Monday, March 15, 2010

Its Time For a Harry Winston Luxury Watch

Harry Winston 200-MMTZ39RL-A Premier Excenter Black Dial Leather Men's Two Time Zones, Power Reserve Watch

Harry Winston held the world's most precious gems in his hand: The Hope Diamond, The Lesotho Brown Diamond, The Jonker and The President Vargas Diamond to name a few. Harry Winston jewels have adorned celebrities and adored by them. I mention these facts to relay the significance of purchasing a Harry Winston Watch.
It is the Harry Winston lugs that capture my attention, the placement and symmetry form a perfect balance, which enhances the roundness of the bezel by hinting to its continuity. A subtle elegance of stature exudes from the watch, quietly powerful and undoubtedly obvious. The regular time display is accentuated by a bold frame baring the hours; to the left is a retrograde second time zone with a 24 hour time display. The second time zone is positioned as not to interfere with the regular time display, but is prominent enough to be noticed when needed. A delightful day/night indicator below the time display is done in gentle hues of blue, yellow and white. A 5 day power reserve indicator holds a prominent dial position at the usual 12 o'clock.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal (an extremely hard crystal, its hardness only exceeded by diamond) protects the dial and the case back as well as providing a complete view of the magnificence of the mechanical hand wound movement. A comfortable leather strap accompanies the timepiece.

This Harry Winston timepiece and many other styles with varying complications are available at THE WATCHERY for up to 42% off the List Price.

It is time for a Harry Winston.