Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Cartier luxury watch is for life!

I was attending a dinner party, when I was placed next to a friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in years, after the initial excited outbursts of, "How are you?" and "You haven't changed a bit", I looked at her watch.

"A Cartier Tank!" I said in an instant, "I love it!" She then looked a bit embarrassed and said, "Oh I have had this watch for years, and I have never even thought of buying a new one.,"

"No! That's great?" I said

"I really should get one for exercising and stuff, but I wear this one all the time." she said

"No!" I said "A Cartier watch is for life." Then I went on and explained to her the importance of bringing in the watch for service once every three years.

A Cartier timepiece becomes unified with a person's image and is an investment to ones self. The Cartier's blued hands elegantly gesture towards the signature Cartier Roman Numerals.

The Watchery has a huge selection of Cartier Watches. Time as a concept is infinite, unfortunately mine is limited, and so I have chosen a select few Cartier watches to mention; although, I would have gladly chosen them all.

The Roadster is usually associated with a men's watch; however, the women's Roadsters are just as appealing.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Unisex Watch Automatic 18K Yellow Gold Silver Dial on Brown Leather Strap W6900356

The Ballon Bleu has always provided me with a sense of mystery and passion. It could be something to do with the crown set with the blue Sapphire Cabochon or the slightly displaced 3 'o'clock dial marker. The Cartier Ballon Bleu can be yours for 25% of the List Price at THE WATCHERY.

Cartier Santos Dumont Ladies' Watch 18K Rose Gold Silver Dial Diamond Bezel on Brown Leather Strap WH100351

Santos Dumont was a great pioneer in flight and a icon for style; however, just one thing irritated him to no end. He had great difficulty reading his pocket watch ,midair, while trying to maneuver his plane. In 1904, he complained to Louis Cartier about his pocket watch problems. Louis Cartier and his master watchmaker ,Edmond Jaeger, brainstormed, and soon came up with the first prototype for a man's wristwatch. It was a watch on a leather strap with a buckle to be tied around the wrist. From then on Santos Dumont wore his wristwatch which became all the rage. Cartier has a number of collections dedicated to the pioneer of flight who popularized the wrist watch. These collections are available at the Watchery for up to 35% off.

Cartier Pasha Seatimer Men's Watch Automatic Stainless Steel Black Dial W31077M7

Cartier excels in stylish Sporty Men's Watches. The Cartier Pasha Seatimer is available at THE WATCHERY for 37% off the List Price.

Update your image and purchase a 100% genuine Cartier Timepiece. The Watchery has a large selection of Cartier Watches for a fraction of the list price. When one spots a Cartier on the wrist of another, one knows the other has distinction and taste. It is not just anyone who wears a Cartier.