Friday, December 4, 2009

Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch

Ulysse Nardin has an amazing knack for combining colors of incredible richness. Ulysse Nardin's latest creation, the Moonstruck Watch, is a prime example. Before we delve into the remarkable functionality of this horological and astronomical marvel, let us perceive it for a moment on purely aesthetic grounds. In the very center of the timepiece is a realistic hand-painted representation of our earth, viewed as if one is suspended above the North pole. The rich dark blues of the deep ocean waters become almost aquamarine nearer the shallower waters of the continents. Even the continents portray the different climate zones of the earth. Rotating around the earth in accurate simulation is the moon, which is effected by gravity. Gravity is responsible for keeping the Earth and the other planets in their orbits around the Sun and for keeping the moon in its orbit around the Earth as well as the formation of tides. The idea of this watch is to embrace the idea of gravity not counter the effects of it as in Tourbillons.

Thus this incredible masterpiece is not simply a moon phase watch, but an actual astronomical instrument. You will notice rotating just beneath the bezel is the symbol of the sun in all its fiery glory. The sun is depicted from our earthly point of view "traveling" around the earth. The sun makes one full rotation every 24 hours.

The Moonphase Watch ,conceptualized by Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, encompasses our Sun, Earth and Moon system. The watch is scientifically accurate depicting the moon phase as well as the lunar and solar gravitation resulting in tidal movements. The entire team at Ulysse Nardin consisting of engineers, technicians and watchmakers used an ingenious method of splitting the moon's rotation across two discs combining into one display achieving remarkable accuracy so much so that more than 100,000 years will have to pass before it displays a full moon rather than a new moon. The sun's 24 hour rotation displayed via another disc allows for the determination of the current moon phase in relation to any location in the world. In addition, The Moonstruck, shows the global dynamics of tides including the current tidal status and trend in relation to specific coastlines or oceans and the combined influence of the Moon and Sun resulting in Spring tides.

The Mechanical Timepiece is equipped with a quick setting mechanism to adjust the pointer calender and a quick setting-setting to adjust the hour hand foreword or backward according to the wearers time zone. The Moonstruck is powered by a Ulysse Nardin in-house movement: The Moonstruck Caliber 106 which is an exclusively Ulysse Nardin development. Aside from its astronomical functions, the Automatic Caliber 106 Movement has a 50 hour power reserve and an escapement and hairspring crafted from silicon.

Moonstruck is available in limited edition of 500 pieces in 18 karat red gold and 500 pieces in platinum. The case is 46mm wide and is water resistant to 100 meters.

The development of this remarkable timepiece from idea to unveiling was achieved through the dedicated teamwork at Ulysse Nardin.