Monday, September 1, 2008

Concord's slim and delicate Delirium.

A century ago, in Bienne, Switzerland, two young swills craftsman had an ambition to create watches with thin sleek proportions... and so Concord was born.
Concord has been a pioneer in the watch industry. In 1915, Concord produced the first private-label luxury watches with diamonds and precious metals. Concord watches was once the official gift of U.S. Presidents to visiting heads of state. In 1979, Concord made leap in watch history when Concord unveiled its ultra-flat Swiss quartz movement with the Delirium. The Delirium was a mere 1.98 mm thin. The next year Concord broke its own record by the introduction of the Delirium IV with a remarkable reduction of just under 1mm. Concord still holds the record for the thinnest watch in the world.

In 2004 Concord commemorated the silver anniversary of the Original Delirium, and unveiled the new Delirium XXV Collection. This collection includes diamond encrusted 18K gold quartz as well as limited edition hand-winding mechanical timepieces.

The new Concord Delirium Collection is vast, catering to a wide range of unique tastes. The Concord Delirium Manual Wind is a watch with deliberate taste and style. The mechanical movements are mesmerising as they can be viewed through the see through dial.

The new Concord Delirium includes this glittering Diamond encrusted Watch. Every diamond is carefully chosen to enhance the clear delicate beauty of the watch. This watch will compliment a woman on her evening out, mirroring her radiance.

The new Concord Delirium is available in Men, Womens and Unisex. The has a huge range of Concord Delirium at unbelievably low prices. You can finally own a Delirium at discounts of up to 65%. Choose from a wide range of colors including red, blue, mother-of-pearl, black, gold and silver dials.

Choose a Concord Delirium for any occasion, whether it is an "office everyday" watch, a watch to commemorate your wedding day or a gift for "someone special" in your life. It is the perfect watch for the perfect occasion. With the Concord Delirium no choice is a bad choice.

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