Friday, November 6, 2009

Mechanical vs Quartz

My first intention when writing this blog was to simply indicate the difference between a Quartz watch and a Mechanical watch. It seemed quite a straightforward project at the time - that is until I started reading through Internet articles and blogs. I started by reading informative articles about the major differences between Quartz and Mechanical watches; I read the simple explanations and then I delved a bit deeper into the not so simple explanations. Everything seemed tranquil and scientific … until I clicked on a thread. I could feel the tension lifting off the WebPages, a kind of harsh grating tension that makes the hairs quiver on the back of ones neck. This came as a surprise – their seemed to be a definite Quartz vs Mechanical Competition going. Almost like color war in camp. Suddenly the Quartz team and the Mechanical team were firing shots at each other. Some threads became quite alarming that I found all too soon my heart hammering in my chest. What was this all about? I kept on reading, my eyes closing, but everyone involved seemed so heated that I wanted to know more. So after a couple of hours and piles of printouts; I felt somehow I was preparing for battle. The quartz vs Mechanical battle. I still have not finished reading my pile of printouts and I am getting more and more anxious about the whole Quartz / Mechanical thing.

In the 1970's Quartz watches almost ground the tradiotional mechanical watch into oblivion, on the other hand Quartz watches lifted mechanical watches from the edge of extintion with the introduction of the hugelyu popular Swatch watch. The Swatch Watch poured enormous wealth into the S
wiss Watch Market allowing the older traditional companies like Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin to regain momentum.
There are definite advantages to owning a Quartz

  • Quartz Watches are battery operated and thus need no winding.
  • Quartz Watches allow for increased functionality based on modern technology such as theTissot SEA-Touch, with incredible cutting edge patented technology which allow divers the knowledge of time in two time zones, the depth of the current dive, digital chronograph, thermometer, alarm, perpetual calender date, compass and divers logbook. All activated by a light touch on the crystal. Even in the dark depths of deep sea diving, divers are still able to consult their Tissot SEA-Touch by extremely luminescent material as well as a strong back light.
  • Quartz Watches are more affordable.

  • Quartz Watches cab be thinner
Mechanical Watches ,as I see it, have a slightly different function. Mechanical Watches are part of ones image. I know a young man who came into the real estate business. He was relatively inexperience, but an excellent negotiator. He signed a grand deal much to the amazement of his senior colleagues, and the next day he purchased a Audemars Piaget Millenary. He did not hesitate when upgrading his image. A brand name watch of distinction is a subtle sign of success.

A Mechanical Watch is powered by winding - read this link for full details.
  • Mechanical Watches are entrenched in the longstanding tradition of watchmaking, spanning 400 years.

  • Mechanical watches are self sufficient; once assembled they never require any additional component. A watch, in good condition, crafted 200 years ago can still run like new. In essence a mechanical watch is timeless, unmarked by the passage of time.

  • Mechanical watches is truly "green" never depleting earth's energy resources.

  • Expert watch designers and watch makers plan every new model

  • There is an obvious distinction between a replica mechanical watch and a 100% genuine mechanical watch. Replica's have shoddy craftsmanship made from inferior quality metals, and semi precious stones.
  • Complicated Mechanical Watches have complications such as a perpetual calender, tourbillon, chronograph, minute repeaters and more. Each complication requires many small specialized components which fit together to perform a function in perfect harmony.
  • Finally, fine mechanical watches, like diamond rings, are heirlooms meant to be passed on from generation to generation. A mechanical watch is your messenger into the future.
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These are only a few points in regard to quartz and mechanical watches. I would love to hear feedback. Please comment and add a point or two.