Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays from THE WATCHERY

Gifts are nestled under trees carefully wrapped in shiny gift wrapping paper. The house is basked in a warm glow while the winter wind howls outside. Perched on top of a large rectangular box (which ,you are quite sure, contains that big screen T.V - Super Bowl here we come - you mentioned to your wife many many times), is a small box. Within the small box, however, contains a gift which will last a lifetime. This gift will not be obsolete by newer models. This gift will not be hidden in the "utterly useless house hold objects drawer" where heart shape pancake molds and chirping key chains reside. This gift will be treasured and kept close at hand, for this gift is a luxury watch.
Upon opening the box, your loved ones face will be basked in a glow of pure destiny, as this watch will mark the passage of her time, every second of her day. Mayhap you gave her a 18k rose gold Cartier Tank, with hand picked diamonds along the sides of the bezel, or mayhap you gave her an Ebel Beluga radiating a gentle pink mother of pearl dial, or perhaps an exquisite Chopard Happy Sport Luxury Watch where diamonds dance above the dial between two sheets of scratch resistance sapphire crystal.
She will surely gasp, as she will lift the watch, oh so gently, from the box, and gaze up at you with wonder as she places it on her wrist. And on her wrist the watch will stay marking her the time as it passes from seconds to minutes; from minutes to hours, from hours to days, from days to weeks, from weeks to months, and from months to years. From this day on until forever.

Happy Holidays from the WATCHERY.