Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Image of a Cartier Santos.

Cartier Santos de Cartier Galbee XL Mens Automatic Watch Stainless Steel Silver Dial W20098D6

A gentleman strode into the office today wearing a Cartier Santos. Although, he was a complete stranger, he immediately gained my respect. He was a man of substance. He was wearing a Cartier Santos.

Sound's ridiculous. Well it is human nature: Observers tend to respond positively to those who are more attractive and polished than to those who are disheveled an unattractive. It is a fact, with solid empirical evidence.

Another thesis is that first impressions are made astonishingly quickly. In a study by Todorov et al. (2005) indicated that ratings of competence, after a mere one-second exposure to faces of political candidates, were significant predictors of election results. In 2006 another study by Willis and Todorov had participants rate actors after only one-tenth of a second exposure to their faces. (Ref: Social Psychology - Baron, Branscombe and Byrne).

Cartier Santos 100 XL Mens Watch Automatic Two Tone Silver Dial on Brown Leather Strap W20072X7

Your overall image is exceedingly important to the way you want to be viewed, and the watch you wear is included in that image. Do you want to be viewed as a Cartier person with class, distinction and character (all which are summed up by the observer in a fraction of a second) or do you want to be viewed as a $10.00 digital watch kind of guy who just happened to find the perfect watch on a revolving rack near the checkout line of the local supermarket?

In this economic environment it is crucial to maintain a solid image; although it may be exceedingly challenging. However at THE WATCHERY we have made that easier for you. You can keep or even improve your image by purchasing a name brand watch at rock bottom prices. Purchase a sleek Concord La Scala for 70% off the list price or a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (the height of style) for 44% off the list price. By purchasing a new watch at our low price, and wearing it to your next meeting or job interview, you will feel good about yourself. You will feel more confident and more worthy of respect. Those feelings will bask your image in an invisible glow which will be felt by the observers and add that critical first impression.

About an hour later, glanced at his Cartier Santos, shook hands and got up to leave. His Cartier Santos glinted under the overhead fluorescent lights as he walked towards the door. The Cartier Santos had completed his image. An image that is formed in the observer's mind in one-tenth of a second.