Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Overnight Shipping at THE WATCHERY 2 days only

The Watchery has made it even easier for you to get the watch for your sweetheart before Valentines Day. Incredibly THE WATCHERY is providing absolutely free overnight shipping today, February 10th, 2010 and tomorrow, February 11th, 2010 until 4:59 pm on any purchases over $300.00. So you can sit at home while the wind howls and the snow slaps against your window and select and order the ultimate Valentines Gift.

Flowers wilt and die, plastic flowers tend to be a tad kitchy, chocolates have awkward nutritional information, heart imprinted balloons and bears decked in bright pinks and reds are very sweet, and then there are watches. Watches make the statement, watches profess love and watches break barriers. Giving a watch is giving a lifetime of gifts, as every second of every day the watch keeps track of your sweet heart's time, the gift you gave keeps on giving.

Look out for the FEATURED DEAL on THE WATCHERY's home page. The FEATURED DEAL displays a single watch for as much as 75% off the list price for a limited time. In addition, above the Featured Deal display box is a handy counter letting you know when this particular deal ends. Keep your eyes open for the Corum Heart Watches, an excellent choice for a Valentines Day Gift.

The time to get your Valentines Day gift is running out. Make the moment count with a gift from THE WATCHERY.