Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Give a Audemars Piguet on your Wedding Anniversary

Audemars Piguet Dress Ladies' Watch 18K White Gold Diamond Ruby Dial Diamond Bezel Ruby Lugs 66941BC-RR-1017BC-01

Summer is a wonderful time to be married, the weather is warm and the days are long and anniversaries are spent soaking up sun in faraway getaways. A wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone which should not be taken lightly. The perfect way to show your wife appreciation is by giving her a gift. If you have no idea what to buy your wife, other than a new kitchen appliance which is not always a good idea, you are in luck, their is an actual wedding anniversary list providing you with the type of gift you can give to your spouse each year.

The first anniversary, it is customary to give a clock, the second anniversary- china and so on. The tenth anniversary- diamond jewelry, the fifteenth- a watch, the twentieth-platinum, thirtieth - pearl, fortieth - ruby, fiftieth - gold and sixtieth - diamond. The watch I have chosen is the perfect wedding anniversary gift to give to ones wife.

Audemars Piguet is the master in the craft of horology, known by all as an exceptional brand. Being that it is a watch, it is a perfect tenth or fifteenth wedding anniversary gift. The Bezel is sprinkled with 17 round diamonds and 6 baguette diamonds exquisitely cut to enhance the watches delicate form and associated with ones sixtieth wedding anniversary. The dial too, is paved with diamonds so that the watch is dancing between the line of jewelry and watch. The lugs are red tear shaped rubies; in addition, rubies mark the 3, 6 and 9 'o' clock position. Ruby has a deep connection to ones fortieth wedding anniversary. The case is 18k white gold which marks ones fiftieth anniversary. This gorgeous luxury watch is a testament to a long marriage.

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