Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ebel Beluga for 82% off The Watchery Deal of the Day and a Happy Chopard Holiday

Ebel Beluga Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Blue Diamond Dial 9157421/4850

In 1985 Ebel unveiled its iconic Ebel Beluga, a watch whose shape is coveted by ladies everywhere. Ebel was founded in 1911 by Eugene Blum and his wife Alice Levy in La Chaux-deFonds, Switzerland. Alice infused the company with a feel for the feminine desire and look. The shape of the Ebel Beluga watch seems to flow around the wrist. The Watchery has brought you an Ebel Beluga for only $460.00 which is 82% off the List Price. This watch is exceptionally striking with it iridescent blue dial and 8 diamond hour markers. I love the color composition of this watch.

In addition to the Deal of the Day, I would like to introduce you to a couple of Chopard Happy watches, available at THE WATCHERY which are excellent Holiday Gifts. It had started snowing when I began writing this blog...

I watched the snow drift to the ground, stark white against the black night. The snow made me think of Chopard Happy Collection, how the gems or diamonds glide across the dial of the watch between two transparent layers of sapphire crystal. Chopard Happy Sport Snowflake Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel White Dial with Floating Diamond Snowflakes on White Rubber Strap 28/8948

Chopard Happy watches, introduced in 1976, and Chopard Happy Sports Watches, launched in 1993, is the perfect holiday gift for any women. The Chopard Happy Watches are shimmering with rich colors.

Chopard Happy Beach Fish Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Black Dial with Diamond Floating Fish & Diamonds on Red Rubber Strap 28-8347-8-401

Tired of the snow then think about sand and sun and glorious endless beaches. Think of Chopard Happy Beach Fish with a flip flop red band and the cutest floating fish. This watch is available at the Watchery for 38% off. Chopard Happy Sport Ladies' Small Watch Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial with 5 Floating Diamonds Diamond Bezel 27-8294-23-M

This watch seems to glide upon itself with its smooth stainless steel pebbled links on the bracelet complement the five floating diamonds. Another magnificent feature of this watch is the two rows of diamonds on the bezel and Sapphire cabochon on the lugs and crown.
Chopard Happy Sport Be Happy Ladies' Square Watch Stainless Silver Wave Dial with Diamonds on Blue Rubber Strap 278896-3003

With all the Holiday shopping, a vacation is in order. A vacation with a huge ... pool. This watch leaves nothing to the pool going imagination complete with the pool equipment blue rubber strap and matching bezel and actual waves on the dial of the watch. I love the fact the watch is a perfect square and we know how much square watches are in. I cannot forget the three floating diamonds that seem to float on the waves of an eternal summer.

Chopard Happy Hearts Ladies' Midsize Watch Stainless Steel Pink MOP Dial with Floating Hearts on Pink Leather Strap 27/8951

I don't know what I like best on this watch. It could be the tiny red heart set with 13 rubies or the tiny white heart set with 13 diamonds or both. It could be the tiny indentations on the bezel or the perfect shade of pink chosen for this watch or the fact that it is 35% off the List Price at The Watchery. One thing is certain this watch is created for you when you suddenly find yourself at a loss for words.

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