Monday, April 20, 2009

I lost my luxury watch!

As per the charming weather reporter on NBC, the day was supposed to be lovely. Sunny and 70 degrees. Who could ask for more? It was a lovely day until I lost my Cartier Tank.
I have searched high and low. I have upturned countless trash cans, even the neighbours trash, with their amazed permission of course. I rifled through fish skeletons and apple peels. I upturned empty boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios and Corn Flakes. I shook smelly open cans of tuna, until I was absolutely sure my Cartier Tank was not in the trash. I even jumped into my car to race to the city dump, until the ones closest to me explained that it may not be a good idea. My house looks like it has been ransacked. I did it. Every drawer has been opened and every closet in disarray. Oh I have a clean-up job when I get back to my senses, but not now. Now I have to find my Cartier Tank. I cannot remember the last time I saw it. But I know it is not on my wrist where it should be, and I know it has been on my wrist year in and year out. I cannot bare the thought of parting with it. It seems like a large crack has appeared in that part which I view my self, who I am. Oh I know this sounds like psychological drib drab, and truly if the watch was sitting in supreme comfort on my wrist I would have rolled my eyes too.

But losing the watch has rattled me to no end, and it is upon losing the watch that I realise the extreme connection I have. It will turn up. I know it will.

Now when one shops for a luxury watch it is so much more than merely shopping for a pair of shoes or a shirt. A luxury watch is meant for life, and it is made for life. Companies like Cartier, Audemars Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Ebel, Tag Heuer, IWC,Concord, Patek Philippe and so many others have this intrinsic knowledge. Every watch they carefully design and craft ,and eventually after much scrutiny release to the consumer, will become part of the identity of the purchaser.

To purchase the perfect watch takes much consideration and thought, and THE WATCHERY can help you. At THE WATCHERY you can narrow your search down by numerous criteria. You can search by Company, Material, Cost, Band Color, Dial Color and so much more. You can find the perfect watch. The watch that will become part of who you, how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself.

I understand the connection one has with ones watch fully now, as I fear my watch is lost. Every space and nook I look into, and every shelf I walk past, I scan, hoping I missed something, and hoping my watch will appear. On second thought I haven't looked in the second bedroom behind the "How to Organize your life" stack of books.