Thursday, July 22, 2010

Urwek UR-202 own version of JAWS

Urwek UR-202 seems to have a penchant for exotic animals which are quite creatively transformed into an equally exotic and rare selection of watches. Its latest ticking creation is as elusive as its namesake and as magnificently formidable. The extremely limited Urwek UR-202 "White Shark" timepiece chomps down the competition and rules the teeming waters of the watch making world. Encased in a satin and brushed finishing, steel and titanium case, this luxury model sports a whitish hue hence the name "White Shark."
This magnificent specimen belongs to the Urwerk UR-202 series. A different way to tell the time. Confusing at first, but once one gets used to the idea, it actual is more simple than the traditional watch face. In the center of the watch is telescopic minute hands which operate through the center of the revolving and orbiting hour satellites. (Kind of like the planets revolving around the sun, spinning on there own axis- I wonder if Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei had such galactic thoughts when designing this watch- I have no doubt) The telescopic hands adjust their length to follow three vectors marking the minutes. The dial is large and easy to read , and since the telescopic hands retract, the size of the case is minimized to provide the wearer with absolute comfort. In addition, this unique watch houses an innovative new winding system regulated by compressing air utilizing miniature turbines.
In addition to this ingenouis time display, the dial of the "White Shark" sports a moon phase indicator and a day/night indicator. On the case back is a lever which locks the automatic movement rotor so as to protect the watch during high impact activity thus increasing the general resiliency of the timepiece.