Monday, March 1, 2010

Beat the Competition with Bvlgari Diagono

Bvlgari AC44TAVD-SLN Diagono Silver Tone Dial Aluminium and Rubber Men's Automatic Chronograph Watch

Although the Vancouver Winter Olympics has come to an end, the excitement of competition is still rushing through our blood. Olympics is an ancient game dating back to 776 BC, held every Olympiad (every four years). The first was held in Olympia, Greece in honor of Zeus. Olympics is the ultimate test for sportsman hoping to be victorious and return home with the gold. The Bvlgari Diagono Collection, a Collection specifically designed for sports, bears the name stemming from the ancent Greek word "Agon", which means contest - specifically in athletics. In addition, Agon is a Greek Mythological personification associated with athletic strength and ability. Thus when one dons a Bvlgari Diagono Sports Timepiece, one is in the game.

The increasingly popular Diagono Collection was unveiled in 1988. Most recognizable by its flat bezel angled at 45 degrees as well as its contemporary combination of different watch materials, the Diagono collection has a fresh competitive look accompanied by excellent craftsmanship.
The Watchery has a large collection of Bvlgari Diagono Sports Watches with intriguing material combinations of round matte aluminium and titanium case; silver tone and black aluminium rubber strap (depicted above) or a polished 18k white gold watch case surrounded by a pitch black rubber bezel and black rubber bracelet (depicted to the left).

These sporty timepieces are extremely lightweight and resilient specially designed to withstand sharp motions most often associated with sports. The Diagono Collection encompasses watches for the professional athlete including chronographs, GMT with three time zones, AM/PM Indicator, 42 hour power reserve and watches stamped with the approval of the COSC deeming it a chronometer able to keep precise time under the most demanding environments.

Owing to its name, style and functionality, Bvlgari Diagono is a true sportsman's watch.