Monday, July 12, 2010

Huge Selection of Sports Watches at THE WATCHERY

So it's summer. Sun is blazing; sidewalk steaming and wrist watches are in plain site. This is the season to make your move and purchase the sports watch of your dreams. Picture this! You on the beach, sand squishing between your toes and all those crazy hours at the gym finally paying off.

Now add this little thought - Social Psychologist have proven that it only takes milliseconds for someone to make assumptions about another person. Now that's where your image management comes in. Don't wait till you get a chance to strike up a conversation - you may never get it. Your person of interest may wander off with someone way cooler (at least in her mind).
One thing that really stands out and enhances your image is a seriously sporty watch, and the best place to buy a sporty watch is at THE WATCHERY.
Check out the Tag Heuer Carrera depicted above. No one can resist the rich chocolate brown dial and strap exuding a sense of subtle elegance laced with daring adventure. Upon the bezel a Tachymeter is inscribed. A Tachymeter is a useful measurement which is utilized to compute speed based on travel time. Another great feature is a chronograph which functions as a stop watch. The sub dials display a 12 hour register, 30 minute register, central second register as well as small seconds dial. A date aperture is placed at the 3 'o' clock position.
A rotor is affixed at the back of the watch so that it swings back and forth while one is wearing the watch while walking. The swivel motion winds the watch. This is the automatic function of the watch.
Water resistance to 100 m or 330 feet makes this watch the perfect accessory for watery sports. A screw down Sapphire crystal see-through case back allows one full view of marvelous craftsmanship at work. In addition Sapphire Crystal is highly scratch resistant being the hardest material other than diamond.

So while the days are still long, purchase a fine genuine luxury watch from THE WATCHERY today. The prices are unbelievably low. You gotto see it to believe it. So click the link and begin shopping now.

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