Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day at THE WATCHERY

Corum Sugar Cube Ladies' Watch Stainless Steel Light Pink Dial Diamond Bezel 137-427-47-E050EB34

Mother's Day in May 10th! Order your mother a watch today.Order before Wednesday May 6th at 3pm from the THE WATCHERY will guarantee delivery by Mother’s Day within the U.S. (free for orders above $300).

The watchery has a complete GIFT GUIDE for this Mother's Day. You owe it to your mother remember the time you tramped through the house leaving a trail of mud and she said nothing or when you felt sick in school and your mother picked you up and bought you vanilla ice cream or the time she sprayed your room with invisible "monster spray" that she personally conjured and that really worked.

I am sure some of these images jog a memory or too. Now its your turn and show your appreciation with a luxury watch. Your mother will probably gasp at the dazzling gold timepiece and she will probably say, "You shouldn't have," but you know the truth, you know you should have and you can see the appreciation in her eyes. You can see it very well.
Movado Kara Ladies' Watch Two Tone Black Dial 0605248

A watch will not wilt and fade like a fresh bouquet of exotic flowers. A watch will not rest on a mantelpiece at first in front and then behind a multitude of family pictures and cards. A watch will be worn day in and day out, and when your mother will look at the time, she will remember you.
Give your Mom a Luxury Watch this Mother's Day , May 10th, from THE WATCHERY. Give your mom a Luxury Watch.