Friday, July 30, 2010

Chopard's Newest Happy Sports XL Lady's Watches Will Bring A Smile to Ones Face

Give me one of those! Ooh and one of those and yes one of those. That's me dreaming and desiring this delectable collection of watches. The vibrant rich coral, sensual sky blue and daring green 42mm Chopard Happy Sports XL Luxury Timepieces are both fun and functional. The bold bezel sporting Roman Numerals reminds me of Corum's Romulus Collection. Five diamonds float above the dial between two thin layers of sapphire crystal adding a vibrant elegance. The plump colored hands and delicious colored rubber straps are by far my most favorite part of the watch. The patterns on the dial are fresh and alive creating a sense of freedom while the movement beneath tracks the time. My only complaint is the fact that only 1500 of these watches will be manufactured - 500 for each color.

Chopard Happy Sports is one of Chopards most successful watch collections encompassing many styles and colors.