Monday, December 14, 2009

Breitling Reaches the Skies.

Breitling B4935053-G596-151Z Cockpit Silver Tone Dial Leather Lizard Men's Automatic Chronometer Watch
In 1884, Leon Breitling opened a workshop in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. His goal, making precision counters and chronographs for scientific purposes. As a result of Breitling's exceptional quality and craftsmanship, the company soon outgrew its original workshop and in 1892 moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds, the horological hub at that time. Breitling's vision was always to the skies, and applied much of its concentration on crafting a precise watch for pilots. It is in the skies, that every second counts and pilots require a precision watch that not only can keep precise time and withstand adverse conditions, but also has the functionality as a navigational instrument.
Breitling Watches are chronometers whereby the movements have endured days of rigorous testing by the C.O.S.C. and have met precision standards (click here to learn more).
In 1915, Gaston Breitling, Leon's son, crafted the first wristwatch chronograph providing pilots with a valuable instrument. As the world of aviation developed so did Breitling's commitment to achieving precision, perfection and function. In 1923 Breitling unveiled the first independent chronograph push piece which no longer required the winding- crown for the start and return to zero function. In 1932 Willy Breitling takes over the company maintaining the same high standards of his father and grandfather. In 1934, building upon the original push piece chronograph, Breitling unveiled a second return-to-zero pushpeice chronograph thus achieving the ability to measure several successive short times. In 1936 Breitling became the official supplier to the Royal Air Force forging a longstanding relationship. Breitling continued to makes horological aviation strides and in 1942 unveiled the CHRONOMAT, a chronograph baring a circular slide rule, by now Breitling supplied the American armed forces. Ten years later Breitling unveiled the NAVITIMER, a wristwatch ahead of its time, equipped with a "navigation computer" able to make all calculations required in a flight plan. This chronograph became the favorite among pilots worldwide; in addition Breitling began supplying the cockpit clocks for all major airlines. The COSMONAUTE Chronograph headed beyond the altitude of airplanes and headed into space on Astronaut Scott Carpenter's wrist during his orbital flight aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule. 1969- Breitling invents the chronograph self-winding movement thereby enabling the watch to be wound by the swinging motion of ones arm.
In 1979 a pilot, Ernest Schneider, takes over the company from Willy Breitling, Leon Breitling's grandson. 1985, AEROSPACE, a multifunctional electronic chronograph is crafted from titanium and becomes a popular timepiece among pilots. 1995 marks the introduction of the Breitling Emergency which sports a built in micro transmitter broadcasting on the 121.5 MHz aircraft emergency frequency. To date the Breitling Emergency has saved 21 lives including 13 people aboard the Mata-Rangi raft. In 1998, Breitling astonished the world of horology with the introduction of most versatile multifunction chronograph - the B-1. The B-1 was designed in close collaboration with professionals in aviation. The B-1 is fitted with a microprocessor designed exclusively for Breitling thus creating new milestones in the field of Swiss microelectronic engineering.
In 2000, Breitling moves to state-0f-the-art headquarters in Grenchen where chronometers are manufactured in optimal conditions. In its new home, Breitling unveils a SuperQuartz providing movements ten times that of a standard quartz, and becoming the only electronic movement able to meet the requirements of the COSC.
Breitling pairs up with Bentley and the Breitling for Bentley collection is created. This year, 2009, marks the 125 anniversary of Breitling and introduces its own self-winding chronograph movement, Caliber B01, and changing traditional movement assembly.
Breitling is a company forging ahead with technological advancements creating precision timepieces and exceptional instruments.
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