Monday, February 8, 2010

A Luxury Watch for My Valentine

Dim the lights. Turn the music on. Your Valentine is looking beautiful tonight in a sensual black dress. She looks at you; her eyes sparkling with the moment. It is the perfect time to present her with a luxury watch.

* * *

Wait a haven't decided on one yet. I shake my head in dismay. I don't mean to sound too frantic, but Valentines Day is this Sunday, February 14th. Just 6 days away. I know the recession has forced certain cutbacks, but a gift like this is crucial. Okay forgo sushi for a couple weeks. Start budgeting using the incredibly functional pivot table on excel. Do something, but buy her the watch. Check out the Watchery website. You will be surprised how low and affordable our prices are. I mean you can get a gorgeous Movado Kara - and I can tell you ladies love this watch - for only $495.00.
What about a Concord LaScala? The price is unbelievable and the watch is exquisite. You can purchase a Concord La Scala Chronograph for only $1,660.00. At 81% off, this low price is highly unusual. You won't find savings like this anywhere. And your loved one will think you spend a mint.

Cartier watches need no introduction. Stun your Valentine with one of the finest watches around - a Cartier Roadster. The soft angles of the Cartier Roadster adds a touch refinement to any image. Win her heart and give Cartier.
THE WATCHERY has a huge amount of colors and styles. We are a one stop shop for watches. Click on our website and find the perfect watch for the perfect girl.

Ladies, surprise your man with a watch. He will love it, and wear it wherever he will go. Don't waste your money buying a tie he will only wear once a year, buy him a watch. THE WATCHERY selection on men's watches is simply huge. Check out world famous brands such as IWC, Tag Heuer, Movado, Audemars Piguet - tons of styles suited to all types of budgets. THE WATCHERY has a huge selection of sports watches, gold watches, high-end complicated watches, every day image enhancer watches and bold attention grabber watches.

Remember Valentines Day this Sunday. Make it a day to remember by the watch you wear.