Thursday, December 30, 2010

It is Time for a New Years Resolution.

The doorway to 2011 is just hairs breath away, and at midnight ,News Years Eve, be sure to have a New Years Resolution in hand. I am sure some of you have the "lose weight" or "find a new job" or "stop smoking" goal, which are all pretty admirable; however to accomplish these goals, one must have an overriding goal which will effect all facets of life.
I am talking Time Management.
Time Management is essential, if one wants to make good on personal promises. Time Management goes hand in hand with taking control. Instead of time marching off leaving one scrambling to keep up or merely being hurled along like a pebble in a current, one can capture and utilize time in a way which solidifies that moment forever. That moment you have captured becomes the first stepping stone to reach the next level.
For instance, set your alarm clock for 6am, get out of bed (no easy feat) and hop on the treadmill. By doing this you have taken control of that moment and laid down the foundation for the next day and the next, each time getting closer to reaching your goal - each moment in time marked for the next. New Years Resolutions ,if taken seriously, can be achieved with taking control of your Time.

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Happy New Year!

R.Van Halem