Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Angular Momentum Catches a Koi

Angular Momentum is a watch company known for its unusual dial displays. One of its latest creation, a Koi wallowing in muddy water, is no exception. You may have happened across some brightly colored Koi ( carps) swimming lazily in Japanese Garden ponds or fighting for bits of bread flung into the water by some passing tourist. The watch name, "The Aquarium" is quite apt since the Koi is visible via a Sapphire crystal protecting the dial.
Angular Momentum created this excellent Koi replica by using high relief engraving on 925 sterling silver and purple gold treated with ruthenium treat surfaces. The watch case is crafted fro Staybrite steel with polished and satin finished surfaces measuring at 43mm wide and a 16mm thick. The thickness enables a space between the sapphire crystal above and the murky scene below creating an impression of murky watery depth. A single diamond eye adds a subtle glamor to an otherwise drab fish. The fish is laying in swirling mud crafted from traditional black Irishime Urushi natural lacquer.
The watch is wound by the swinging motion of ones arm in other words an automatic movement. The time is displayed via a relatively subdued porthole at the 12 'o'clock position. A single disc rotates indicating the time. A black onyx stone cabochon is regally place atop the crown adding a distinct elegance to this unlikely subject matter. A Koi is known for its resilience and durability able to survive in less than optimum conditions. Some can survive over 200 years old and quickly adapt to different environments. In Japan, a Koi is representative of good luck, prosperity, strength of character, perseverance, determination and ambition. It is no wonder Angular Momentum captured the image of a Koi.