Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rado the Art of Resilience

Rado has unveiled the r5.5 timepieces; sleek and defined and tough as nails thanks to cutting edge ceramic technology. Jasper Morrison is the artist behind this exceptional design. Rado is constantly striving for excellence. Excellence in form; Excellence in Function; Excellence in longevity. The r5.5 has proven its excellence in form and function, and in light of Rado's track record, longevity is almost a certainty.
The form of the r5.5 embodies the look of the 21st century, resembling lap tops, flat screen T.V.s, and GPS navigation systems. The ceramic bezel flows around the dial and merges effortlessly with the bracelet.
Rado is renowned for its resilient watches, watches which look like new year after year. Rado's dedication to innovation has produced a high-tech ceramic compound, introduced in 1986, which proves to be durable, comfortable and skin-friendly.
Purchasing a watch from Rado is purchasing a watch for a lifetime.

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