Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to School! Great Deals at THE WATCHERY

Hey parents! The school year begins very soon. Yes! Unbelievably the summer is almost over and the scrambling to school in the mornings will very soon become a reality. Does your child need an incentive to get to school on time? Does your child lose track of time? Is the stress getting to you? Well I have an idea and THE WATCHERY can help. How about a brand new watch. Stop the excuse, "Mom! I didn't know the time," because with a brand new watch, your kid will have the time strapped to his hand.
The Watchery has a huge range of cool, affordable, 100% genuine, brand name watches.

Check out this The Scout Black Dial Nylon Men's watch by Nixon. The strap is comfy and cool with a neat Polygon Brushed Stainless Steel Case adding a seriously macho look. The hands are luminescent. In addition the case back is screwed down enhancing the water resistance. The watch is water resistant up to 100m (330 feet) which is a great plus. For only 60 bucks you can buy yourself some time and rid yourself some stress.

Guys! Check out the watches. Not to sure about colors? No worries! The Scout White Dial Nylon Men's Watch comes in extreme black sporting a white dial. Black numbers on white face - you simply cannot get a clearer display of time.

If black is too severe - check out the shades of gray.
The Scout Black Dial Fabric Men's
Or the Nixon with the Chamo strap and metallic gray dial. Show up to class with one of these babies strapped to your wrist and I tell you, your popularity rating will go up a notch or two. Your mom has probably dragged you to the computer round about now to show you all these cool watches, so I am sure you know what I mean about keeping up the image.

Still not too sure about the exact color - then visit the WATCHERY for tons more watches.
Let mom buy you some time. Believe me it will make both your lives easier.