Elliptica Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel White Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Lavender Leather Strap 0604905

Movado gained worldwide respect and recognition with the introduction of the museum watch. Nathan George Horwitt, a follower of the Bauhaus movement, designed a watch with no ornamentation besides for a gold dot at the 12 o'clock representing the sun at high noon.
In 1959 the "dot at the top watch" was excepted into the Design Collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art becoming known as the "Museum Watch". In 1960 Movado purchases Horwitt's design and begins production of the world famous museum watch. George Horwitt had designed the watch a full 13 years earlier. It single dot seemed quite plain to some. After all with all the great designs out there why would anyone want a dial with a single dot? However Movado was created by little more than a boy who had a vision to the future. Movado recognised the small dot as powerful as the sun itself. To be able to own a Movado for as little as $99 is incredible.Movado Dolca Ladies' Watch Gold Plated Mother-of-Pearl Dial 0605588

I simply love the Movado, Dolca. The museum watch bracelet design features cushion-cornered square links with circular center cutouts. The Dolca featured above is a geometric beauty with a distinct retro feel.
Movado Vivo Ladies' Watch Gold Tone Black Dial 0605638

A delicate as tulips whose season is too short, is the Movado Vivo. Aside from the slim bracelet, the beautiful gold tone case that frames the Museum dial is positioned slightly closer to the bottom edge of the case. This feminine round watch gives the illusion that the case is elongated on the top and sides. However the watch is in fact quite round. This little tease gives the watch an alluring sense of captivating mystery adding to its sensual curves.

I have blogged about the Movado SL quite a number of times and in other Movado blogs I frequently feel an irresistible urge to mention Movado SL. Call it a Movado SL addiction. I will get some help for it I promise, but for now I need to blog about the Movado SL so please hear me out. The Movado SL symbolized an entirely new dimension in Movado - the Movado Sport Luxury Timepieces. The Movado SL features an elegant but sporty round case with the loan dot at the 12 o' clock; however while other Movado Musuem watches have a truly loan dot, this dot has quite a bit of company. The dot is carried from the dial onto the center of each segment of the bracelet. If you love the Movado SL, you have come to the right place (and I know how hard it is to get where you want to be on the net).

The Watchery is the place for all your Movado needs. Did I mention that you can get His and Hers Movado Gentry for $99 a piece? Yes I think I must have. But don't you think it is an awesome deal and worth mentioning twice? I do and with the Holidays only a couple of days away you simply cannot afford to miss this deal. Some watches are 90% off. This type of savings is once in a lifetime and cannot be missed.
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Enjoy your Movado and enjoy your savings.

(Did I mention the Movado SL? Yes I must have)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The $99 Movado Watch Sale is back

Movado Gentry Mens' Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial on Brown Leather Strap 0604992

Super Sale Price: $99

Movado Gentry

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