Monday, November 2, 2009

Antique Watch Parts with a Sting.

Do you see what I see? Could it be part watch movement, part ... beetle? Huh? This creation is the brainchild of artist Mike Libby, who founded a highly original company called "Insectlab" He joins mostly antique mechanical movement watch parts, and non-endangered high quality specimen from Africa, China, New Guinea, Brazil, and any other places where insects are huge and hairy. Mike Libby has a Degree in Sculpture from RISD, and has been in many exhibits in the USA and Canada. There is a definite Sci-Fi feel to his creations, as he says he likes to merge the real with the unreal, fantasy with history, and mechanics with nature. His "aha" moment came as he stared at a dead intact beetle. He thought how the workings of an insect was like a tiny bit of mechanical machinery. With this association in mind, he thought of a mechanical watch, which he had on hand and combined the two.

The effect is quite impressive, and his insects, especially the beetles, remind me of Harry Potter's Golden Snitch in the game of Quidditch or the poisonous mechanical flying insects set loose to find Lyra in The Golden Compass. His one-of-a-kind creations are available on his InsectLab website, but don't expect them to tell the time.