Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ebel Luxury Watches at THE WATCHERY

Ebel has been in business since 1911, founded by Alice Levy and her husband Eugene Blum in Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland . Since then with each passing year the company strives for perfection while incorporating its longstanding watchmaking tradition into each and every timepiece baring its name.

In addition, Ebel watches are extremely affordable while still being recognized as a distinguished watch brand of exceptional high quality. Ebel watches are held in high regard and Ebel watches are the luxury watch for that special occasion. The Ebel Beluga and Ebel Brasilia are a favourite among brides. Available in stunning hues of gold and attractive dials, these luxury watches can cater to a vast range of style preferences. The contours of the Ebel Beluga Watch accentuate the femininity and elegance of the timepiece. Give an Ebel Beluga to your bride for the Holidays.

Another stunning collection is the Ebel Brasilia. Elegant and bold, the Ebel Brasilia was introduced in 2006 wrapped around the wrist of stunning Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen . Ebel chose the name Brasilia after the capital city of Gisele's homeland Brazil.

The Brasilia is a gorgeous watch with gracious curves and gentle contours. Two Roman Numerals at the 12 'o clock and 6 o' clock position balance the look. So utterly perfect is the Ebel Brasilia, it can be the creation of an architect: An Architect of Time.

The Ebel Brasilia in all its curvaceous soft splendour is available at 35% off the List Price at The Watchery. By now you must know this is the watch for you loved one. The dial (as are all Ebel Timepieces are protected by scratch resistant sapphire crystal - click here to learn more)

The Ebel Brasilia is also available in styles for men. The Ebel Brasilia Automatic Chronograph is elegant and sleek with a subtle and perfectly balanced. . Ebel has implemented the curved lines into this powerful timepiece creating a masterpiece of extraordinary equilibrium.

Ebel's Mens Sports Watches are elegant yet sporty. Water resistance to 200m with luminous hand and hour markers make this watch the ideal exercises companion. The movement is automatic thus no batteries are required and the watch is wound by the gentle swinging motion of ones arm. In addition the Scratch resistant sapphire crystal is anti-reflective thus when you are pounding the pavement and the sun is bright in the clear blue sky, you won't miss a moment trying to discern the time.

After reading the features, I am sure you have someone in mind who would just love this watch, perhaps a husband, son, grandson, co-worker.

You may be thinking that with all these amazing features , this watch is most definitely far beyond my budget.
Guess again, this watch will cost you only $1,218.00. (a 42% savings)

Make a MOMENT last a lifetime.