Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Corum 082-961-47-F379-PN25 Admiral's Cup Blue Mother-of-Pearl Dial Rubber Women's Automatic Watch

What is the most frightening thing about Halloween this year? It is THE WATCHERY's low low prices.
As ghosts and ghouls thunder around, you best purchase your watch. The best choice at this time of year is ,without a doubt, Corum. Corum is known for making creepy watches - check out a hand picked selection mentioned in my Halloween tale. Yet Corum does not only keep to the dark side. Corum crafts watches of an ethereal nature too, such as the one above. This Admiral Cup Beauty is a reflection of a blue peaceful sky, and since it is Halloween and I can extend my imagination just a tad, I would say the glittering diamond encrusted star is a sprite hovering above the dial.

The 164 diamonds ,totaling 1.2 carrots, lend an exquisite, fresh look to the watch. I love the fact that although it is a ladies watch, it is not quartz. The movement is a self winding (automatic) movement, which, to me, is important. The timepiece requires no batteries to power its movement, rather it pulls energy from the gentle motion of the wearers hand. The hour hand points to a 30 minute and 60 minute mark instead of a 12 and 6. This adds an interesting touch to the dial.
The nautical flags are evident on the inner rim of the bezel, a signature mark on all Corum's admiral cup watches. This collection is currently more popular than its namesake - the admiral cup an international yachting regatta- which last raced in 2003, and has been put off indefinitely.

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