Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movado: Always Elegant. Always Noticed. Always On Time.

Need a watch to enhance your image without over exceeding yours, than a Movado is the watch for you. Movado is a respected watch company with an excellent track record and long standing history in watch design. The brand Movado conjurers an image of a blazing dot amidst a dark landscape at the 12 'o'clock position. So striking is the dot at the top that its presence has persisted from the time Nathan George Horwitt had designed it in 1947 (click here to read his inspiring story)Movado Juro Men's Watch Stainless Steel Black Museum Dial 0605023

Times are tough, and even as whispers of economic recovery sail through the air, most people have not felt its presence. However, although ones pockets are emptier, and clothes are from last season, one still has to keep up the image. Overdoing ones image, like donning overly expensive clothes can hamper your prospects of getting a job. Yes! One must look put together for an interview, but one still must express the desire for the job. Imagine one wears a watch shimmering with diamonds to a job interview; the interviewer will wonder why one needs the job, after all if one is wearing a watch that surely must have cost tens of thousands then that person must be overly qualified for the job. The interviewer may wonder if the prospective employee will be dedicated, arrive on time and work through lunch hour to meet deadlines. This is where a Movado watch is an image saver. A Movado watch displays a determined dedication: An image portraying the desire for a good image, and the desire to work hard.

Now since one has not actually got the desired job, money is indeed tight; however, I have a solution for you. Movado Watches at THE WATCHERY are up to 75% off. Check out Movado Elliptica Ladies' Watch Two Tone Black Dial 0604708 at only $ 658.00 - 70% off you save a whopping $1,537 off the list price. There is nothing like a good watch to portray your punctuality and your dependability. The Elliptica elongated watch case and elegant bracelet is the perfect image update.

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