Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Origin of the Cartier Pasha

Pasha Automatic Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Silver Diamond Gird and Bezel

Cartier watches exude a distinguished air that seems to envelope its watches in wave after wave of elegance.

It astonishes me, quite pleasantly I might add, that Cartier never messes up. Every one of Cartier's creations are perfect. Let's take the Pasha Automatic Watch I have depicted above as an example. The diamond studded grid covering the dial evokes a sense of security rather than entrapment. The name stems from an antetode with the Morrocan Pasha of Marrakech. The Pasha liked to swim; however, it seemed he frequently lost track of time whilst in the pool. Cartier solved the Pasha timekeeping dilemma with the first waterproof Cartier Tank. Years later in the 1943, Cartier unveiled the Pasha. The original Pasha was crafted from pure gold with a grid, like many army watches of that time (click here for an in depth look at different Military watches). The cage look has been around since the 1880's designed by Constant Girard and introduced at the Berlin Trade Fair. Of course, the original Pasha was water resistant, and obvious feature in accordance with the original request of the Pasha.
A screw down crown increases water resistance as well as a handy little cap ,attached to a small chain, screws over the crown to prevent water seeping in that way.
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