Friday, December 19, 2008

Movado Eliro only $149. So cheap it can be a stocking stuffer!



The Iconic Movado Single dot glints boldly above the distinctive dials. The Movado Eliro is instantly recognizable and supremely comfortable. The supple black alligator strap rests lightly on the wrist. The Movado Eliro is an excellent addition to a women's wardrobe. The Watch is neither flashy nor garish but subtle and sincere.

Don't let the low price fool you. Movado is not a cheap brand. It is a brand recognized throughout the world as stylish and cutting edge. It is a brand that looked at a tiny gold dot on a blank watch face and saw modern design and decades of potential. Movado saw collections and collections stemming from Nathan George Horwitt's Dot at the Top. In the latter part of the 194o's Nathan George Horwitt, a creator of many designs, had struggled to get a patent for his simple yet genius and then he struggles to get a watch company to recognize the enormous potential of his work. Over ten years later Movado bought the design and the design became Movado.

Now you can have a Movado of your very own for an unbelievable price.