Friday, February 6, 2009

A Luxury Watch for My Valentine.

Watch her face as she unwraps the small box. You have chosen the wrapping with extraordinary care, standing for hours in the department store. You are not good with that kind of stuff. You finally chose gold wrapping paper with tiny raised hearts... and now she is unwrapping the box, a hint of a smile playing on her lips. Your heart begins to thump as a sudden uncertainty rushes through you...
"Will she like it?"
I think she will. I think she will truly like the watch you have chosen.
Lets rewind a bit and bring you to the present. You have made your decision and you know a Luxury Watch is the perfect Valentines Day Gift for your loved one. You have noticed how she rummages in her bag to locate her cellphone whenever she needs the time, and how the cellphone is sometimes dead, and how she frowns slightly in mild irritation.

Thankfully THE WATCHERY has a vast array of luxury watches and the perfect one is out there. You will know when you find it.

If you want to shower you loved one with diamonds then the Concord Saratoga SL Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Diamond Sapphire Dial Diamond Sapphire Bezel Diamond Bracelet 0308880
is a breathtaking choice. The watch is simply paved with dazzling diamonds blurring the lines between jewelry and timepiece. The shimmering diamonds are punctuated with sapphires of the deepest blue and the gems are expertly arranged on 18k white gold. The movement is precise Swiss Quartz. Currently this watch is on sale for $79,620 which saves you a remarkable $215,270.

Another elegant choice is gold. I love rose gold and it is quite a popular hue in todays market. A perfect watch for everyday and a night out is the Ebel Beluga Lady Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Mother-of-Pearl Diamond Dial Diamond Bezel 5976428/9995050.
It is the riveting hue of the rose gold and the elegant mother-of-pearl spiral guilloche dial that transforms this watch into a masterpiece. From the very beginning Ebel had a ladies touch, Alice Levy, who founded Ebel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1911, with her husband Eugene Blum.
The Ebel Beluga is 60% off at THE WATCHERY.

If your loved one is a bit of a dare devil, climbing mountains and scaling cliffs, then a Sports Watch is an excellent choice. The Golana Swiss Aura Women's Chronograph Watch Stainless Steel White Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Black Leather Strap AU200-4
Golana is a company dedicated to the quest for precision and durability. The result is a watch of supreme quality and cutting edge. This watch is excellent for everyday wear. The calf leather band is exceedingly comfortable. With a chronograph function and water resistance up to 100 meters this watch is meant to be worn and worn.

If your loved one likes a wealth of colors, well then THE WATCHERY as colors fit for a rainbow. This Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Automatic Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Pink Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamond Bezel on Pink Strap 80480D53P962-KK9D
is a delightful watch. I have always loved the Cat's Eye Collection with small complications. This watch with its smoky pink dial exudes mysterious fun and a hint of naughtiness. The watch is entirely mechanical and comes equipped with a convenient power reserve display between the 6 'o'clock and the tiny star. The watch is also automatic so no endless winding, just the gentle swinging motion of the wearers arm.

And now I will end with a simple watch, but it is in its simplicity that it has thrived for decades. The Movado Museum Watch. Nathan George Horwitt wanted a dial without clutter, thus he designed the Museum Watch. His watch which was previously known as the Dot at the Top Watch was placed in the Museum of Modern Art and consequently became known as the Museum Watch. The gold dot representing the sun at high noon, the gold hands and the gold case are striking against the black dial and strap. Immediately recognizable, this watch makes a gorgeous gift. This watch can be yours to give for a mere $273 at a 54% savings.

Movado Museum Ladies' Watch Gold Plated Black Dial on Black Leather Strap 0601943

If you have not found quite the Watch you are looking for, browse through the hundreds of watches at THE WATCHERY. Our easy to use search format makes looking for just the right watch a breeze, and a load of fun. You can adjust your search criteria to find the exact watch in just a few moment. It won't be long before the present becomes the future and finally she unwraps your Valentines Day Gift.

You notice her hands are shaking with excitement as a bit of wrapping paper flutters to the floor. She doesn't notice as her eyes are riveted to the box. She lifts the lid and her eyes begin to shine.
"Oh! It's perfect," she sighs, and you know you have made the right choice.