Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Five Reasons Why You Need A Watch Winder

1. If you own an Automatic Mechanical Watch.

Automatic Watches are wound by the swinging motion of the wearers arm. This is achieved by a semicircular 'rotor', an eccentric weight that turns on a pivot, inside the watch case. The swinging motion of the wearer cause the rotor to swing back-and-forth on its staff. The staff is attached to a ratcheted winding mechanism. The motion of the wearer's arm is transferred into the circular motion of the rotor and via a series of reverser and reducing gears, winds the mainspring. Modern Automatic watches contain two ratchets and wind the mainspring during both clockwise and counterclockwise rotor motions.

2. If you do not wear your automatic watch on a daily basis.
Most automatic watches have a power reserve of 48 or 72 hours. Some watches even have a 7 day power reserve like the IWC Portuguese Automatic 7 Day Power Reserve available at THE WATCHERY. After the Power Reserve is depleted, the automatic watch will stop.

3. If you are an avid watch wearer who likes to switch watches for different occasions.

4. If you own an automatic watch with a perpetual calender (a complex complication that accounts for the differing lengths of months and leap years).

5. If your time is as valuable as your watch, and you have no time to reset the time and date.

There are many Watch Winders out there, some are quite cheap as in the $100 range; however beware of gimmicks. Not all watch winders are of equal quality. A cheap watch winder may actually harm the movement of a watch with jerky motions. A luxury watch requires a good watch winder with smooth regular motions.

Now in stock at THE WATCHERY is the ultimate Watch Winder for exceptional luxury watch care.

The Italian Made Scatola Del Tempo Rotori is a two watch winder ideal for one who owns two or three automatic watches. The watch winder rotates clockwise and counter clockwise switching direction automatically. The case is aesthetically appealing with a warm Briarroot Wood Exterior and Leather and Jacquard Silk Interior. In addition, the Watch Winder doubles as a Watch and Jewelry Storage Case capable of storing one Strap Watch, Rings, Cuff links and Bracelets.
Priced at $4,690, you save 30% off the List Price.

Purchase a Watch Winder today, as your time is money.