Monday, February 16, 2009

Watches that capture the eye.

My 9 year son was following me around the house this morning while I was frantically trying to shake off the languid weekend and get going. He was paging through one of the numerous watch magazines that I have around the house.

"Did you blog about this watch?" he said,

"No!" I replied trying to find my other shoe.

"Why not. I love this watch," he replied

"What about this watch," he insisted, "Did you blog about this one?"

By this time my entire top portion of my body was inside the shoe closet and I was scrounging around for the lost shoe. My son shoved the magazine in front of my nose ,which was still nosing around in my closet, to show me a De Grisogono watch that I had blogged about.

"Yes!" I said with enthusiasm " I blogged about that one", hoping I had gotten off the hook.

He was not impressed, and insisted I blog about the watches he had shown me.

His list of watches started off quite eerily and I shivered as I approached the Corum Bubble with vicious looking bats circling in the cloudless dial under the domed sapphire crystal. I was determined to please him, and I set aside my bat phobias originating from woodsy sleep over camps and I began to blog.

Corum Bubble XL Mens' Automatic Watch Blue Bat Dial Black Diamond Bezel on Black Leather Strap 082-157-49-0F01-BATR
Somehow I was not surprised when he showed me this watch, being an animal lover and all ... but I am not quite sure about the bat thing. Corum in all its eery splendour has managed to craft a watch with vampirish elegance. I love the blood dripping off the second hand. The minute and hour hand are skeletonized so as not to detract from the image. As with all the Corum Bubble Watches, the scratch resistant sapphire crystal is domed. The bezel is set with diamonds as black as the night.

Chopard Happy Sport Ladies' Square Watch 18K White Gold Diamond Dial with Floating Black Diamonds & Rubies on Deep Red Leather Strap 276852-1017

He watched as I gazed at THE WATCHERY website, jumping up and down as he saw the Deal of the Day. (I don't know what it is with him and watches). I could see what had caused such excitement. Chopard does that to people, even people as young as nine. The vibrant pomegranate red pulsated with furious energy. I love rubies they are gems that seem to glow with an inner warm fire. A ring of ruby fire encircles the dial which is paved with diamonds like Alaskan volcanoes circling the glaciers. As with all Chopard Happy Collection, gems float above the dial between two layers of Sapphire crystal, rubies and the black diamands which adds mystery to the ensemble. In addition the black diamonds cluster around the 18K white gold case. The hand indicators are blue which soften the look. All in all the watch boasts 58 black dioamands (1.58 CT) and 40 rubies (2.00 CT). The movement is precise swiss quartz. Currently the timepiece us 76% off at THE WATCHERY. Current price is $7,995.00 down from the List Price of $32,740.00. I will let you do the Math to discover the jaw dropping savings.

Next my son came forward with a Gerald Genta masterpiece which reminded him of the top of a soda can. A watch meant to get noticed, and noticed it did, by my son.

Somehow, I knew he would pick a Gerald Genta. Gerald Genta watches are quite unique one has to look twice to grasp the entire watch. The hands do resemble coke rendering the watch quite striking. The Gerald Genta Genta has an entirely hand decorated self winding movement. Jumping hours and retrograde minutes and date, which is quite common in Gerald Genta watches. With 45 hour power reserve as well as two rows of titanium beads encircling the case band. The Concave black dial is multi leveled with a gorgeous warm bronze-coloured stripe base. The dial is protected by anti reflection sapphire crystal. The crown is beaded as well as an open case back secured with pentagonal screws. The band is alligator leather for a comfortable fit.