Friday, April 3, 2009

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Corum $20 Coin Mens' Automatic Watch 18K Yellow Gold on Black Strap 082-355-56-0001 MU51

Time is money; however, more precious and impossible to recover, if lost. Corum too the "Time is money" concept to an entirely different level by making "Time in Money" . At the Basel fair In 1965 "the coin watch" made its entrance into the world of horology. This concept was not new, watchmakers had tried to incorporate a coin into a pocket watch ; however, they used one side of the coin as a retractable watch cover while the other side was the case back. The idea was there, but the pocket watch was fragile.

Corum's owner of 1965, Rene Bannwart, seeing an enormous potential in the coin watch, did away with the watch cover idea and used the coin as the actual dial. This was made possible by the introduction of Sapphire crystal which would protect the coin dial. An ultra thin movement was positioned between the two faces of a cut out coin and enclosed in a circular case whose edges were grooved like those of a coin. This model was one of a kind and patented in 1964.
Corum crafted its watches either from the $10 American Eagle or the $20 American Double Eagle, thus increasing the popularity of the coin watch in the USA. 12 coin watches were sold even before they were unveiled at Basel world.These coins were hard to come by, as they were removed from circulation in the 1930's, following the great depression, making these watches instant collection items.

However, there was one great hurdle which kept the coin watches under lock and key, a law in the United States prohibited the mutilation of coins within its borders and thus after lengthy negotiations, Corum was prohibited to cut the coins outside of the United States. Many presidents wore this iconic watch on their wrists, making this watch a prized article among collectors. For a time there was a lull in Corum's manufacturing of the coin watches as the company focused on other unique collections. In 2006 Corum began manufacturing the coin watches again with a couple of slight adjustments thanks to the technical advances in the watch industry. Coin watches are available with either a quartz movement or automatic. The thickness of the Double Eagle 35 mm and for the Eagle 31.5mm making the Coin watch an elegant choice for a women's wrist. The coin watches are available with a crocodile leather strap or an 18 carat gold bracelet.

Almost all US presidents commencing with President Nixon were presented with a Corum coin watch. It does say a great deal about the watch, and you can own one for a fraction of the list price from the THE WATCHERY.